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    QuantNet Coding Project

    Problem 4: Written in Sporkl: int max_prod = 999*999; int i, j; for ( i=max_prod; i>0; --i ) { if ( is_palindrome(i) ) { for ( j=999; j>=100; --j ) { float fi = i; float f = fi / j; if ( f>999 ) { break; } if...
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    Hard times in adult entertainment

    "I'm sorry ma'am, but we only have one position open, and the three applicants ahead of you have masters degrees, so...."
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    best C++ beginner book

    So did I! In fact, I wrote a "learning" tic-tac-toe game, inspired by the movie "Wargames".
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    best C++ beginner book

    I learned on BASIC back in the mid 80's. Plain old C might be good to start out on these days though.
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    I use Ubuntu exclusively both at home on my Acer laptop + home servers as well as on my desktop at work. It's a fine OS, and in fact now's a good time to try it out, as they've just release their latest long term support ("LTS") version 10.04.