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  1. Bastian Gross

    Bernanke cuts base lending rate to nearly zero

    The low base rate will be a range of zero to 0.25 per cent, announced the Federal Open Market Committee and US-Fed, and is aimed at fighting off both deflation of the currency and a paralyzing global credit conglomerate. "Since the committee's last meeting, labour market conditions have...
  2. Bastian Gross

    Documentary: Let's make money!

    Has anyone seen this movie made by the austrian Erwin Wagenhofer? 'Let's make Money' Plot synopsis: Let's make money is a very well made documentary which focuses on how money is made and distributed by investors, corporations and the rich elite through the global financial system. Most of...
  3. Bastian Gross

    Moody's Mega Math Challenge

    You probably don't immediately think of SIAM in connection with activities at the K-12 level. Our focus as a professional society tends to be on furthering research in our discipline, on application of results in science and industry, and on fostering student activities at the graduate level...
  4. Bastian Gross


    Hello Quantnet-members, what do you think about eco-business? Does this section grow? How does the U.S. react about this issue? Europe's Next Green Thing In Europe, especially in Germany, their make an huge issue out of eco-business.
  5. Bastian Gross

    Game Theory to price Options?

    Hi, I want to introduce this book about Game Theory to price options by Shafer and Vovk? <IFRAME style="WIDTH: 120px; HEIGHT: 240px" marginWidth=0 marginHeight=0...
  6. Bastian Gross

    The Remarkable Story of Risk (Against the Gods)

    Hello, Peter Bernstein's famous book Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk (1998) is a funny and entertaining reading about the thoroughgoing history of probability and riskmanagement. Bernstein is a very good and clever writer. As mathematican student, I readed this book in 2 days...
  7. Bastian Gross

    Quantization and its numerical applications

    Hello Quantneties, I want to ask, is someone interested in functional quantization? And not only because of an word joke with QUANTization und QUANTnet. :-\" Functional quantization is an very useful alternative solution for pricing options, especially pathdepent options, in contrast to...