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    Would you buy a Green card ($50k), H1B visa ($10K)?

    to Stefan's earlier point about marrying a US citizen ;] Investigating Marriage Fraud in New York - Do You Take This Immigrant? - NYTimes.com
  2. D

    Michael Moore - Capitalism : A Love Story

    on the end of poverty: not sure whether it's a commonality with all documentaries these days, but most of them try so hard to to find one party that could be blamed for all of the problems under question. maybe it's just the preview, and the movie itself is more insightful, but to me it felt...
  3. D

    UCB MFE MFE Admission

    i hope you're not upset. the main reason for the FAQ link is the fact that is has a ton of useful information conveniently located in one place. best of luck with your application,
  4. D

    UCB MFE MFE Admission

    Forum FAQ - QuantNetwork Wiki
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    Michael Moore - Capitalism : A Love Story

    WSJ: Cottage Industry of Filmmakers Targets The Combative Director WSJ had an interesting piece on the topic a few weeks ago, see below. ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT OCTOBER 23, 2009 Michael Moore: A Love Story? Not So Much Michael Moore: A Love Story? Not So Much - WSJ.com FLINT, Mich. --...
  6. D

    canceled IB Collegiate Trading Olympiad ...picking up the slack

    i agree with people who mentioned logistical/legal hurdles with this option. Additionally, there's an issue with "why?". It's not like NYC lacks top talent (professional or academic) and people need to go elsewhere to tap it (a la going to Italy to learn landscape painting). if anything, we...
  7. D

    They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street

    "This is a crisis caused by business decisions. This isn't the result of pointy-headed guys from fancy schools who didn't understand volatility or correlation." :) thanks, Andy; hopefully, general public will finally start seeing things a bit deeper, through the headlines dominating the media...
  8. D

    seed Money

    couple of sources The City recently announced an initiative to launch three seed funds totalling ~$9-10M. NYCEDC is requesting proposals from fund managers and will be structuring the funds for the next few months. The Funds will most likely begin to make investments in the fall of 2009...
  9. D

    Choose R or SAS

    re 2), i heard a lot that companies guard notoriously their proprietary information. now imagine a situation when you have a problem/question with your R at work and need some help. you post on one of the open forums, and some dude responds - sure, i'll be happy to help, can you send me your...
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    Brokerages Tighten Hedge Fund Financing

    Also attached. ********************************** BUSINESS FEBRUARY 17, 2009 Brokerages Tighten Hedge Fund Financing By SUSAN PULLIAM and JENNY STRASBURG Brokerage firms are reducing financing and other services to hundreds of hedge funds, in a move that could accelerate the...
  11. D

    Mr. Madoff and his Ponzi fund

    HOW CAN YOU MISS THIS???? Madoff fund may have made no trades Published: January 16, 2009 - 1:08 pm (AP) - The investment fund run by disgraced money manager Bernard Madoff may not have made even a single trade, a new twist in the scandal around an alleged $50 billion fraud that has...
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    Christmas and New Year Wishes

    my 2 cents below. best of wishes everybody, may this be a bull year for all of us (and that Vespa Santa doesn't get killed in traffic). dmytro
  13. D

    Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S

    there will always be wackos predicting the end of the world (Nostradamus: 2012 series start on History Channel in a few days), so no surprises here. an interesting thing is that the story is being endorsed by the official media. to me it's just another tactic to divert attention from inner...
  14. D

    Alternative career after Wall Street

    Crain's article attached. btw, they profiled Tim Sykes in it.
  15. D

    Alternative career after Wall Street

    but there may be a moral one, hence the soul selling ;]
  16. D

    Alternative career after Wall Street

    you could start with selling your soul to the devil, sueing whomever you need to sue to win legal ownership of QN and then opening it up to more ads and pocketing the revenues. should be a viable model for a couple of weeks/months. as for me, it'd be nice to be able to doing sth with my own...
  17. D

    The Verger

    yeah, i loved the moon and the sixpence one. interesting trivia about the authour - he used to be a spy (in Russia, no less)!
  18. D

    The Verger

    ah, Maugham's short stories.... always a pleasure
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    The Economist: How Porsche fleeced hedge funds and roiled the world's financial markets

