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  1. Wallstyouth

    Constrained Opt. with Non-linear Obj and Constraints

    I have a collection of m items T = [t1, t2, …tm] each of quantity Q = [q1, q2, …qm]. I need to distribute these m items to n people P = [p1, p2, …pn]. Ideally, the items would be distributed according to a fixed schedule, an m x n F = [fij], where fij = fkj for all j and any i,k in [1,m] and...
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    Only the Men Survive - The Crash of Morgan Stanley Executive Zoe Cruz - Great Reading!

    I had to share this article with the quantnet community its a great article about the fall of a senior MS manager Zoe Cruz! The Crash of Morgan Stanley Executive Zoe Cruz -- New York Magazine
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    The rise of Python!

    Andy mostly C++, we do have quite a few who use Matlab and SAS but for the core of the systems its mostly multi-threaded C++
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    The rise of Python!

    I've been in the industry for a few years now, mostly on the financial IT side and have worked for some of the largest firms on the street and one thing I've started to notice is the rise of Python for rapid prototyping for models/strategy dev, tools automation, and data parsing. Has anyone...
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    Morgan Stanley - Innovative Data, Environments, Analytics & Systems (IDEAS)

    The infoweb and MS website offers little or no background on the IDEAS org I know a few members here work for MS. So my question what exactly is IDEAS? I'm considering an offer in this org but I really don't know where this org is structured in the overall firm? Friends told me its where...
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    Low latency trading system

    It varies amongst the various teams but my official take on this which I've had many design discussions in the past has been that the fastest sockets code uses non-blocking sockets and select to multiplex them. You can put together something that will saturate a LAN connection without putting...
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    Pre-trade market impact models

    Take a look at his hompage he has published a lot of papers in this area Robert Almgren home page
  8. Wallstyouth

    Pre-trade market impact models

    I use to support Robert Almgren desk @ Banc of America Securities very brilliant quant with exceptional development skills.
  9. Wallstyouth

    why financial math PHD?

    Many of your peers will have a PHD but that given most companies will almost always take experience over pedigree. Best of luck
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    Low latency trading system

    Low latency I'm currently consulting for a proprietary arbitrage desk at a major IB and we're doing about 2-3ms end to end our business is purley latency arbitrage and we spend huge amount of dollars shedding microseconds from various components in our stack. To give you an idea on the type...
  11. Wallstyouth

    Fischer Black celebrating

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=15 width="95%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width="100%" bgColor=#e6e6cc colSpan=2>I'm celebrating Fischer Black on November 24th in New York with free t-shirts, books, free food and drink (from Bloomberg). Don't miss it. Fischer Blacks two...
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    I'm currently doing some low latency high frequency engineering work for a global arbitrage desk...

    I'm currently doing some low latency high frequency engineering work for a global arbitrage desk at a major Wall St. firm.
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    Nvidia - Cuda Toolkit for options pricing

    nVidia GT300’s Fermi architecture unveiled Ferni architecture natively supports C [CUDA], C++, DirectCompute, DirectX 11, Fortran, OpenCL, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenGL 3.2. Now, you’ve read that correctly - Ferni comes with a support for native execution of C++. For the first time in history, a GPU...
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    CDO^2 Demystified

    Great read Also checkout Yue-Kuen KWOK home page very great articles and financial topics Yue-Kuen KWOK's Home Page
  15. Wallstyouth

    Seeking Advice on Hourly Rate

    Not sure if you can get the same in the Midwest However, I was recently offered a position at a large European investment bank doing consulting work at a rate of 97/hr 780 daily cap. I can vouch for the numbers Andy provided which we're dead on.
  16. Wallstyouth

    Is A Case Of Quant Trading Sabotage About To Destroy Goldman Sachs?

