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    wall street to cut 80,000 jobs

    These students must be the kids of corrupt government officials or corrupt businessmen who don't pay their taxes. These guys have lot of money(imagine you pay $200 USD to get a driving license) These guys can't show any $$$ in their bank account when they go to US consulate for student visa...
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    wall street to cut 80,000 jobs

    How many students do that? Only a stupid family will agree to this. Economy is booming in India and there are jobs everywhere for engineering/science graduates. Those who get such loans must be greedy.
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    UCLA MFE What do you think of UCLA's full time placement

    21% found employment in HK. So, if you want to work in HK goto UCLA
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    The top female quants

    here is a female trader
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    Purdue - Computational Finance

    Purdue is just two hours drive from Chicago.
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    Applied Math PhD + Sr. Engineer in Modeling @ Raytheon, with 2.3 Undergrad GPA

    If you don't live in NY/NJ/CT area no recruiter will take you seriously.
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    For-Profit Colleges Mislead Students, Report Finds

    This is really true. When I came to US for work I bought a new car for $20K within a week on borrowed money. Later I realized I am paying 10% interest. Got a credit card in week. The headhunter who brought me to US paid my apartment security deposit, so I stayed in a luxury apartment. Finally...
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    For-Profit Colleges Mislead Students, Report Finds

    These days they deduct it from your pay check. A friend of mine with student loan worked as a consultant for wall street banks for few years after college. As soon as he converted to full-time employee of a bank, they started deducting his student loans. HR said they can't do anything.
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    For-Profit Colleges Mislead Students, Report Finds

    Want to know how this student loan program started? You have to blame the Russians.
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    Living in NY

    live in Hoboken or Pavonia/Newport. It is just 10 minutes from NYU
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    NYC temporal/visit accommodations

    check craigslist. you can stay in hoboken or newport areas also. .they are just 10 minutes from baruch or nyu
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    UCB MFE UCB MFE numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?

    So, only 5 (frustrated) guys don't believe the numbers.
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    How Goldman gambled on starvation

    it affected the house prices in the US
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    threading question

    thread 1 is blocking on join(), so obviously it is waiting for thread 2 to die. Take a look at ACE . You will know how to do it.
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    Baruch MFE baruch research assistant position

    if u are interested in making money to cover your tution, you try to work as a tutor. if you can teach math or physics to school students you can get paid between $40-$60 per hour.
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    CMU MSCF Indian Students at CMU - MSCF

    indian students can help him better. they can tell him which indian banks give loan to do masters in the US, how much in indian currency is needed for living expenses etc.
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    Finance jobs in non-finance firms.

    MFE is overkill for these jobs
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    part time vs full time, advice needed

    You will network with professors and other students even if you do full time. These guys will not help you find a job. Other students will be busy looking for jobs.
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    part time vs full time, advice needed

    learn stochastic calculus and take the interview again. part time will take three years to complete. even if you do part-time you will be trying for internal mobility. your university will not find you a job.
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    No Programming Experience

    Have you read the preface Prerequisites In the first edition of this book, I decided to assume that someone else had taught you C and that you have at least a reading level of comfort with it.
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    No Programming Experience

    most of the C++ books teach the basic C required to program in C++. try the book by Josuttis
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    Claremont/ IIT/ RIT/ UNCC

    Chicago. for its location.
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    musings about mid-career change from an outsider

    if you are more interested in trading and don't want to move out of Denver, get a job in ninja trader. they are located in Denver there must be lot of other trading software companies or hedge funds near Denver
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    Regarding TN Visa Requirements?

    stop worrying about your visa now. after you find a job, it is your employer who decides which visa to apply. you can't force them to apply TN if they insist on H1B
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    Regarding TN Visa Requirements?

    Who said it takes only 5 minutes? You are thinking that it will be as easy as getting a visitor visa. Also there is a high probability of getting rejected even if you have proper documents.
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    Regarding TN Visa Requirements?

    Why do you want to apply for TN visa? You have to renew it every year. Get a H1B visa. You need not worry for six years.
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    Perelman declines $1m prize

    He already stopped working on Mathematics. As of the spring of 2003, Perelman no longer worked at the Steklov Institute.<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-telegraph_4-1>[5]</SUP> His friends are said to have stated that he currently finds mathematics a painful topic to discuss; some even say that...
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    Really basic calculus book

    Don't spend money on calculus book. Watch these videos from youtube
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    any position requires combination of knowledge both in Database (Oracle,SQL) and FA

    This type of information is generally stored in relational databases like Sybase. But I have not seen a dedicated person maintaining these database. Each group (equities, derivatives ..) generally takes care of maintaining these database.
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    any position requires combination of knowledge both in Database (Oracle,SQL) and FA

    You must be talking about storing tick data or something similar. You must be using a high performance database like kdb+. Working on these types of databases like is totally different from working on databases like Oracle. Most of them have their own properitery language to query them. You...
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    Reviewing quant recruiting firm/headhunter

    Why are u specific about Huxley Associates? Also your comment is based not on your own experience and you started this thread and you mentioned that you and your friends don't need a headhunder to find a job.
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    Computer Engineer want to switch to Quant, please advise

    If you work as a software engineer in a IB or a hedge fund, then the changes of getting into an MFE is better. Also, your employer may reimburse the course fee.
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    Lost phone, new one probably in 3 weeks

    get a majic jack
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    I wanna practice algo trading
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    PhD in Finance vs. M.S. in Financial Engineering/Math Finance

    Do you have any article which gives the above information?
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    Ultra-low latency systems...

    eajkeajk / amit patel he wants to use the existing hardware/architecture to improve the performance.
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    When China rules the world

    I think he belives that the world is going to end in 2012.
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    Ultra-low latency systems...

    have you talked to your linux or network admin?
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    Ultra-low latency systems...