    The Economist: How Porsche fleeced hedge funds and roiled the world’s financial markets Interesting article on how porsche made billions on HFs in one day. article's last sentence: "They may struggle to sell 911s to hedge-fund managers for years and years to come," says one investor." :D:D:D
  20. D

    WSJ - Behind AIG's Fall, Risk Models Failed to Pass Real-World Test

    interesting article, attached.
  21. D

    CDO and morgage backed securities

    while some of the HFs posted lower results in 2008 (to a great extend attributable to the naked short-selling ban), it's interesting to notice that there hasn't been a Lehman-like collapse of any of them. yet. so the banks that were subject to tougher regulation fared much worse than the...
  22. D

    Holidays class schedule?

    thanks a lot, Doug.
  23. D

    Holidays class schedule?

    with all the holidays and the ensuing reshuffling of class schedule, does anybody know where on baruch website i can find what the schedule will look like for the remainder of 2008? thanks.
  24. D

    US 'will lose financial superpower status'

    it's so funny, for the last seven years i've been hearing from my ukr/rus friends that "the american economy is bound to collapse, and nobody will be buying dollars", etc, etc. and now many of them gloat in the "i told you so" mode ;D i don't think it's against the US or anything, but it's...
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    SEC Presses Hedge Funds

    SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 SEC Presses Hedge Funds By KARA SCANNELL link to the article: SEC Presses Hedge Funds - WSJ.com WASHINGTON -- The Securities and Exchange Commission ordered more than two dozen hedge funds to turn over trading information as it ramps...
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    Libor's Accuracy Becomes Issue Again

    Libor's Accuracy Becomes Issue Again Questions on Reliability of Interest Rate Rise Amid Central Banks' Liquidity Push By CARRICK MOLLENKAMP link to the article: Business - WSJ.com The accuracy of a widely used interest rate, seen as critical to judging the health of the...
  27. D

    NY to regulate credit default swaps

    yeah, great way to attract business to NYC - by regulating the hell out it. i wonder if they knew about the clearing house, or were just compelled to jump on the me-too bandwagon. just wait till the proposals on the fed level clear out and then think about proposing state legislature, if at...
  28. D

    NY to regulate credit default swaps

    NY to regulate credit default swaps By Aaron Elstein Published: September 22, 2008 - 4:07 pm http://www.crainsnewyork.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080922/FREE/809229965/1120&category=FREE&template=printart The huge market for credit default swaps, a derivative behind...
  29. D

    Commentary on Short Selling Restrictions

    plus, if i'm not mistaken, the ban is not permanent, is it? if it's not, then things will get back to normal (whatever that means these days) relatively soon, and the situation shouldn't affect prospective quants in any way.
  30. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    best wishes to Muting, our Baruch MFE Wunderkind. btw, is that why they put him on the front cover of the latest Ticker issue?
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    WSJ - Where the Jobs Are For Wall Street Pros

    FYI. an article in WSJ. "Recruiters say newly displaced finance professionals should consider other fields, or opportunities at smaller banks."
  32. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    happy birthday, Dear Professor Ledon. (sorry, no cigars this year)
  33. D

    Where to live???

    1500 could mean a lot or very little, it's really dependent on your personal preferences and, oftentimes, pure luck. in any event, regardless of where you end up settling, keep in mind that it's much easier to get from A to B in nyc than it is in most other large cities.
  34. D

    about the strategy group at Goldman Sachs

    hate to be a party pooper, but wouldn't one want to find these things out before making a decision to accept the offer ;? the power of goldman's name is fascinating.
  35. D

    Who actually uses econometrics?

    my guess would be people of the buy side? portfolio managers? risk managers?
  36. D

    CFA Results

    during our last MTH9841 (when is the next one, btw??), Greg told us how to get ready for the exam in four days (mon-thu) and then pass it on Fri. one constraint to that method that he forgot to mention was one must have Greg's IQ to use it successfully ;] seriously though, congrats, Doug...
  37. D

    The best paid fund managers in 2007

    i like how casually they treat $1.5-2 b :D plus-minus $500.000.000
  38. D

    Current Reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

    i guess my problem is more semantic - i am fine with using your contacts to help get an interview, etc, etc. AS LONG AS WE NAME THINGS WHAT THEY ARE. It's the worst when a person you crossed paths at some point invites you to lunch "to catch up" and 15 minutes into it you realize his real...
  39. D


    haha, thanks ;]
  40. D

    RIP, AAA?

