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    GRE vs GMAT

    I always wondered why they perferred the GRE to the GMAT. The GMAT quant section was considerably harder than the GRE quant section. 51 is perfect on GMAT Quant I believe. I don't think I got any wrong quant and I ended up with a 730 51q/40v Also, the GMAT also has critical thinking verbal...
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    Big Bang Theory: Watch the show, love it, I fear I have too much in common with Sheldon though as far as his views on life. About my Post: Post was meant to be satirical, some real facts, but not entirely serious. About DC proclaiming me minority: White American Male, so yes, minority. And my...
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    Foreign would-be quants and communication barrier

    Honestly, the only place that I could see the language barrier being a problem for somebody is in the job finding process. Once a person has a job it is known that they have the ability to communicate at least well enough to get the same job that you have (assuming you work with them), and that...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    I'm also going to be entering Rutgers MSMF this fall. I just graduated from Rutgers with an ECE degree, and am working this summer as a software engineer before I go to school full time. My Profile is as follows: GPA from Rutgers ECE: 3.42 (good enough for high honors from the engineering...
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    UCB MFE GMAT vs GRE for UCB MFE (or others)

    The GMAT Math is considerably harder than the GRE Math. (I took both) The GMAT Math gives you a raw score (out of 51) and a percentile, the GRE is the standard 800 SAT scale. The GMAT report you get says that a quant score above 50 is very rare.
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    Entering a Program this Fall

    I'm going to be doing Rutgers's MSMF, mainly because I got my undergrad there and I liked the school, and the MSMF program is taught by a much more highly ranked faculty than the MQF program, as the Rutgers Math Department is ranked 21st by USNews and the business school is ranked like 63rd...