    Do you think, just by tuning some kernel parameters you can improve the performance of your high transaction application? It is not so easy. You have to basically re-design and rewrite your application to take advantage of the multi-core processors. Search google for "Lock free data structures"
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    When China rules the world

    they won 50 gold medals in olympics, they must be capable to doing anything.
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    Aspiring for MFE

    Even the risk management jobs are mostly related to IT. If you want more quantitative roles, then goto HongKong ---------- Post added at 02:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:32 PM ---------- In IB the usual advancement in IT is VP->Director->MD->retire. How is MFE going to help...
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    Anyone can recommend good STL and BOOST books?

    Your comments show that you have not read Austern. You just read the reviews on Amazon. The book contains 100 pages of STL description and the rest contains STL manual. According to you both books were published in 1997 so both were obsolete. I prefer Austern because he wrote most(all?) of...
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    Anyone can recommend good STL and BOOST books?

    Even Josuttis book was published in 1999 What has changed since 1999 in STL? You understand the same information in Josuttis book (about 850 pages) in about 100 pages in Austern's book.
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    Anyone can recommend good STL and BOOST books?

    Great introduction to STL by one of the authors of STL
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    Aspiring for MFE

    Get a job in Singapore. Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Barclays and standard chartered are all hiring. Since you are interested in working in IT it does not make sense to do an MFE. You can learn finance while working on a project. If you are good at Java or C# you should be able to get some...
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    How much C++ knowledge does an entry level quant developer need?

    You must know at least the topics covered in Effective C++
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    Some Indians Find It Tough to Go Home Again

    This guy was not an MIT faculty. From what I read from this blog nanopolitan: The Curious Case of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai he is a scam. Good they terminated his contract.
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    Low latency trading system

    Latency can be reduced by colocation High-Frequency Trading Shops Play the Colocation Game by Advanced Trading
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    Low latency trading system

    The software you mentioned is just a FIX engine, not a trading engine. FIX engines don't do any complex processing. They just normalize or route the message.
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    More U.S. job hunters look for work in other countries

    More U.S. job hunters look for work in other countries - At MIT's Sloan School of Management, 24% of 2009 graduates got jobs overseas, up from 19% last year. It's "tied to the (U.S.) economy," says career development head Jackie Wilbur.
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    Does a MFE degree make you a smarter/better investor?

    It will make you a smarter trader. You need not do an MFE to become a smart investor.
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    How do Tech guys expect to get for bonus in IB?

    Two years ago they were renting these apartments for $2000-3000. I hope it does not go up to that range soon.
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    How do Tech guys expect to get for bonus in IB?

    A Java or C++ developer with Fixed Income product knowledge deserves 100k in NYC. ---------- Post added at 12:16 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:13 AM ---------- Vikram Pandit's aparatment costs about 18million Terms of Service
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    How do Tech guys expect to get for bonus in IB?

    It is plenty but still not wealthy. In India you can become wealthy doing IT.
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    How do Tech guys expect to get for bonus in IB?

    Your post also answered the question why you are not able to attract qualified developers for your team. With 100K in NYC you will just survive. Even a doorman in NYC makes 100k. And the hike you will get annually is very less. You will never be able to buy a good house or car. But if the...
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    How do Tech guys expect to get for bonus in IB?

    There is also a strong supply of financial developers. CIOs are not scared about visas. They just move the job to India or Singapore. In fact most of the investment banks have half of their IT staff in India or Singapore working for US/Europe operations.
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    How do Tech guys expect to get for bonus in IB?

    Generally they are paid 5-10K maximum
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    For fun: favorite UG math course

    and he blames calculus(derivatites) for the current financial crisis.
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    For fun: favorite UG math course

    Talk by Gilbert Strang He compares Linear Algebra vs Calculus
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    BlackRock or Credit Suisse?

    When did you interview with CS? It must be several years ago. They already started migrating the spreadsheets to C#. It is surprising you had 7 rounds of interview for a Perl scripting job and only 4 rounds for C# job. Which one you want to do? Do you want to do advanced perl scripting or basic C#.
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    How difficult is it to explain why mathematical finance relates to physics for visa app?

    Is it difficult to get OPT? I have seen many H1Bs from India working in IT (in Finance) but they have various degrees like Civil Engineering, Biology, Chemistry. If it is easy to get H1B then you better apply for H1B.
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    BlackRock or Credit Suisse?

    What will be your exact role at CS? What language you will be programming etc? Do they have their own trading system? What do you mean by 'as close to Traders'. Sometimes traders may be just looking for some reports which can be written in perl.
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    Quant Developers (what is it like?)

    It depends on where you work. I am not yet a quant developer. But know quants with few years of experience in firms like Freddie/Fannie dont' make anything more than $125K(incl bonus). Quants in big profitable hedge funds make around $500k