    SEC Aims to Rein In The Role of Ratings By AARON LUCCHETTI, KARA SCANNELL and CRAIG KARMIN June 24, 2008; Page C1 The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to propose rules that may diminish the longstanding importance of credit ratings across various markets, including the $3.4...
  41. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    GPA is only one part of equation, your test scores should compensate for that. i'm a bit surprised by your anxiety about this - apply and you will see. barring you being a total prick (and you don't strike me as one ;), and with a bit of dancing around your gpa, you should be fine. these are all...
  42. D


    i remember getting something form IAFE about this, i think it was either free or at a significant discount for members. can anyone confirm/disprove? also, do you guys know whether you get a certificate of some sort (the program is eligible for 22 CE credits from CFA). sounds like a decent deal.
  43. D

    Fall 2008 Book List

    is this the edition we should by, is there a more recent one? thanks.
  44. D

    New Quantnet members say hi

    welcome to QN, Ferdinand. look around, there are numerous forums that could be relevant to your situation. and, if you can't find something, ask away!
  45. D

    Bosses join the unemployment line

    100% agree. barring dramatic immigration reforms after Nov' 08, America risks ending up being what mike judge described in his 'idiocracy' (working title "united states of uh-merica"). i'm tired of any mentioning of H1B change being automatically linked to illegal fence-hopping south of the...
  46. D

    Congratulations Jake and Sarah

    "... even though we're not sleeping much. Little Sam is eating and sleeping plenty, so far so good. :smt015" Jacob, your post makes little sense, you're obviously sleep deprived ;] congrats again!
  47. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    best of wishes, Dear Professor. Your classes are definitely among the toughest and yet are some of the most rewarding ones.
  48. D

    Congratulations Jake and Sarah

    congratulations on your new "project"! all the best to your wife and son.
  49. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    huge congratulation to the best combination of a quant joc, photographer, notes taker/poster and a cool person i know! it's great to have you as a classmate.
  50. D

    Moody's shares plunge on ratings glitch

    Moody's shares plunge on ratings glitch The ratings service is conducting a “thorough review” after a report said a computer error led Moody’s to incorrectly assign “AAA” ratings to securities worth billions of dollars. Published: May 21, 2008 - 1:00 pm On June 5, Moody’s Corp. will host...
  51. D

    Crain's - More dark job forecasts for New York finance

    More dark job forecasts for New York finance Daniel Massey Published: May 20, 2008 - 1:12 pm The forecasts for the city's economy keep getting worse. A year ago, the mayor's economic advisers predicted the city would lose 2,000 jobs at securities firms this year. Then, last winter, the...
  52. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    happy birthday, comrade Nagaev!
  53. D

    IAFE Event: The Need for Second Generation Models for Structured Credit Products

    of course! suffice to mention hitler, stalin, pol pot, and others... what terrible errors those humans turned out to be!
  54. D

    IAFE Event: The Need for Second Generation Models for Structured Credit Products

    Event: The Need for Second Generation Models for Structured Credit Products Date:May 7, 2008 Time: 5:00 Registration, 5:30 Program Begins, 7:00 Reception Location: PricewaterhouseCoopers 300 Madison Avenue New York further details <The Need for Second Generation Models for Structured...
  55. D

    WSJ - As Housing Boomed, Moody's Opened Up

    interesting article about how the lure of super profits blinded and loosened our ranking agencies thereby contributing to the mess we're in. see attached pdf.
  56. D

    OPT now for 29 months?

    i think that considering the high share of international students in our program, maybe someone who knows a good corporate immigration lawyer who would be willing to stop by and give us a talk could invite that person over. on the other hand, given the significance of this announcement, there...
  57. D

    OPT now for 29 months?

    looks like it's official now: announcement on DHS' site: DHS: 17-Month Extension of Optional Practical Training for Certain Highly Skilled Foreign Students full text of the interim final rule (i love how they call these things ;) http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/press_opt_ifr.pdf i think...
  58. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    we say Andy = we mean QuantNet, and vice versa. and so much more. Andy, all the best wishes, it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.
  59. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    how come Muting always gets to be the first to wish people happy bday? :-k well, the corruption within QN can be discussed on another forum, but today - it's all about Jacob. All the best, buddy; for better or worse, this is the year in which many of us will grow up ;) dmytro
  60. D

