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    Why bankers quit?

    this survey is not about bankers then. who on earth can make 60K or less working on Wall Street?
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    Wall Street new round of layoff

    Lol never seen that video of Sanders ripping apart the worst fed chairman ever mr. Greenspan.
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    Wall Street new round of layoff

    Bernanke and Krugman the first two that come to my mind. Those two have been constantly wrong for the last three years.
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    Wall Street new round of layoff

    *Facepalm* what an ingenious solution....
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    Wall Street new round of layoff

    Abdel, listening to Peter Schiff much?....I mean, too much :))
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    Quant Salaries?

    This is not particularly important. Having degree from a top school may help your CV to stand out and get you a shot at an interview, but to get through an interview for a quant position requires brains, experience, and preparation, which PhD holder from some particular school may not...
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    Quant Salaries?

    I don't know any quants who started as analysts. Also all those people have PhDs. To be honest never met MFE guys in my life lol I am old shool :)
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    Quant Salaries?

    I know nothing about algo / high frequency stuff etc. Derivatives pricing quants make: FO: Associate (0-3 years exp) 90K-120K base, VP (>3 y.) 140K - 180K base. Bonus varies a lot, but usually from 50% to 100%. MO (model val): Associate 80K - 110K base, AVP 110K-130K, VP 130K-170K. Bonus...
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    Are quant jobs fast paced?

    thanks God there is MO :) 8pm I am at home with my family having dinner....and this is after I went to the gym :) ...always crack me up to see emails from FO guys when it's something like 7am or 10pm in their time zone :))
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    Programmer confused about possible career move

    if we are talking about derivatives pricing quants then 1st year quant salary is 50K-60K GBP for middle office (model val), and 65-70K for FO quants. Bonuses are 25%-40% for middle office, 40%-100% for FO. I have no idea what salaries are for algo trading quants etc. are.
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    Programmer confused about possible career move

    he is talking about UK, so it's in pounds. 60K-120K GBP is too high.
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    sure, do the MFE if you can afford it. As I said before supply of MFE graduates way exceeds the...

    sure, do the MFE if you can afford it. As I said before supply of MFE graduates way exceeds the demand for quants out there. So put more emphasis on skills that could be applied somewhere else (pure coding, applied math etc.). This will hedge you against not being able to get a job as a quant...
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    yes, I did phd in maths in US. then got MSc in finance in UK (LSE). regarding finance (quant in...

    yes, I did phd in maths in US. then got MSc in finance in UK (LSE). regarding finance (quant in particular) job market in HK, there is more demand for more senior positions. there are openings, but of course not as much as London/NY.
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    Bloomberg Plans to Hire 500 Techs in NYC and NJ

    and what is the point of doing that?
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    This must be a record year for MFE applications

    this trend is going to end in a rather disappointing way for most MFE graduates. the world needs less financial engineers, not more...
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    MBS market vs Interest Rate job

    I read that book. It is a very neat collection of results on the relationships between local vol / implied vol / stochastic vol. It's very insightful. The thing is, those three notions you have in rates as well. And they are treated and viewed in a similar way. One modeling aspect that seem to...
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    Iniesta, could you be more specific? i.e. give a precise proof. I have a different solution, so curious to see other way.
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    MBS market vs Interest Rate job

    sure, MBS are very involved in terms of structuring. Modeling of IR (the math part of it, the number of approaches, number of issues to deal with) is more involved though. As for IR modelling is , I wouldn't say that. After all, you can make things as complex as you wish, so it's rather...
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    could you clarify the "an algorithm to fill in the matrix" part?
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    well, I finally saw sudoku skills being useful in math :) Let's see how sudoku guy deals with the problem now :)
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    ehhh...matrix is symmetric by assumption! apologies, folks :))
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    "Andy Nguyen likes this." interviewed with them too, Andy? :) by the way, I cracked this one :)
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    Quantitative Interview questions and answers

    This is from a phone interview with a tier 1 bank. Let A be an n by n square matrix where n is odd. Each column and each row is a permutation of numbers from 1 to n. Prove that diagonal is a permutation of numbers from 1 to n.
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    Gaussian copula and credit derivatives

