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  1. Peik Looi

    From Dominic: How to Spot Lies told to Quant Developers 101

    How to Spot Lies told to Quant Developers 101 URL: There is nothing particularly wrong with a career as a quantitative developer. But... On the forums, and in conversations it's become clear...
  2. Peik Looi

    Computing to the billions

    I tried to write a file for 1e6 by 1e6 and it literally crashed, giving me the message below. How should I code so that I could begin to write and compute my matrices? I am looking along the lines of computing values larger than 1e6. Thanks. int main() { int i, j, nmat; double...
  3. Peik Looi


    How should I write this code so that it takes integers and outputs real numbers? The code below gives me values in integers. For example, 1/4 outputs 0. int main() { int i, j, nmat; double **a; nmat = 5; Init_Matrix(a, nmat); for (i = 0; i<nmat...
  4. Peik Looi

    Pay News

    Morgan Stanley Plan Aims at Retention Oct 3 2006 Morgan Stanley's new incentive plan is meant to attract new talent and discourage the firm's bankers and traders from jumping to rivals. It's the latest move by Chief Executive John Mack to counter the sense the bank's compensation lags its...
  5. Peik Looi

    Lying on your CV

    Lying on your CV by Quantnet's MVP Dominic An article on the BBC today, reminded me of one of the occasional pains of being a pimp. Lying on CVs A friend of mine was a...
  6. Peik Looi

    Greg Ciresi's thought for the day

    Options Backdating August 28, 2006, 1:40 am This Weekend, Everyone Had A Take On Stock Options Backdating Posted by Eric Savitz So this was the weekend when every newspaper seemed to have a big takeout on the stock-option backdating scandal. The Sunday New York Times business section...
  7. Peik Looi

    A Hedge Fund's Loss

    I believe this topic was brought up by Greg Ciresi yesterday. "A Hedge Fund's Loss Rattles Nerves By GRETCHEN MORGENSON and JENNY ANDERSON Enormous losses at one of the nation's largest hedge funds resurrected worries...
  8. Peik Looi

    Visa Woes

    Hello, Does anybody know the e-mail address of Cora Jordan from ISSC? I tried to call the ISSC today, and it seems nobody is at home. I did speak to a person who couldn't wait to put down the phone though.
  9. Peik Looi

    Official start of the MS MFE Program

    Hello there! This may sound like a silly question. When is the official start of course? Cheers.
  10. Peik Looi

    Reflections from a Columbia Don

    Concise but useful insight.
  11. Peik Looi

    International students: Getting to know NY

    This is a continuation of the post I started, seeking tips from New Yorkers on finding a home, getting around NYC, travel farecards for students etc. for internationals. It would be better if thread was migrated to this platform, let's see what happens. Cheers.