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  1. Yiping_Wan

    Housing info for international students

    Any traffic search web? Hi all, I'm looking for house right now. I wonder if there is any traffic search engine for NY? I input start and end address, then the public transportation route will be provided. I'm looking into Queens area, besides Elmhurst, is flushing, college point, Jamacia...
  2. Yiping_Wan

    class dinner time

    wooo, just curious, how many 07 students are taking refreshing courses right now? Sigh, I can't make it, cuz it's in July. There will be other activities later on, right?
  3. Yiping_Wan

    House sharing?

    Hi Andy, 1 simple question about The CUNY News Wire » Blog Archive » Students Begin Moving Into Newly Opened Towers Residence Hall At The City College Of New York This seems a news link, not housing information? do you happen to know the link to tower dorm? Thanks Yiping
  4. Yiping_Wan

    QUANTNET CONTEST : Brainstorming a slogan

    Nokia: we connect people QN: we connect money haha
  5. Yiping_Wan

    i cant take it!! ISSC

    - I just got my admission letter this morning. Nobody has ever told me the exact amount before (2-years expense), even through email. - I have no idea why ISSC require property certificates like stocks, houses, in addition to $58000 bank deposit under the name of parents. Also they never reply...
  6. Yiping_Wan

    Question about financial amount

    Thanks, guys, for your help~~:D ISSC will send I-20 just through normal mail, sigh~~, another 15 days
  7. Yiping_Wan

    Question about financial amount

    ISSC said 2-years fee is necessary for I-20, that's $57800, so expensive!!!!! How did current international students do last year?? pls share your experience~
  8. Yiping_Wan

    Question about financial amount

    but the program is 18 months, why do they require 2 year amount?
  9. Yiping_Wan

    Question about financial amount

    Hi all, In the CDF document sent from international student service, $28900 for 1 year. But I sent financial certificates amounting to $45000, the office said I do not have enough money for year 2. So could anybody help tell me what amount should I send? Millions thanks in advance~~ Regards...
  10. Yiping_Wan

    International Students: Loans

    but if you take loan before you get visa, does loan hamper the VISA?
  11. Yiping_Wan

    Is one C++ programming course enough?

    I'm a little curious. Baruch MFE is provided in math department, but c++ is overwhelmingly emphasized. Which is more important? math/c++?? for international students, I will have to miss the refresher. besides books like c++ primer..., what else do you recommend? numerical recipes in c++? my...
  12. Yiping_Wan

    EXCLUSIVE: Free Amazon book for Quantnet members

    Thanks a lot for the share :) hope I'm still in time.
  13. Yiping_Wan

    Goldman Sachs Interview Workshop

    wow~~~good news
  14. Yiping_Wan

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    This post is really appreciated!!
  15. Yiping_Wan

    question about internship

    Thanks Yan He :) good luck for u Any graduates would like to pour ideas? expecting~~
  16. Yiping_Wan

    question about internship

    Hi all, Hope below questions will not affend any of you~~ I have questions about internship(not final job). - method of obtaining internship: website application / networking, send resume to targetd friends? - type of internship regarding your previous background (company, position) - when...
  17. Yiping_Wan

    newbie here....hello everybody

    just got mail from Dan, haha
  18. Yiping_Wan

    New Quantnet members say hi

    wow, great recommendations Let's work our way.
  19. Yiping_Wan

    newbie here....hello everybody

    sorry, with C++ I mainly test data quality(complex business rules), extract data and write codes in testing tools (Mercury tools). In DW team, we use Unix/SQL/Informatica more frequently. So my status is: I can program in C++, but not a veteran in numerical stuffs(used matlab quite a lot in...
  20. Yiping_Wan

    newbie here....hello everybody

    Thanks :) I'm working in Shanghai now, and will need F1-visa after being accepted.
  21. Yiping_Wan

    newbie here....hello everybody

    Hi all, I'm not new here, and like the good environment at Baruch. Hope to meet all next year :) Here's my profile: - Undergraduate: Nanjing University (top 4 in China ranked on USnews) - Major: Eletronic Engineering, Acoustics - GPA: 3.4/4, (3/48) - Math: Calculus, Linear Algebra...
  22. Yiping_Wan

    Is photocopy of Toefl/GMAT revised PS accepted for application evaluation?

    Is photocopy of Toefl/GMAT revised PS accepted for applicati Hi all, I sent photocopy of both scores with my application material. And Nelisa previously told me that"official scores are required, but the application can be evaluated if photocopies of scores are received". Today I received...
  23. Yiping_Wan

    how to check online application status?

    I checked on but it is princeton review. I cannot find my online application status. Anybody could kindly help? Thanks Yiping
  24. Yiping_Wan

    What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

    In my company, we use sharepoint for project management. (I'm not sure if sharepoint is free or not.) But it's really a good tool to share software, books, doc, and do version control. If I'm in Baruch, I will definitely need this kind of tool. Andy, pls take this into consideration. FTP is...
  25. Yiping_Wan

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Thank u everyone, Yes, I will try to do more homework. btw, do u think work experience in big 4 (pwc, dtt, kpmg) could be helpful for future work?
  26. Yiping_Wan

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Thanks a lot, Andy, do u mean it will be helpful for my admission, if now I study/practise Hull's book? Acturally I have already studied Baxter's Financial Calculus. Or could you pls recommend some entry-level books?
  27. Yiping_Wan

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    I just done with math sub test last Saturday, waiting for the result now. I'm really curious could it add any value on my application? (of course, I do not know the result yet) Now I begin to apply for my dream universities, and need some evaluation, pls~~ - Nanjing University (top 5...