    The question is what will happen to the CDO market after US government decide that enough is enough and shut down fannie and freddie for good.
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    MBS market vs Interest Rate job

    whatever happens to MBS products most IR derivatives are there to stay. Also, from the modelling perspective I find IR modelling more interesting.
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading mean the part that where you failed to say that there is an exact relationship between gamma and vega from which one can see why vega is higher for long maturity? ...or the part where you said that you "could be wrong as hell"?
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    you talking about European options? I thought than short dated options have gamma higher than long dated options. For vega it's the other way around. Regarding what's more important gamma or vega, there is a close relationship between the two (in the black-scholes world of course). i think they...
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    Stochastic Calculus

    then I don't see why Shreve would be difficult. Also, try Bjork's "continuous time finance" book. I like it better than Shreve.
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    Stochastic Calculus

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    [VIDEO] James Simons: Mathematics, Common Sense, and Good Luck: My Life and Careers

    what a legend. thanks for the link. to see Simons speak is a very rare thing. ...also i didn't know Singer is still alive lol
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    How to Get a Quant Job, Advice from Wall Street Executives

    whatever desk it is RBS is a complete mess right now...
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    Jintao on the dollar

    I am speechless....what are you smoking?
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia "Nine percent of Americans think Japan is the world’s top economic power, and that raises an obvious question: Huh? If we knew exactly who that current-events-challenged...
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    The 25 Weirdest Interview Questions

    Your list is missing the most weirdest of them all. How can 3 men and 1 woman have mutually safe sexual (heterosexual) intercourse with using just two condoms? Assume no condom can break or leak and that you can't wash a used one. this is a genuine interview question which can be found in...
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    Equity Derivatives Interview Questions from Goldman Sachs

    LOL because, as with any math problem, there are more than one way to tackle it. Apparently in your world there is only one way - you own :) Also, who said that to approximate sqrt(10) the only way is to resort to Taylor?
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    Equity Derivatives Interview Questions from Goldman Sachs

    where did anyone say that someone is expecting people memorize numbers like sqrt(10)?
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    Salary VS Bonus

    The good thing about MO (model validation) (apart from higher job security) is that a level of bonuses is not too sensitive to the profitability of the firm. good or bad year, my bonus was practically the same (around 40%)... I know for a fact that at Goldmans model val quants are getting...
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    Salary VS Bonus

    yes, 55K-70K seems to be the range for quant entry level positions. Bonuses for <4y experience vary from 25%-50% for model validation (middle office quants) to 40%-100% for FO quants. this is based on my knowledge only, so the sample size is not too large :)
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    Salary VS Bonus

    if you think 80K for an entry level is too low then you should definitely keep your high paying job and stay where you are.
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    Salary VS Bonus

    you were surprised salaries looked too high or too low?
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    yes, he was home schooled (range of subjects in math and computing) at some point. I recently read a very interesting article about him. It's a biographical account of Tao by a researcher specializing in exceptionally gifted (math) children. It's an exciting read, with fully documented...
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    saying that Tao was Chinese by nationality was not my point. my points are 1) Asians have the same intellectual capacities as any other nation 2) during the last decade or so there is a clear trend of more "Asian" presence in all sorts of sciences. I find it difficult to understand why...
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    you need DNA test to convince yourselfs than a person both of whose parents are Chinese has Chinese ethnice background? are a one stubborn dude LOL I suggest you stop discussing mathematicians or anything that has to do with math as you seem to have a very shallow knowledge of the...
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    1) He is Chinese by the way of ethnic background. 2) His was educated primarily by both of his parents (at one point his mom gave up work to concentrate on his won't find this information on the Wiki though LOL ). And both of his parents were from China (Hong Kong).
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    His work made him famous in scientific circles. What made him famous to the general public was his refusal of two most prestigious awards alongside with his odd behavior. And again, there are mathematicians whose work had, at the very least, as much influence on the development of modern...
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    Real levels of unemployment in a moribund economy?