    Zero Hedge: Is A Case Of Quant Trading Sabotage About To Destroy Goldman Sachs? SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009 Is A Case Of Quant Trading Sabotage About To Destroy Goldman Sachs? Posted by Tyler Durden at 5:48 PM Major developing story: Matt Goldstein over at Reuters may have just broken a story...
  17. Wallstyouth

    Analyzing ultra high frequency data sets

    I'm curious to know what underlying technologies most here working in the industry are using to store and analyze very high frequency data sets. I've heard of many firms using proprietary file based storage systems on ramdisks and such? Is true for most firms playing in this space? I'm generally...
  18. Wallstyouth

    discussion: FX swap --pricing/hedging

    If I answer this can you give me 1/2 your bonus :-P
  19. Wallstyouth

    Reading external files from in T-SQL

    Thanks for the tip Andy I was able to find a solution: CREATE PROC sp_populateTradableEquityList @filename sysname as BEGIN SET nocount ON CREATE TABLE #tempfile (line varchar(8000)) EXEC ('bulk INSERT #tempfile FROM "' + @filename + '"') UPDATE Instruments SET...
  20. Wallstyouth

    Reading external files from in T-SQL

    I'm Trying to create a stored procedure that reads the contents of a file and executs some operations on this file anyone have sample code they could provide? Thanks.
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    An infinite number of mathematicians

    An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer. The second orders half a beer. The third, a quarter of a beer. The bartender says "You're all idiots", and pours two beers. "
  22. Wallstyouth

    KDB Free for non commerial use

    Under the terms of the Download Kdb+ Software License Agreement you may download a 32-bit copy of kdb+ for your personal use. Please see for tutorials on using this software. Users of the download edition may also like to join the un-moderated forum hosted at Google Groups...
  23. Wallstyouth

    Does Getting an MFE Make Sense for Me???

    Is money your primary motive? You don't need to have STRONG programming or quantitative skills to be a portfolio manager or trader. It will put you at a competitive edge but its not a necessity. This is just my opinion but unless you really enjoy programming and quantitative problem solving...
  24. Wallstyouth

    Asian markets plummet

    I hear this new short selling rule is only going to be enforced for the next Week's to calm current market conditions.
  25. Wallstyouth

    Bad time to get into financials?

    You would be surprised, Its sad that the media does not focus on the the upside of what's going on the street. Volatility will always bring opportunity to many. With all the convergence happening in the banking industry many super stars will branch out and start their own funds. In fact I know...
  26. Wallstyouth


    Everything you ever wanted to know about CDO's and how we get into the mess we're in, in 5 minutes: So funny yet so true CDO Powerpoint SubPrime Primer
  27. Wallstyouth

    Lehman Merrill Lynch AIG Fannie Freddie WaMu Madoff Citibank saga

    BofA to acquire LEH When1 I worked for BoFA this use to be the rumor flying around constantly about them acquiring Lehman or possibly Morgan Stanley at one point... My guess is this will probably happen over the weekend given the fire sale which is going on with LEH...
  28. Wallstyouth

    Quantnet Picnic in Central Park

    Andy you ever thought of setting up a Quantnet meetup group? Use the Internet to get off the Internet! -
  29. Wallstyouth

    Financial news database in C#

    Andy I don't know much about these guys but this might be interesting and worth a look Trade The News - Live Audio Breaking News Analysis and Futures Calls
  30. Wallstyouth

    Question about database and Bloomberg

    Microsoft has worked diligently to improve Excel 2007 for financial professionals to use to trade with and thru "Processing power: Prior to the release of Microsoft Excel 2007, all spreadsheets were single threaded and could not take advantage of today's multi-core technology. Spreadsheet size...
  31. Wallstyouth

    Where can I find US Equity Sector data and Indicies

    I've been scraping for US equity sector data, and indicies (UGLY) and need something more reliable. Yahoo does provide a good deal of data for free, however I'm willing to pay any vendor who can provide a simple API or EOD file that contains this information. Thanks...
  32. Wallstyouth

    What languages/tools you use at work

    Work: Equity Options - Execution Services/ECN Tools: Microsoft SQL, Java, Perl
  33. Wallstyouth

    Best Programming Language for Finance

    Unlike most I would not recommended wasting your time learning Excel/VBA you can easily pick this up in a few weeks working in any shop that is VBA/Excel intensive. Some languages are better of learned at work i.e. MathLab, VBA, SAS, Ocamal, SQL That being said C++, C# or Java are pretty...
  34. Wallstyouth

    Goldman Sachs Trading Floor - Video

    So you want to experience what its like on GS trading floor checkout this video on youtube.
  35. Wallstyouth

    Where can I take a formal C++ course in New York City?

