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    Developer role with Java experience and no MFE possible?

    Hi, I would like your opinion on possible path path for me to be a financial developer. As you can see below, my profile is primarily that of a Java Developer. I am currently based in Germany. I did my Bachelor in Engineering in Computer Science in India. My grades were no so great either (c.a...
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    Fed Operation "Twist"

    Did Fed's operation twist help the markets or kill the markets? I feel that by flattening (deliberately) the yield curve fed killed the markets and the bank's very little chance of surviving.
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    Advice on Debt? Europe Suggests U.S. Can Keep It
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    Taking help from Chinese vs from Germany
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    A 50 year bond by Fed?
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    World economy 2011 vs 2008

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    Euro Bond
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    Germany vs Rest of EU Should bunds be considered equivalent of treasuries ( even if there is a downgrade and a rise in CDS, the bunds will rise), and bonds of every other European nation including...
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    Complacent US stock markets

    Even after almost 8 straight days of losses, with shocking economic data - GDP, ISM, etc etc- the volatility index seems to indicate as though everything is hunky dory. In previous occasions, the VIX used to spike up - indicating panic- and the stocks started to rally. Is this a recipe for...
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    Still no employment growth in post reform India!

    Extremely well written article by Hindu. It highlights the fact that GDP growth/ stock market rise has nothing to with increased employment. Reading the above article one cannot help but think whether the real loctomive...
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    Is Apple's phenomenal growth good for overall tech Industry? Quarter after quarter Apple delivers blow-out earnings, but can we say Apple's growth is good for tech Industry overall? Does Apple's growth lead to more revenues (overall) for the Industry, or Is...
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    US vs Europe education system

    Which of the two would offer a better Return on Investment for a person coming to study from Asia, considering the following factors: 1) Cost of the program 2) Cost of living while studying 3) Job prospects, both in the respective country and in home country 4) Post graduation earnings, both in...
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    Path to Bankruptcy of Sovereign nations

    After, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland which have been hammered by bond vigilantes and downgraded to junk status by Moody's (rightly so), the next targets seem to be Spain and Italy, and looking at fast rate rate at which their spreads are widening , they probably too will need a bailout...
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    Is Mercer's cost of living survey reliable? The most outrageous part I live in Delhi, and one of my relative lives in Mumbai suburb. Our costs : I live in Dwarka (rental in a fully furnished 2 bedroom flat - Rs 14,000 (~$320/month) Groceries+ Food+...
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    Is Swiss Franc the Gold standard in Currency markets?

    I have seen and compared the performance of Swiss Franc versus every major currency on the planet, and couldn't find a single currency against which it fell over 1 year/ 3 year/ 5 year/10 year period. Why are investors so much in love with Swiss Franc? ( Even Japanese Yen has fallen against...
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    Are the rosy GDP projections of third world countries reliable?

    I almost always find a GDP projection (20-30 years down the line) is very heavily biased in favor of a country that has a very high population. For Instance consider GDP projections of China, India, Indonesia, so on. Do such analysis take into account factors such as quality of governance...
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    After US/UK, India facing its own subprime crisis?

    Shocking results at India's largest bank (SBI) Real estate stocks (almost all) touching 52 week lows. DLF (India's largest Real estate developer)...
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    OECD countries post great recession

    Have a look at this article hat shows performance of labor markets of these OECD countries post great recession.
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    Commidity market crash

    In the recent week, there has been a massive crash in commodities, resulting in silver being routed the previous week, the gasoline futures crashing yesterday, and other abrupt and insane moves. Is this 2005, or 2008, or may 2010. Is this because of quant funds that employ algorithmic...
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    Job opportunities after MFE vs MS Finance

    Hi guys, I am interested in what sort of job opportunities are available after a MFE degree vs those after a MS in Finance degree in US, especially in terms of what degree is in more demand these days. I get a feeling as though MSF degree is not well received by the US employers, as the UIUC's...