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  1. John Jurcevic

    Texas A&M Foreign Currency Trading Competition

    Make sure you sign up for this currency trading competition today if you haven't already done so: We need at least 10 participants from Baruch to make a college team. Post in this thread if you are participating so I can get a count and let the organizers know about...
  2. John Jurcevic

    Unix Timestamp 1234567890

    In case you are interested, geeky, or both, this Friday, February 13, 2009 at around 6:31 EST will have a Unix time of 1234567890 seconds past January 1, 1970.
  3. John Jurcevic

    Happy Australia Day!

    G'day mates! Wish you all a fair dinkum, dinky di, true blue Australia Day!
  4. John Jurcevic

    Your bailout dollars at work...

    In case you are wondering what corporate executives are doing with their taxpayer-financed bailout bonuses, check out the former executive vice president at Merrill Lynch, Peter Kraus, who made of like a bandit after taking a $25 mil bonus for 3 months of work. So what can do you with all that...