    Maybe you could enroll in a summer/fall course at a CUNY School? BMCC? Queens College etc.. ?
  36. Wallstyouth

    Nvidia - Cuda Toolkit for options pricing

    Alan Hanweck Associates, LLC ?
  37. Wallstyouth

    What does your desktop look like at work?

    Just curious on what everyones desktop looks like here is a snapshot of mine usually my IDE, email and a few terminals to our server and our trading platform.
  38. Wallstyouth

    Nvidia - Cuda Toolkit for options pricing

    We've been looking at Cuda for some options pricing application we run here and was wondering how many other shops on the street are using this toolkit. What makes Cuda very attrafictive is that it executes code directly on the GPU instead of the CPU. Code executed on the GPU seems to run...
  39. Wallstyouth

    Free GigaSpaces Technologies in partnership with Microsoft and Lab49 Executive Breakfast

    Excel that Scales - High Performance Excel Applications for Traders and Analysts in Financial Services Wednesday May 7 │Microsoft Corp, NYC│ 8:30am -11:00am GigaSpaces and Microsoft are pleased to invite you to attend its upcoming executive breakfast seminar in New York City...
  40. Wallstyouth

    C# or C++

    I thought with the new Visual Studio 8 and .NET 3.0 everything gets compiled into a MISL? basically the same byte code VB.NET, C#, C++ and the only difference these days is syntax but the exact same byte code is generated.
  41. Wallstyouth

    switch from phd to mfe?

    Get you're PHD, MFE's will be a dime a dozen in a few years.
  42. Wallstyouth

    Help logarithm function

    Define lg*(x) to be the iterated logarithm function, which is the number of times that lg(x) can be applied until the result becomes nonpositive. For example, lg*(2) is 2 because lg(2) is 1 and lg(1) is 0. As another example, lg*(65536) is 5, because lg(65536) is 16, lg(16) is 4, lg(4) is 2...
  43. Wallstyouth

    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    You're comment about Quickfix is pretty inaccurate join the quickfix mailing list and just look at the email headers to see who is using QuickFix. It ranges from very large IB's to tiny hedgefunds I've personally seen over a dozen or so major firms post to the QF mailinglist.
  44. Wallstyouth

    and Python ??

    Yeah, I've written lots of python code, its an awesome language true OO and much cleaner than Perl in many ways its very good for prototyping ideas before you use more complex languages such as Java/C++
  45. Wallstyouth

    Report on Energy Derivatives and Risk Management

    Not sure if all has seen "The Smartest Guys in the Room" The Enron story but it covers some aspects of energy trading.
  46. Wallstyouth

    DE Shaw interview

    Please share, this infromation can probably help randgen prepare for his interview.
  47. Wallstyouth

    DE Shaw interview

    I interviewed with Shaw a few years back and was rejected after the phone screen. I wish you the best of luck. I would love to hear about your experience after the face to face.
  48. Wallstyouth

    Amazing currency arbitrage opportunities!

    Start a new thread you will probably get a better response and more views.
  49. Wallstyouth

    Would you leave a bluge bracket IB for a startup?

    The firm is being backed by a few midsize hedge funds. A few of the managing partners are from previous quant based hedge fund. This is not a boutique IB or M&A shop its a block options trading and options MM shop for hedge funds. I had a discussion with key people already they have a...
  50. Wallstyouth

    Would you leave a bluge bracket IB for a startup?

