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  1. Bridgett

    woo... do we have enough pumpkins this year?

    Very nice design for today's theme, Andy (and whoever else contributed)! I got freaked out by the "darkness" at first. Very cute!! :D
  2. Bridgett

    Divisions and Structures within IB's

    Some may still wonder how a typical IB is structured such as front, middle, and back offices and the products they deal with. Here is what I ran into on the seems pretty good. [/LIST]
  3. Bridgett

    HR from Bear Stearns

    All, Because it occurs to me that students in our program also think quite highly of Bear Stearns, I am going to help you guys to get to know this firm and its hiring "secrets" a little better. I have requested Bear Stearns HR office for them to send some one to us and speak to us. I have...
  4. Bridgett

    Research Grant / Scholarships Opportunities

    Although I love all of you, this resource right now is only available to females. Please let me know if: 1. You have a research or just a cool little project... 2. You are a teacher or a faculty memeber in college or any school 3. You have friends that meet #1 and #2 Please contact me...
  5. Bridgett

    success with google

    In the past two days (seemingly within 24 hours), I saw the Googlebot visiting our site at least twice. If my previous knowledge with this searching engine is still accurate, this can indicate our site's great popularity and success with Google. Not everyone can get on the index list of...
  6. Bridgett

    Who is the next biggest?

    English is the #1 language/culture in the global financial community. But, if you want to span your horizon and be at the leading edge of the global workforce in world finance, which language/culture knowledge would empower you the most? 1. Spanish 2. French 3. German 4. Chinese 5. Korean...
  7. Bridgett

    Any IPOD guru out there?

    I'm thinking and thinking and thinking about getting an ipod that can hold everything for me and that has nice features in realistic sense. But I can't decide if I should get the 30GB ($299) one or the 60GB ($399). I can't sort out the "cost-benefit" equation for the two options yet. Please...
  8. Bridgett

    Existing and Potential Finance Opportunities in China: HUGE

    Note: I can totally picture some of you playing a key role in constructing sound financial systems for some developing economies in the near future. Keep up the good work, guys. I'm so proud of all of you!! :smt035 And of course, greater opportunities are often accompanied with greater risks...
  9. Bridgett

    An Open Heart and A Closed Heart

    I received this message in an email today and just wanted to share it with all of you. An Open Heart Is: Enlarged Soft Open Bright Warm Full A Closed Heart Is: Shriveled Small Hard Dark Cold Hollow Tucked Deep Inside a Protective Wall...
  10. Bridgett

    Integrate C++ program into VBA

    I've been writing data-analysis tools using VBA to handle projects at work, but the data sizes keep getting bigger. I feel that it's about time to get C++ programs involved to speed up processes. But I've never done this before. So, I was wondering if anyone here can give me some hints. How can...