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    High Performance Computing

    Hi, On the same topic, would anyone have an idea on good MS/ PhD programs for high performance computing (specifically focussed at applications such as hedge funds)? Thanks, appu
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    QuantNet Coding Project

    Suggestion: If am right, you are calculating the fibonacci series all over again for calculating each term -> not elegant also observe the series and find out the pattern of the even numbers rather than checking if each term is even
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    Reputed Phd Programs in Quantfin?

    Hi, Could someone guide me on which Quantfin Phd programs are reputed? (in terms of employability, learning and resources) Thanks
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    Math Prorgramming Interview Question

    If I have a computer and whatever programming language I am using.. just do this: z = x * y z is defined as the same numeric type as x and y at this point if the product is above the range of the numeric type, then z stores some number unrelated to the actual product of x and y after...
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    Question on MFE placements/ DEShaw

    forgive my ignorance...but was that sarcastic?
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    Question on MFE placements/ DEShaw

    Hi, This question just popped up in my mind... Does DEShaw recruit from any MFE programs (or MBA programs otherwise)? Thanks
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    To what extent does the MFE help in getting your career role choice?

    Hi, Most people get into the MFE hoping for a front office/ trading job/ hedge fund trading job. I was wondering whether their success depends on past employment in similar roles to a greater extent than how well you perform in the program itself? To make it clear, here's an example: Suppose a...