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    Online courses for C++ and Matlab University of Washington has a nice certificate program in C/C++ programming. You have to take first another course with them Foundations of C++ which is pretty much a course on C programming. I haven't taken it, but am thinking of pursuing the certificate soon. I have taken...
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    U. Washington Computational Finance program

    I understand the first class in this program just graduated at the end of 2012. Are there any placement stats available or some info that could be available to hint on how it went for graduates in the program. Thanks.
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    How to pick an MFE program

    What would be your opinion on the new program by University of Washington, MS in Comp Finance & Risk Mgmt?
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    best way to bone up on academic math creds?

    For Calc III (it might be a good idea to refresh knowledge of partial derivatives and multivavriable integration), Linear Algebra, and Calc-based probability For Diff Equations...
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    Online "Introduction to Probability" Courses

    It's not an online course, but a good distance calculus-based course might be this one: Hope it helps.