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    How would you rate the relevance of those courses to FE field

    I'd like to select several math courses this spring semester to prepare myself well for the application of the MFE program. Here are some candidates: 1. ODE: It would cover first order equations, second and nth order linear equations, series solutions, solution by Laplace transform, systems...
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    Baruch MFE Merry Christmas and questions about the Pre-program courses

    I'd like to take the pre-program courses at Baruch but since I am not located at NYC, it is really troublesome for me to move to NYC to attend the courses (requesting vacation from my boss, finding temporary apartment and so on). Recently I have found similar courses are offered at Berkeley and...
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    Baruch MFE Any recommended book for self-study of Stochastic process

    I check the thread "Master reading list for quants, MFE students" and there are some math related books, such as Dr.Dan Stefanica's book, A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering (+ Solutions Manual). So for preparing the MFE program purpose, do we need read any other book...
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    Baruch MFE question 2011 application

    Question: On the website, it's said that "The first round of application evaluations will be at the beginning of December". So even if I submit my application today, I need wait until then to be reviewed? Is there any particular advantage to submit it earlier? Thanks,
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    UCLA MFE What do you think of UCLA's full time placement

    "...As of today, 85% of the class has accepted employment offers in financial engineering..." Any comments?
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    Baruch MFE round1 or round2 now?

    I have just submitted the online application for baruch MFE program. Just wonder whether I am in round 1 or round 2? How soon will I get any response? (within one month?) I can't see this from the website. There is no clear timeline for each round. Thanks
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    Any 2010 applicants for Baruch college

    also does anyone know can we waive the application fee $135.......