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    quant atmosphere

    No...I lived in NYC for 7 months (working 40 hrs/week on my feet all day at Starbucks, sometimes working 13 hour days that started at I've worked hard before...), loved it, and after moving to Austin and living there fore 8 months, I still miss the city. I also pay attention to what's...
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    quant atmosphere

    do you guys really spend an average of 60+ hours/week in the office?? What time do you normally arrive/leave work? Dropping my ego and having an recent MBA grad tell me what to do is one thing, but after my 1st year of grad school, I kind of like waking up late, having hour long lunches, not...
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    quant atmosphere

    I'm considering moving from academia to career as a quant, but may not want to work 60+ hours/week and have an a**hole boss yelling at me every second. Perhaps some of you quants can fill me in into what it's really like working as a one.
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hello Why hello everyone! I've just recently finished my first year of my Ph.d in mathematics at UT Austin. I'm considering a career outside of academia, and wanted to get a better idea of what all this quant business is all about.