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    Programming Game/Puzzle

    I thought many of you might be amused by this seemingly simple puzzle game. RoboZZle online puzzle game My favorite puzzle so far is "Fermat's Spiral 3." It seems impossible at first. You should probably start out with a few easier ones...
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    Resizing a Vector Throws a bad_alloc

    What are the reasons a bad_alloc would be thrown when I resize a vector? I know it means that new memory could not be allocated, but what can I do to prevent that from happening? To be more specific, I have a class-member vector of vectors that is initialized to size 0x0. I resize it to 22x0...
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    Baruch MFE Baruch MFE Part-time vs. Full-time Questions

    Hi All, Today I was offered admission into Baruch's MFE program! I am very excited. However, I have some significant questions for current/former students. Some of you likely will think the answers are obvious, but please give me your thoughts. I currently teach at a high school. My...
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    Interested in FE, Unique Background

    Hi, I am interested in pursuing a career in financial engineering. I live near NYC, so I have been looking at various financial engineering/mathematics programs in the area. However, my background is unique, so I do not know how to assess the probability of an acceptance. After...