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    Satyajit Das

    has anyone read his derivatives/risk management library (4 volumes I think)? If so, any thoughts regarding its usefulness for an absolute beginner to understand derivative pricing, particularly someone with a very weak math background.
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    Online Courses

    Does anyone have any recommendations regarding good schools that offer online courses that would be helpful for someone trying to grasp the base math knowledge needed to apply for an undergrad degree in financial engineering or mathematical finance. It is a number of years since I left high...
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    Making money on the stock market

    Does anyone have any book recommendations for someone who wants to invest in the stock market?
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    ISDA swap definitions

    Anyone know where I can get the ISDA definitions, particularly in relation to interest rate swap agreements. I want an inventory of all the different day count conventions, business day conventions,etc together with relataed definitions and can't find them free online anywhere. Any help would...
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    Really basic calculus book

    Hi, Please can someone recommend a good (and as elementary/basic a text as possible) calcululs book. Are there particular areas of calculus that are more important than others for someone interested in becoming a quant? Thanks.
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    Lecture Notes/Websites for fundamental math/derivative materials

    Does anyone know some good websites where someone who would like to better understand derivative valuation, but does not have a math background, can review. I have a very limited understanding of even the basic math needed to understand dervative valuation and as a result, a lot of the books I...
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    Looking for derivatives book

    Hi All, I am new to this website and will not know even a fraction of what most people on this site know. However, I was hoping some of you may be able to give me some sound advice. Recently as part of my job, I have became exposed to the accounting for derivatives. I get the accounting ok...