    If given the opportunity how many would leave a bulge bracket investment bank for a small startup brokerage firm? I'm just trying to get a sence of the pros/cons of working at a startup financial services firm vs a large top tier bank.
  51. Wallstyouth

    Island ECN and how it came to be.

    This is a very good article about Josh Levine and the rise of the Island ECN/Exchange. Wired 7.07: Daytrading Places =
  52. Wallstyouth

    List of good books for IT/Quants

    Muting I use to wonder this myself until you start looking at the profiles for most of the top managers and division heads most we're engineers or worked on a particular trading system/product and got very competent in that area and eventually end up moving over to the business.
  53. Wallstyouth

    List of good books for IT/Quants

    Here are a List of recommended books to read when hired into Equities IT @ Lehman Brothers. Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis. E. Elton and M. Gruber. John Wiley & Sons. Great introduction to portfolio theory. Covers concepts such as risk/utility metrics, multi-factor return...
  54. Wallstyouth

    Open Source library for valuating Option Pairs

    Might be useful for some I recently came across seems well structured. public_options: option_pair Class Reference
  55. Wallstyouth

    What are your computer's specs ? Shopping Cart - Better overview :) The Monitor kicks - 24" Widescreen + HDMI :)
  56. Wallstyouth

    What are your computer's specs ?

    I will post it today when I get home. I can provide the 3DMark benchmarks I believe I have 06 or maybe 07 installed. I'm running 64bit vista by the way so its not as speedy as XP but still pretty impressive.
  57. Wallstyouth

    What are your computer's specs ?

    I recently built a desktop from scratch: 1. LITE-ON 20X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model LH-20A1L-06 - Retail 2. LIAN LI PC-201B Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail 3. Seagate Barracuda ES ST3500630NS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM 4. BenQ...
  58. Wallstyouth

    COMPARE Stanford MBA vs Berkeley Financial Engineering

    I hate linking to other forums, This thread came up in another forum link below I thought it might be interesting for others here :-) What is better return on investment? Risk/Reward? 1- Keep a job that pays $100K a year and trade part-time making $150K to $200K. Promotions and rise in...
  59. Wallstyouth

    Series 7 & 63 when is it needed?

    So If your a quant on a prop trading desk writing all the models that buy and sell on behalf of the firm who in turn is investing high networth clients capital into this fund a series 7/63 isnt needed?
  60. Wallstyouth

    Series 7 & 63 when is it needed?

    When is a series 7 and 63 really needed? It seems as if most quants dont really need it because there not really trading? Yet I see most of the trade support guys and portfolio managers with this certification for obvious reason.... Is this really a grey area in the industry? Should one only...
  61. Wallstyouth

    The Automated Trading Championship 2007 Is Over!

    The first place in the Automated Trading Championship 2007 was taken by Olexandr Topchylo (Better) from Ukraine. Olexandr participated in Championship 2006, but without success. Having learned all lessons of the preceding contest, Olexandr won by a head this year. He held the first line in the...
  62. Wallstyouth

    Financial Engineering Salary Info

    I'm no way affiliated with these guys but I notice they post salary ranges for the positions they have available. They have a few 7 figure job positions :-) The Hagan-Ricci Group | Experts in Quant Jobs, Quantitative Analyst Jobs and Quantitative Finance Jobs
  63. Wallstyouth

    MS Finance vs MBA vs MFE?

    If you dont like programming, math, and especially technology avoid an MFE like the plague. As for MBA vs MS in Finance these days your MS in finance will probably give you more opportunities in many business areas. MBA seems to have lost its clout over the years. ITs mostly useful for...
  64. Wallstyouth

    Demand for Quants Surges as Trading Requires More Math and Programming Skills

    Demand for Quants Surges as Trading Requires More Math and Programming Skills In a quiet loft building in Atlanta, a team of six mathematicians and computer scientists are applying predictive models to capture short-term inefficiencies in liquid stocks. "This is not an atmosphere that is full...
  65. Wallstyouth

    Big Bonuses Seen Again for Wall St

    I just got my bonus numbers I'm toally disgusted I work in equities IT and we had a monster year but Fixed Income took a major beating for those who work in the field how did you feel about your bonus number ?
  66. Wallstyouth

    MY Profile- Risk mgmt in Oil n G projects ; My interests- probilty, stats,algo; Hello from Singapore

    I'm not sure what your asking are you looking for a job? Career advice?
  67. Wallstyouth

    Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading

    Can anyone recommend the following Book I see it was written by professor Robert A. Schwartz from Zicklin @ Baruch Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading + CD: Books: Robert A. Schwartz,Reto Francioni
  68. Wallstyouth

    SQL is really boring do we need it?