    ..most unemployed people are low-qualified workers. how do you expect, for example, construction workers to start their own businesses? can do that if you are an investment banker (who i can't care less about..) or some kind of highly-qualified employee. in that case, sure you can get...
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    Equity Derivatives Interview Questions from Goldman Sachs

    ...i don't like the answer from that link about sqrt(0.1). I think the interviewer had the following trick in his head: sqrt(0.1) = 1 / sqrt(10) = sqrt(10)/10. So it all boils down to calculating sqrt(10) and then shifting the answer one digit to the left.
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    Equity Derivatives Interview Questions from Goldman Sachs

    that while back was in elementary school, I reckon :)
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    Top 10 cities for a career in Finance

    Have you heard about 14% income tax? :)
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    IMO problems have nothing to do with "good skill of remembering a solving algorithm" as all problems are highly original in nature and do not require "solving algorithm" but rather an extremely clever approach, with solution most of the time occupying just half a page. I recommend you try some...
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    Please, don't give me links to wiki about Perelman :) (I know who he is and I am familiar with his work, to some the way, there was a controversy related to the completeness of the proof which involved 2 mathematicians. their names are Cao and Zhu. both Chinese.) ....and definitely...
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    quants are not movie stars. there are plenty top notch quants who are not "famous". "famous" are those who publish papers. there are a lot of (actually most) people in the industry that don't do that. And there are a lot of those who are chinese. And there will be more for sure. ( in terms of...
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    yes, in that case any position that is client facing will most likely require language skills.
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    please show me a quant position in HK that requires Mandarin. I work as a quant in HK, and I've been looking at the job market here lately. none of the quant position I've seen had Mandarin as a prerequisite.
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    Happy New Year Quantneters!

    С новым годом! Happy New Year! Sun nien fai lok!
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    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    Cantonese is spoken primarily in HK. And no, you don't need neither Cantonese nor Mandarin to work as a quant in HK or, even more so, in Singapore. As for quant job market in Asia, it's growing. Although entry level positions are very rare.
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    Who Owns the Future?

    sure. this innate thing is the fact that jewish people, like all minorities, tend to support each other by discriminating others. Like Horowitz said (who had a great sense of humor): "To make it to the elite pianists in USSR one had to be either gay or jewish. And I am both :))" And...
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    some of them are not. round ones are only those that cover round holes :)) i'd think most of them are round because they are easier to roll around :)
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    Is this a QD position?

    if the company is based in London then you shouldn't consider anything less than 45K. if you are working with a headhhunter then it's his job to negotiate your salary. otherwise, you should definitely negotiate before signing the offer :) since they already mentioned the number I assume they...
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    Rutgers to Launch Third Quant Master Program

    oh dear...the world needs more civil engineers, not useless geeks called financial engineers.
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    Who Owns the Future?

    Russia :)
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    Is this a QD position?

    if it's the only choice and you are short of money then sure, take it. it's something relevant to have on your CV afterall.
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    Is this a QD position?

    the salary is humiliating.
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    you should definitely stay at the uni for a few more years. end of story.
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    according to the phrasing of the question, no it does not.
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    right. as if 2 x your salary every 2 years means increase in your salary LOL
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    Archimedean copula

    lol since when writing a few average papers on copulas qualifies you as a genius? :)
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    I'm pretty sure traders use mathematical concept of expected log utility on a daily basis *sarcasm* :))
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    first question is just about the time value of money and common sense....of course 2 years should be more preferable. ...after all, considering for example the third alternative, how on earth am I supposed to make a living during my first 4 years of employment??? all these solution with...
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    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is Time's 2010 Person of the Year

    nope :) there are just three IBs there. i work for one of them :)
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    Russian Currency Exchange to open

    nice. dollar is going down the drain. slowly but surely.
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    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is Time's 2010 Person of the Year

    meanwhile, Facebook is voted no. 1 employer of the year,19.htm ...was also nice to see my bank on that list :)
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    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is Time's 2010 Person of the Year

    given that Facebook was not Mark's idea, yes Assange definitely deserves it more.
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    Variance calculation

    your question just asks: Let Y be normal r.v. with mean = 0, variance = sigma^2. What is the variance of Y^2? To answer, just represent Y as Y = sigma * X where X is standard normal and then use a definition of variance and the fact that E[X^4] = 3.
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    Variance calculation

    use the fact that E[X^4] = 3, where X is standard normal.
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    Ex-SocGen trader found guilty of copying HFT code

    got greedy and paid for that. plain and simple. well deserved.
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    Which maths area should I go into?