    Where would you rank Baruch MFE with top programs ?

    basta! not to be a party spoiler or anything, but i'm getting a bit tired of bashing other programs on this and other related forums. i find it of great value though when Andy, Dominic Todd et al provide objective information about other programs' elements, specifics. but when people are...
  61. D

    Baseball season is up on us

    and let;'s not forget about March Madness! i am not perfectly clear as to what exactly it is, but it's a huge deal around the office.
  62. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    gee thanks guys! this thread made visiting QN especially enjoyable this weekend. thanks again.
  63. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Akino, i suggest you talk to Vadim ;]
  64. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    誕生日おめでとう。 ........................................................ ........................................................
  65. D

    What are your favorite Wall-street themed movies?

    wall street shmall street... has anyone watched Pi? Pi (1998) honestly, i dare anybody to top that one. i would even volunteer to bring it to class/group gathering to watch.
  66. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

  67. D

    MFE related programs outside US

    also try this link from Global Derivatives: Global Derivatives v3.0 - Quantitative Masters Programs - Complete List they provide some description of the programs, although proper rankings are pretty much non-existent.
  68. D

    Nick Leeson - 2 (a trader looses $7.16 billion)

    A rougue trader dooped company out of $7 billion Societe Generale Hit By Fraud, Write-Downs Bank Sees $7 Billion In Fraud-Related Loss, $3 Billion in Write-Downs By NICOLAS PARASIE January 24, 2008 12:11 p.m. PARIS -- Massive fraud by a rogue trader at Societe Generale SA has led to...
  69. D

    R.I.P. Financial Engineering News

    the website was a decent repository of FE-related information (it also featured an interview with our Director Dan Stefanica). however, it appears that they didn't make it and are therefore selling all of their assets. sad. let's make sure QN continues to kick ass. actually, this is not a...
  70. D

    MS Finance vs MBA vs MFE?

    there's a whole bunch of QN threads on this topic: https://www.quantnet.com/threads/becoming-a-trader-mba-vs-mfe.893/ https://www.quantnet.com/threads/mfe-after-phd-phd-after-mfe-and-related-questions.613/ https://www.quantnet.com/threads/mfe-or-che.901/...
  71. D

    Demand for Quants Surges as Trading Requires More Math and Programming Skills

    thanks for a good read. what maes me curious is that the emphasis is made on PhDs and pure science background (ee, chem eng, etc), they only briefly mention mfes. i wonder if we fall somewhere in the middle. and if yes, what is that 'middle'?
  72. D

    Internship v/s Brand name .... plz share thoughts

    could you please tell more about where you plan to attend school and work, i.e. which country? if you're going to attend school full time in the US (ft is a requirement for all international students), then you'll have to quit infosys anyways, so no puzzle there. just go for the 4-months...
  73. D

    Congratulations Alain and Wendy!!!!

    sincere wishes of health and happiness to all of you!
  74. D

    WSJ - Thain to head over to ML

    Thain to Take Top Job at Merrill By AARON LUCCHETTI November 14, 2007 12:54 p.m. John Thain, CEO of NYSE Euronext, has agreed to take the top post at brokerage house Merrill Lynch, according to a person familiar with the matter. The move is somewhat unexpected as many insiders on...
  75. D

    Question about letters of recommendation

    frankly, i don't think it matters much. although i do see one potential problem with your approach. i don't know about everybody else, but i used electronic services to submit my lor's. i think my recommenders were sent a link to a page, where they typed in their recommendation. this would be...
  76. D

    WSJ - Why $100 Oil Can't Float

    Why $100 Oil Can't Float Justifications for the Price, Like Supply and the Dollar, Crumble Under Economics By CYRUS SANATI November 8, 2007; Page C14 With oil flirting with $100 a barrel, there seems to be no stopping the dizzying ascent of black gold. In such a frothy market, it...
  77. D

    Becoming a trader: MBA vs. MFE

    quantitative skills aside, i think MBA is better in providing "softer" skills. there are many names for those skills - confidence, cockiness, balls, you name it - but nevertheless, for traders they are very important. traditionally, MFEs are perceived to be more introvert. that said, with MFE...
  78. D