    How do you guys feel aboue SQL in general is it something we in this industry really need to know? I find SQL so boring and mundane other than basic joins I dont really have the drive to learn much more about it. Am I shooting myself in the foot for not taking SQL more seriously?
  69. Wallstyouth

    Hello All!

    Try apply for a job with BIDS Exchange or TradeBotSystems I believe there both based out in Kansas :)
  70. Wallstyouth

    Funny Quant story for Quant Apply @ Morgan Stanley

    When there are 3 cups, there's a 1/3 chance you are right and 2/3 that you are wrong. Once one cup is removed, it's now 50/50 but only so if you actually make the switch. Otherwise, you are really sticking to your old choice which is STILL 1/3 correct, 2/3 incorrect. Pretty interesting : Monty...
  71. Wallstyouth

    Funny Quant story for Quant Apply @ Morgan Stanley

    Just relaying a story thought many here might find it interesting: <Batman28> I actually happend to interview at Morgan Stanley quant trading team in London back in July with one of their top guys who reports directly to Yazid Sharaiha - their global head of quant trading.. I remember one of...
  72. Wallstyouth

    Algorithmic trading gets smarter after quant upset

    Algorithmic trading gets smarter after quant upset Sarfraz Thind 04 Oct 2007 Extreme events this summer exposed weaknesses in computer strategies The knives are out in the ultra-secretive world of quant-based trading. The past two months have not been kind to computer-driven funds...
  73. Wallstyouth

    2008 Interactive Brokers Collegiate Trading Olympiad

    Alian can you give a little background about this competition? I have a few questions since you've already participated maybe you could shed some light. 1) Must you use IB's Api? do they support FIX? 2) Do you have to disclose your trading strategies? 3) How do they track your system and...
  74. Wallstyouth

    2008 Interactive Brokers Collegiate Trading Olympiad

    or their strategies :D
  75. Wallstyouth

    What was your undergrad major?

    Just curious for all who are attempting to get into a MFE type program or currently enrolled what was your undergrad major?
  76. Wallstyouth

    Stock Analysis after FE

    Kind of a waste of a FE degree, I know history majors with no advance degrees who are stock brokers/analysts
  77. Wallstyouth

    Goldman's Hedge Fund - Old Article

    Goldman Gurus Strike It Rich With Hedge Fund By Randall Smith From The Wall Street Journal Online In early 1997, Mark Carhart was an academic at the University of Southern California. His big claim to fame was his doctorate work at...
  78. Wallstyouth

    Gaussian copula and credit derivatives

    Gaussian copula and credit derivatives This WSJ article describes a mathematical innovation that helped create the now huge market for credit derivatives. Credit derivatives let banks, hedge funds and other investors trade the risk associated with credit defaults (i.e. bankruptcy of bond...
  79. Wallstyouth

    Pricing CDO using Gaussian copula model

    Any of the current or alumni MFE students @ Baruch is this topic covered in any of your courses? "Pricing CDO using Gaussian copula model" ?
  80. Wallstyouth

    Quantitative Methods and Modeling

    Can anyone comment on the following course for an undergrad degree? Does this course even prepare you for the MFE track? It looks fairly interesting. Computer Information Systems and Statistics - Undergraduate Bulletin - Academic Programs - Baruch College
  81. Wallstyouth

    Direct Market Access Trading

    Very informative article on DMA trading still very strong today this article is from 2005 but its still very accurate in today's markets. Direct-Market-Access Trading By Ivy Schmerken Wall Street & Technology February 04, 2005 The Issue Defined: The buy side is taking more control of its...
  82. Wallstyouth

    Quant Funds Find Exiting Costly

    Why exit when you can through good money at bad money look at Goldman Sach's there pumping in 3Billion into their equity funds.
  83. Wallstyouth

    What are you listening to now ?