    lol this reminds me talking to a colleague quant (whose native language is English, unlike mine) and telling him something like " we use this copula to *scratching my head trying to find a right word* copulate these functions". :tiphat:
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    Negativity in the approximation of a CIR model by Ito-Taylor expansion

    I've used an Euler implicit positivity preserving scheme suggested in this paper by Brigo it's free of the issue you are concerned about.
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    A day in the life of a London bank's software contractor

    who knows, my boss might be peeking at this forum. my "day in the life" is far from typical one... would expose myself easily! :-ss
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    A day in the life of a London bank's software contractor

    GS canteen in London is the least, it used to be. DB canteen is terrible. My choice is Wanchai noodle shops in Hong Kong. excellent local food lunch for a price of 5 USD.
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    Best for International student!!

    ETH and Stockholm school are the best places on that list.
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    A day in the life of a London bank's software contractor

    I choose option number 1. ...I should really write up my own "a day in the life" thing. My story will create an explosion in the number of MFE applications!
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    A day in the life of a London bank's software contractor

    poor the time he finishes reading his economist i just woke up, and by the time he gets home i already went to gym and had dinner with my family. also eating at your desk is gross....i hope he gets paid a fortune to compensate him for the lack of life.
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    Quant career and disabilities

    today i spoke to myself only....and it's already 5pm. I'm sure I'd be fine at my job if i had a hearing/speech problem :)
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    WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next

    wow. another low blow for goldies. most likely it's them.
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    Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?

    sure. success of students is always shared by the teacher (...mind the difference though, not solving a problem does no damage, losing money does damage for everyone involved. including the teacher's reputation :) ) btw, was it some particular mathematician or just some guy? was it V. Arnold...
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    Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?

    I will be definitely impressed after Jim makes as much money as say James Simons :) ..should I be impressed by the fact that someone got a PhD at age 25?? sorry, not impressed at all :)
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    Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?

    eh... am i supposed to be impressed by that?
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    Cornell FE Cornell Senior: Throw Goldman Sachs Off Campus

    ..and i'm having an interview with them next week.....oh dear :))
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    A Day in the Life of an Interest Rates Developer

    lol poor fellow...also, why on earth would anyone live 1:15 hours away from work when you start working at 6:30am??
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    How Goldman Sachs Make (Unmake) Partners

    Wall Street rebounds?
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    Baruch MFE Any recommended book for self-study of Stochastic process

    this is the best introductory book in my opinion Elementary Stochastic Calculus With Finance in View - Thomas Mikosch: Books
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    Princeton MFin Article about Princeton's students seeking finance jobs

    “Money is an attractive factor, but it’s not the real reason people go into an investment bank,” said Rebecca Yu ’11, a physics concentrator who applied for an internship at Goldman Sachs this summer. " LOL sure.
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    Delta of an ATM call option

    N(d1) is the probability (under the stock measure) of on option finishing in-the-money. N(d2) is the prob. (under the bond measure) of an option finishing in-the-money.
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    On Wall Street: All Reward, No Risk

    can't agree more with this guy.
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    Quantitative Easing (QE2)

    (1 point) Continue the sequence QE1, QE2, ?, ?,.....
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    Mathematics for non math savvy

    why do you ask?
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    Which phone are you using?