    Do certifications really help getting admits from top institutes ?

    i would defer to others on this forum, but i would say that mastering the financial methods in C++ should be relatively easy, assuming your knowledge base of the language is fundamentally strong. additionally, finance-specific C++ courses offered outside of MFE programs might be hard to...
  79. D

    Do certifications really help getting admits from top institutes ?

    professional experience with C++ is a significant advantage in one's application, and a very relevant - and unavoidable! - skill required by Baruch MFE program. best of luck!
  80. D

    New Quantnet members say hi

    welcome Prateek, and best of luck.
  81. D

    IAFE: Risk Magazine’s

    have you checked the pricing on this? i don't think - well, i'm pretty sure actually - that i can't afford to attend.
  82. D

    Bloomberg Event

    wow Dominic, that's quite a testament to the event's value! i might take you up on your promise at some point in '09 :D
  83. D

    Bloomberg Event

    given recent volatility stats, this could be rather interesting and relevant. plus, the speakers are great - Rosenfeld used to be at LTCM, Peter Carr is also the director of NYU's Math Finance program. i wish work and school schedules were more flexible... :cry:
  84. D

    Hello , Introduction - Abhishek Agrawal

    Welcome aboard, Abhishek. I hope you'll find this community helpful and interesting.
  85. D

    Masters in Finance instead of MFE

    i agree with Yuriy - i don't see much value in MS in Finance (vs. MBA or MFE).
  86. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    work experience is helpful in understanding the program's material and may help your chances, but it is NOT a prerequisite for getting admitted.
  87. D

    New Quantnet members say hi

    welcome aboard, hope you'll find QN helpful. it has become our standard policy, not to evaluate people's profiles or try to derive their prospects of getting admitted. firstly, it would be very difficult without knowing your whole story (which you'll be able to present in your application)...
  88. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    always a pleasure to read your insightful comments. all the best and best of all!
  89. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    happy birthday bro (and try not to worry about the "m-word" on your birthday) :D
  90. D

    MFE Rankings for 2008

    just to make myself really clear - there's nothing to email, really. to illustrate the level of my personal bias, here's what my list would look like: Baruch MFE; does it matter? - why would you apply to a school that's not #1?i realize this is a serious matter for you, and apologize for...
  91. D

    MFE Rankings for 2008

    we would be fundamentally biased ;)
  92. D

    China Bank to Buy $1 Billion Stake in Bear Stearns

    this is awesome, thanks! =D>
  93. D

    MFE Rankings for 2008

    as Andy said, a comprehensive and on-going system of quantifying MFE programs - like that for MBA, JD, etc programs - just doesn't exist. Global derivatives made an attempt back in 2003 to do so, but hasn't updated since then. As you can guess, a lot has changed since then - some programs...
  94. D

    China Bank to Buy $1 Billion Stake in Bear Stearns

    Dominic, as always, great and insightful comment. is it safe to assume that one could apply the the same argument to any non-native speakers (i.e. Eastern European, SPanish, etc)? thanks a lot
  95. D

    China Bank to Buy $1 Billion Stake in Bear Stearns

    wow, you know so much about not just China
  96. D

    MSFE aspirant for fall 2008

    welcome! i'm not quite clear as to what you mean by 'guide me for the same', but if you mean admission process, here's the link from the official Baruch MFE program page: Baruch College's Financial Engineering MS Program click through other pages there to learn more about admission stats...
  97. D

    Work Permit issues in USA after MFE

    there's no denying that immigration is an issue. that said, i think that landing a job and getting H1B visa are oftentimes two different things. additionally, visa problems are not specific to MFE graduates, but are relevant for all applicants, be it harvard or polytech. in fact, given the...
  98. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, Bob! i think now you have no right to have it any other way - too many people used these three magic words ;] all the best wishes.
  99. D

    Deal or No Deal :)

    it's amazing how fast these things spread - half a dozen friends forwarded this to me within last week. :wall
  100. D

    BW - This Market Rally Has Legs

    Investing October 12, 2007, 12:01AM EST Marcial: This Market Rally Has Legs Recession fears are misplaced, and despite some sluggish sectors in the U.S., worldwide growth should keep pushing the numbers up by Gene Marcial The stock market is far smarter than a lot of people think. When...
  101. D

