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    What are some good ways to prepare for the GRE?

    How is the classroom course by Princeton review? Is it a waste of money or not? What are some good study guides? Barron's or Princeton review or others? Also, I'm getting the idea that the verbal section is much harder than the quantitative section, and being that I'm terrible with vocabulary...
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    Any quant career opportunities in Cali?

    I now most of the top jobs are in NYC or Chicago for the US, but what are the job prospects for a quant out in Cali? Are there many hedge funds out there? If not the traditional quant role, what would/can someone with a MFE degree do out there?
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    How would being an under grad for 7 years affect me when applying to MFE programs?

    I've already been a undergrad for 5 years. I could have graduated this summer but decided to defer graduation for 1 or 2 more years (depending on whether I go for a BS in Math or Math and CS), because I couldn't find any employment and more importantly I don't have anything in my resume to...
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    How difficult is a Ph.D in Math or Fin Math?

    I don't mean to be a post troll or anything creating multiple threads my first day, but I got the impression that even though lots of quant jobs are now available to those with a professional master's degree, the highest paying quant jobs ($1-2 mil and above) are reserved for those with the...
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    COMPARE MSMF at IIT, Polytechnic NY, or FSU

    Does anyone know if any of these program are difficult to get into? These schools are ranked 10-20 something on Global Derivatives website, will a MSMF degree from any of these schools have the possibility to lead to a wall st job? I've read in some places that to get a job at Wall St for Quants...