    Nokia. the cheapest available. I can make calls and send messages.
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    Would you buy a Green card ($50k), H1B visa ($10K)?

    who are "they"? never heard about this procedure for getting a green card. could you provide more info pls?
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    Anyone watching Wallstreet 2?

    movie was good. didn't kick a.s.s. like the first one, but a decent watch.
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    Recommended books to understand Brownian motion, ornstein-uhlenbeck process, arbitrage, and market

    Karatzas&Shreve will give you a good introduction to brownian motion. ...just kidding :)
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    Women Sue Goldman, Claiming Bias in Pay and Jobs

    that Chen-Oster chick is indeed with DB. she is an MD now.. by the way, to say that she doesn't look hot at all would be a huge understatement....
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    Princeton MFin versus CMU MSCF

    princeton will most likely reject you. they frown upon overqualified candidates (and quite rightly so) , to which you certainly belong.
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    Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

    he already lost. back to financial shows action.
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    wall street to cut 80,000 jobs

    don't do MFE. there are too many of them out there, as a result it becomes less and less valuable (number of mfe graduates growth way faster than the number of quant openings on the market).
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    Mission of a Quant

    quants are just as useful as people working in casinos. don't get fooled by arguments about efficient money allocation, risk reduction, etc. they work as quants because that's what they enjoy to do and they get paid well. nothing else.
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    2009 Goldman Sachs bonus: $700,000/employee

    LOL goldman employees fighting hard to come out of depression? this is pathetic. they were so used to getting big dough that when they didn't they got broken down.....poor bankers :( ...if those guys are deeply depressed then what would ordinary Jack who worked on an auto plant and lost his...
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    P = NP Solved?

    didn't the great Terence Tao buried the proof already? there is not much in there unfortunately....a valiant attempt though.
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    Susquehanna International Group Internship

    why the hell you restrict yourself to a trading job only?
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    America's century is over

    no, you would not get a free citizinship. but you will also not get deported like a criminal if you get caught and will not get a 10 year ban for entering the country if you overstay your visa for > 1 year.
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    Quick questions.

    one comment. don't believe in this nonsense about super long hours. to be specific, i personally know about 15 quants working in 5 different IBs. only one of them regularly starts his day before 8am and finishes his working day beyond the 8pm mark. this poor fellow works for GS. All others...
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    Math courses for quant

    calc I/II is enough. it's self-contained. all extra material is in the appendices there...
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    Math courses for quant

    topology? :) would be sweet if it had any application in finance. but sadly there are none. just concentrate on calculus and probability theory. I think this book ( Elementary Stochastic Calculus With Finance in View (Advanced Series on Statistical Science Applied Probability...
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    Graduated Rutgers (a while back)...job hunt still sucks

    stop looking for a dream job. just get anything. I was looking for a job when the job market was crap. ended up working in private equity industry as a financial modeler :)) (which for some would be a dream job :) ) did that for 2 years, while reading papers/books on q. finance on the side...
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    2009 Goldman Sachs bonus: $700,000/employee

    if it wasn't guaranteed then of course not. i guess your department was not very profitable hence no bonus.
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    Billion Dollar-o-gram

    and here goes another magic number 0.9... TraderJoe, are you into numerology or something?
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    Billion Dollar-o-gram

    do you mind sharing a reference to "a lot of academic theory" proving a widly known "rule of a 1.5 ratio" our uneducated minds are not aware of?
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    Billion Dollar-o-gram

    where did this rule of thumb come from? why not 1.6?
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    UCB MFE UCB MFE numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?

    how often do you see a sign-on bonus for an entry level position? i've never seen it.
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    On savings rates and how we got here

    back to the future...peter schiff was right.
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    Would you go work in Asia?

    well, I'm already here and loving the lifestyle, weather and 14% tax.
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    Billion Dollar-o-gram

    LOL@ "World-wide porn industry" and "Erectile dysfunction"....damn, according to a digram, Bill Gates could've bought world-wide porn industry instead of giving away money to those silly charity funds...
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    Billion Dollar-o-gram

    doesn't it say "medicare per year"?
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    Am I making the RIGHT move?

    right move or not, not having PhD and with just an MFE degree from a second/third tier school will not get you far in terms of job search. ....not saying that you are not intelligent enough to do the job or will not be able to pass the interviews, it's just that it will be difficult to get any...
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    Jamie Dimon's 2010 Summer Reading List for Interns

    quite a few of these are boring bestsellers books (e.g. the world is flat...which is btw quite outdated by now....) not a very original list. but I guess is a good read for interns. ...also, what's with this obsession with american presidents?? thanks god he didn't include "George W. Bush on...
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    Working at Goldman Sachs London for a female professional?