    Recommendations - engineering or math profs?

    i agree with Muting - not having a recommendation from a math professor should not be a detriment to your application, as long as other letters of recommendation demonstrate that you possess the skills required by the programs. i heard (though not 100% sure) that some programs specifically ask...
  102. D

    QuantDay 2007, 10/31

    agreed, in this town there's always tomorrow ;] from the few events i attended before starting the program, i can say i didn't see many students (unless they stylishly disguised themselves as yuppies)
  103. D

    QuantDay 2007, 10/31

    since it's on wednesday, i.e. many students have classes, what is the program's stance on events such as this - is it possible to work around to accommodate attendance (e.g. give out assignments but have no class on that day, etc), or should we come to class. are these up to individual...
  104. D

    Where would you rank Baruch MFE with top programs ?

    the problem with that ranking is that it's from 2003/early 2004, and, as you can see, a lot has changed since then. even folks at GD conceded that the ranking does not present a true picture at this point. it's a good illustration, and overall could be helpful (e.g. NYC's FE programs are...
  105. D

    Why do you want to become a MFE?

    when talking about interest, and attracting students, i think we need to differentiate between those who apply and those admitted. i would suspect the stats start with a broader spectrum to a narrower one. only the best (or, per Darwin, the fittest) will remain ;] also, i think since Baruch is...
  106. D

    What was your undergrad major?

    thanks, Adam, i was waiting for this post ;] yet another proof that the right undergrad is not what makes or brakes you (Adam kicks ass in this program, btw).
  107. D

    Which laguage: C++ or Java?

    nice links. thnaks, Steve
  108. D

    What was your undergrad major?

    so what's your background?
  109. D

    What was your undergrad major?

    from the admission stats page for our program: Majors - Students Admitted to the Financial Engineering MS Program The makeup of our cohorts is varied. Although about two thirds of our students come from a mathematics, computer science, or engineering background, we have very successful...
  110. D

    End-to-End Solutions for Algorithmic Traders: Oct 3rd

    Soumya, do you refer to this event? http://www.quanthouse.com/website/NY_TT_event.html too bad it's 2:30-5:30, might be tough for working students to attend. is it possible to accept tentatively? when's the latest you need our answer, and how much is it to attend? thanks,
  111. D

    Hello from China

    welcome welcome aboard, Oasising, hopefully this community will help you make a well-informed decision about your MFE application. additionally, i think you'll find the forum interesting and relevant for other, more general topics, as some of our recent threads discussed things from...
  112. D


    i once created a profile on fastweb.com, the service promised to notify me of any available scholarships fitting my profile. apparently, there are so many scholarships that can be targeting rather specific students (hypothetic example - young latin-american females fighting asthma and having...
  113. D


    hard to say - as far as financial aid goes, i am not aware of any available to MFEs, or even to graduate students in general (that's what i was told by our fin aid office anyways). this is especially the case for international students, who do not qualify for any governmental fin aid. when it...
  114. D

    advice/help for programs

    make sure you refresh or learn as much c++ as possible. see other links on this topic: advice needed - QuantNetwork - Financial Engineering Forum
  115. D

    Derman on mathematical models

    i think the problem is that physics and the like are closed systems, and the markets are not. a little thing called human factor turns out to be a bitch to figure out ;] even greenspan concurs (recent guest on jon stewart).
  116. D

    Derman on mathematical models

    came across this paper on Emanuel Derman's website. an interesting read, especially considering his profile in the field. i think it is always helpful to remember that the models we'll build and/or work with are not laws, but, at best, very good approximations and predictions of possible...
  117. D

    Advice needed regarding application - fall 2008 or 2009

    the name of the director of Baruch MFE program is Dan Stefanica, just fyi it's hard to give you a sensible advice on which program would be the best fit for your profile - if you look through the 'required background' pages of all of the programs you will find a relatively similar set - strong...
  118. D

    Good Evening to All

    Robert, welcome aboard, quantnet is a great resource for all things quant.
  119. D

    Your view

    the problem is how you define 'quant'. the spectrum is so wide - from 'blue-sky' research to coding to portfolio mgt - that there should be enough jobs for both PhDs and MFEs. As one quant headhunter told us recently, he hasn't had a single year in which he placed fewer quants than in the...
  120. D

