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  1. Yiping_Wan

    Question about financial amount

    Hi all, In the CDF document sent from international student service, $28900 for 1 year. But I sent financial certificates amounting to $45000, the office said I do not have enough money for year 2. So could anybody help tell me what amount should I send? Millions thanks in advance~~ Regards...
  2. Yiping_Wan

    question about internship

    Hi all, Hope below questions will not affend any of you~~ I have questions about internship(not final job). - method of obtaining internship: website application / networking, send resume to targetd friends? - type of internship regarding your previous background (company, position) - when...
  3. Yiping_Wan

    Is photocopy of Toefl/GMAT revised PS accepted for application evaluation?

    Is photocopy of Toefl/GMAT revised PS accepted for applicati Hi all, I sent photocopy of both scores with my application material. And Nelisa previously told me that"official scores are required, but the application can be evaluated if photocopies of scores are received". Today I received...
  4. Yiping_Wan

    how to check online application status?

    I checked on but it is princeton review. I cannot find my online application status. Anybody could kindly help? Thanks Yiping
  5. Yiping_Wan

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    I just done with math sub test last Saturday, waiting for the result now. I'm really curious could it add any value on my application? (of course, I do not know the result yet) Now I begin to apply for my dream universities, and need some evaluation, pls~~ - Nanjing University (top 5...