    Matrix Revolutions OST - Cant get enough Narvas :) Mavado - Gangsta for Life T-Pain - Bartender
  84. Wallstyouth

    Arbitrage any takers? C++/Java solutions Only

    The Problem Arbitrage is the trading of one currency for another with the hopes of taking advantage of small differences in conversion rates among several currencies in order to achieve a profit. For example, if $1.00 in U.S. currency buys 0.7 British pounds currency, £1 in British currency...
  85. Wallstyouth

    RenTech down 8.7%

    Renaissance Technologies Hedge Fund Declines 8.7% in August By Katherine Burton Aug. 10 (Bloomberg) -- James Simons's $29 billion Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund, which uses computer models to pick stocks, has fallen 8.7 percent so far in August. The hedge fund, started two years ago...
  86. Wallstyouth

    Doubts about Financial Engineering

    If you want to get into soley into trading you will need an MBA no doubt about it.
  87. Wallstyouth

    20 rising star Hedge Fund managers

    NXTbook flash detection page They offer the following points of note: 55 per cent work in New York, 10 per cent in London and 10 per cent in Asia (the remainder work elsewhere in the US) 40 per cent founded or co-founded their firms The average age of nominees is 37 (the youngest being 28...
  88. Wallstyouth

    Price Data Source

    Yeah I've heard good things about eSignal once I get enough time to start designing my ATS this winter I will look into it more
  89. Wallstyouth

    Price Data Source

    checkout eSignal eSignal -- Everything you need to make money in the market!
  90. Wallstyouth

    Wall Street Warriors

    No problem I fully understand :-)
  91. Wallstyouth

    Wall Street Warriors

    Andy I'm not sure if this is against forum policy. Please feel free to delete this post if so. Unless you legally own or plan to buy season 1 I Dont think its ethical to download but here is a link for Wall St. Warriors season one. I downloaded it and now plan to buy season 2, 3, etc....
  92. Wallstyouth

    I got an email from UBA

    These scammers are just out to get your personal identity.
  93. Wallstyouth

    Goldman Sachs Employs 28,000: Average Pay Per Employee is $400,000

    Goldman's Average Pay Declines as Staff Increases (Update1) By Christine Harper June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the best- paying Wall Street firm last year, added people faster than it increased compensation in the first half, trimming the average pay per person to $392,617...
  94. Wallstyouth

    DE Shaw interview questions

    Andy did you interview at D.E. Shaw?
  95. Wallstyouth

    DE Shaw interview questions

    Hey man these questions are insane.
  96. Wallstyouth

    RenTec's Jim Simons on "From Quant to Riches"

    NEW YORK (—Jim Simons, the legendary mathematician and hedge fund manager who runs Renaissance Technologies Corp., may use black boxes on his trading floors, but as a person he is open and forthcoming: a mixture of humility, common sense and pragmatism. At the International...
  97. Wallstyouth

    C/C++ Puzzles

    Here is a Java version :) I love java!! public static void find_dups(int[] array) { HashMap<Integer,Integer> hash = new HashMap<Integer,Integer>(20,0.75f); for(int key: array) { hash.put(key,(hash.containsValue(key)) ? 1 : 0); } for(int key : hash.keySet()) {...
  98. Wallstyouth

    Algorithmic Trading article

    Reg NMS Implications for liquidity, both displayed and hidden: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most flow will go through smart order routers that ping all intermediate price points across many venues. Bids will therefore get hit regardless of if they're...
  99. Wallstyouth

    CNBC Fiasco: How to rig a $1M contest

    Nice it sounds like this game mimics real life to the T.
  100. Wallstyouth

    Good Links - Finance Related Sites

    Some may find this useful, good mix of links with various information topics. Anatomy of a Stock Trade: Trading a Stock from Start to Finish --------------------------------------------------------------...
  101. Wallstyouth

    Books on Financial Technology

    Anyone can recommend a good book on financial technology mostly in the area of order execution, what happens when orders are placed and executed at an exchange how algo's tie into order flows etc.. I'm not look a book that's heavy on math or geared to a trader, just a good book on the technology...
  102. Wallstyouth

    Why C++ and not Java??

