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    Large Volume Trading

    Do any firms or people do a lot of large volume trading in a day? I guess I am getting at day trading but selling when the price only goes up a small amount (like 5 cents). Do companies or day traders do this? Is there a reason you wouldn't want to use this strategy? It seems to me if you set...
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    Personal investments of a quant

    I was thinking today that a lot of you guys spend your days figuring out new or creative ways to make your firms more money through its investments. Then I got to thinking that you guys must do really well with your own personal investments. So my question is: do you guys use complex trading...
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    A few questions for all you quants

    I know a lot of you guys are quants working in the real world and I have a few questions for you. It seems like a lot of you program using C++. I don't really know what you guys do all day long but I figure there has to be someone out there that analyzes old stock data or back tests new trading...
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    PhD or MFE

    I am new to the forum here but this seems like a pretty good place for information. I have tried the search function but wasn't having too much luck with it so I figured I would just ask my question (which I am sure has been posed before). Is there that much of a difference between having a PhD...