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    What are the practitioners' thoughts on R

    I see a lot of chatter about VBA. C#, and C++, but nothing about the statistics. I am on the academic side (finance PhD student -- so I use R frequently and have yet to use my C++) and I'm really curious if many are using R and, if so, which packages, resources, and tricks you find most useful...
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    When a firm asks for a "cover letter" what exactly are they looking for? I've given them a resume, but now they've asked for a cover letter. Any suggestions? I'm assuming that they're looking for a more robust objective statement than I have on my resume. Thanks!
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    Man, I love these "am I good enough to get in" threads, so I'm going to start my own. But with the twist of cut my losses and go for the MBA or go all in and get the MFin/MFE/MSCF/etc... Based on my unique background I'm a slam dunk for all the MBA programs -> 3.9 BS in Engineering from a near...