    so you want to be a mum and spend time with your kids and hubby and work at Goldman at the same time? I don't see how you will manage to do that. GS is not the best place to work if you value family above money.
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    UCB MFE UCB MFE numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?

    these are not expectations. this comes from facts. I was thinking about 1st year IB quants (MFEs of PhDs). most people I know got around 50% for 1st year (FO quants). I personally got 40% bonus for my 1st year and I worked in model validation, so not even FO. But, I have to admit, I do not know...
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    UCB MFE UCB MFE numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?

    not sure what is wrong with these numbers... 1) "Average First Year Compensation: $156,294 Average First Year Compensation: $156,294 " this, I am 100% sure, includes bonus. 2) Median First Year Base Salary: $100,000 sounds just about right. Taking into account 1), it looks like the...
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    2009 Goldman Sachs bonus: $700,000/employee

    700K is nonsense. it is clearly not even close to the median. i can tell you how much, say, quant strategists get as a bonus. It is around 100% base. if you did really well, you'd get something like 110%-125% of your base. And base salaries for quants are not exactly steep at GS. Say...
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    Do you guys have facebook profile?

    oh... cool. I take that back then :)
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    Do you guys have facebook profile?

    you sound boring and old.
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    Jerome Kerviel - In his own words

    ...and this is why I have no intention of moving to the FO.
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    We are Wall Street ... we are smarter

    >> Most Americans are sheep, not even breaking six figures a year, and drinking the kool-aid that the mainstream media feeds them. ...sheep not even breaking six figures a year? well this does sound arrogant to say the least... I wonder how many figures a year you would be breaking if not...
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    Is my program choice flawed? and ideas about Columbia's M in Statistics

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p>if you are aiming at the quant roles I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the university name, whether it’s in the ivy league or not one cares about that (some dumb recruitment agents do, though)...
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    I've done MSc in Finance @ LSE. be honest didn't even know that they now have a program in fin. math. Assuming you are not sensitive to the location, you should go for NYU as it is a well-established program with bigger names and better connections in the industry. Another important...
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    Average salaries for quants

    didn't you get?? you'll get paid according to what your boss think you worth...and don't even ask about money! or anonymous big shot will avoid you like a plague :)) on a more useful note, esp. for IB quants, of course your boss alone will not determine your pay as there are such things as...
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    Average salaries for quants

    of course not!! it's someone I know very very well :)))
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    Average salaries for quants

    sorry, for reviving an old thread....but this made me LOL, esp. for these, any of you guys know people who make anywhere around the above-mentioned range while being employed for 5 years or so? :) On a more concrete note, what's you view on 120K USD + 50K bonus for an AVP level...
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    When China rules the world

    and what exactly is going to happen in 3 years time?
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    Study: cleaners worth more to society than bankers

    Yep. and that is why we all see Joe thriving at the moment while bankers are getting their bonuses.....:-k High standards of living come from savings, which are generated from productive jobs. Those high standards of living you are talking about were built on old America that was productive +...
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    Study: cleaners worth more to society than bankers

    To estimate someone's job value for the society, we should consider the case when this someone fails at what he is doing, and see how much negative impact this has on the society., what if those bunch of guys I see across the trading floor (exotic rates traders) will fail miserably...
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    Study: cleaners worth more to society than bankers

    I do not know whether the authors are idiots or dishonest, but one thing is for sure, most of the investment banking is not more useful to the society as, for example, casino business. As an example, all this "quantitative finance" businees does is making relatively few people richer. This, of...
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    3-D TV going main stream?

    ...omg...I am starting saving money for 3-D playboy channel right now.
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    Quiz by Peter Carr: Are You a Trader or a Quant?

    I don't quite understand how you decide whether you are a quant or a trader from this quiz... Anyhow, the first one is correct and follows from the B-S PDE and the fact that an option is initially out-of-the-money. Third one seems to be correct as well (with probability one) and represents the...