    Real Time Java has been available from all the big vendors IBM, SUN, BEA for a while now so garbage collection on mission critical real-time apps is no longer a problem like it was years ago. Your comment about library maintenance, dependency and support can by applied to any language where a...
  103. Wallstyouth

    A Professional Quants Resume

    I worked indirectly with Robert at Banc of America Securities last year, he is truly a brilliant man checkout his CV. Head of quantitative strategies Former professor at the University of Toronto and director of the mathematical finance program there, Dr. Almgren has an extensive publishing...
  104. Wallstyouth

    Why C++ and not Java??

    I personally like Java a lot more than C++ is there a reason why there is such a heavy focus on C++ and not Java? With the slew of Classes and API for Java you would think Java would fit better in the Quant world.
  105. Wallstyouth

    is anyone building an automated trading system?

    Some of these guys are the best in the business some are just starting out its a very good read if you have the time. Frosty's auto-trading bot goes lve with real money: Forums - Frosty's auto-trading bot goes live with REAL money Reasons for failure in automated trading systems: Forums -...
  106. Wallstyouth

    C/C++ Puzzles

    Question #2 solution #2 #include <stdio.h> int main(a) { printf("%d\n",a); return a<100?main(++a):0; }
  107. Wallstyouth

    Wall Street Warriors

    yeah I've also been dying to see this show too bad I dont have the cable channel it broadcasts on hopefully it will show up on some torrent site soon.
  108. Wallstyouth

    C/C++ Puzzles

    Can someone post the solution to #1
  109. Wallstyouth

    Human Equity Analysts challenged by Quants

    Thu May 31, 2007 1:07PM EDT NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street equity analysts have had their share of problems in recent years, from regulatory heat to budget cuts to a loss of star power and prestige. Now, with the growth of quantitative analysis, some are facing a worse possible fate: being...
  110. Wallstyouth

    MFE program

    What are the requirements for getting into the MFE program? I have a undergrade in CIS and have a solid programming background which I mostly learned on my own but I have very limited business/financial and math exposure.
  111. Wallstyouth

    An Interview Question

    Yes Andy looks like you figured it out :) A dinner last night I was shocked how many people couldnt figure it out, I guess if you think too hard it can be difficult.
  112. Wallstyouth

    An Interview Question

    Yes you're allowed to turn switches on and off but remember you can only view the results once then you must return to the room with the switches.
  113. Wallstyouth

    An Interview Question

    Ok so my friend told me about this silly question he was asked during an interview You're in a room with 3 switches labeled A,B,C and across from that room is another room with 3 light bulbs not labeled, your allowed to go into the room with the bulbs once then you must return back to the...
  114. Wallstyouth

    Where does everyone work?

    Sure thing Andy, FIX is short for financial information exchange its a protocol used within the financial services industry to exchange information related to securities. Though FIX isn't the only protocol its one of the most popular because of industry wide acceptance. In the client...
  115. Wallstyouth

    Where does everyone work?

    I recently joined Lehman Brothers as an engineer in their equities technology division in the client connectivity group. I'm part of the US team that develops and supports the global equity trading systems. If anyone has any question feel free to ask also I'm new to Quantnet been lurking for...
  116. Wallstyouth

    Open Source alternative to kdb+

    Opensource DB on steriods MonetDB - not very good for time series data as k but its much better than most of the opensource stuff available today Checkout HDF5 its opensource but API only - it works very well with Esper Esper -...