    Consider bringing a cake

    it'd better be a huge cake or a tiny reception! i'm kidding of course, it's very kind of you to offer it. i, selfishly, think it would be fine for us to eat it right before or during the class. however, since it's not just this year's students that are wishing you all the best, i think it...
  121. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    hey buddy, all the best! many more years of kicking as much ass as your kicking now. =D>
  122. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    these are all posted on in the Recommended Books forum (hint-hint). Absolute C++, 3rd Edition by Walter Savitch Problems Solving with C++, 6th Edition, by Walter Savitch C++ Design Patterns and Derivatives Pricing (Hardcover) by Mark S. Joshi Financial Instrument Pricing Using C++ Daniel...
  123. D

    Fed Lowers Benchmark Rate to 4.75 Percent, First Cut Since 2003

    that was my concern about lowered rates - further decline of the dollar. here's a nice piece in the Economist about this: Another...
  124. D

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    i would also suggest brushing up or learning as much C++ as you can. since it is THE language of the quant finance field, Baruch is very heavy on using it in almost every course of the program, and the learning curve is rather steep. the recommended books link provided by Andy above has a...
  125. D

    Best time for submitting the application

    both scores are definitely taken into consideration, but you have to remember that you're trying to get into a program formerly called 'applied math in finance'... ;) as you learn more about the FE opportunities and about our program, you might have more questions. i hope the following links...
  126. D

    Unrelated but hilarious

    English 101 to expand on Andy's 'only in America' theme ;] Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn: 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm was used to produce produce. 3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4) We must polish the Polish...
  127. D

    Unrelated but hilarious

    it's not like the 'true' stories are any saner, are they? :D that's why i included StellaAwards' link to the article, there's much more material to peruse for bewildered enjoyment.
  128. D

    Unrelated but hilarious

    It's time again for the annual "Stella Awards"! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald's in New Mexico where she purchased the coffee. You remember, she took the lid off the...
  129. D

    can u help me???

    please read through these helpful pages, they are sure to answer a lot of your questions: https://www.quantnet.com/threads/mfe-program-profile-evaluation-master-thread.202/
  130. D

    MATLAB for Calculus

    at baruch our fingers get slapped 20 times with a ruler for merely mentioning the name of that program - C++ only. [-X however, some renegades often use it to check whether their manual and C++ computations derive at correct answers. seriously though, many find it a helpful complement to our...
  131. D

    Questions about the Baruch MFE

    i think the difference is that management and strategy skills, albeit very important, are arguably easier to pick on the go, and much less specific than such hard skills as, for example, grad- and post-grad- level math that are being taught at MFE programs. managing whole corporations will...
  132. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    not necessarily;) BBC NEWS | Americas | Cigars and sex 'boost Cuba lives'
  133. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    viva Alain!
  134. D

    Remembering 9/11

    brooklyn, watching the whole thing from the balcony of our office. i came in early, my boss called and asked to turn on the tv - 'some idiot lost control and flew the plane into one of the towers!'. after that it was like a snowball-into-avalanche progression - another plane, first tower...
  135. D

    Financial Engineering PhD program?

    Columbia also seems to offer a PhD program with a concentration in FE: Ph.D. Curriculum http://www.ieor.columbia.edu/pdf-files/PhD_FinancialEngineering.pdf i would also suggest reading through some of the earlier threads on the similar topic; here's a link to one...
  136. D

    How Market Turmoil

    thanks Muting, a good read. btw, how did you manage to paste the graph? i couldn't place any images/graphs into my posts.
  137. D

    Full Time vs. Part Time & Time Off

    to quote adidas' slogan, 'impossible is nothing'. i'm sure it is theoretically possible to do both, HOWEVER, you should be ready sacrifice A LOT. every situation is unique, many factors come into play, e.g. how demanding your work is, family situation, etc, etc. that said, i am not aware of...
  138. D

    please advise - PC vs. OSX/PC

    i like the wide-screen option because it allows for less toggling; i like having a few windows open and visible on one screen.
  139. D

    please advise - PC vs. OSX/PC

    nevermind the bullocks! dominic, thanks for the pragmatic response, it's helpful. this xps m1330 comes with dedicated 'intelligent beings' support, which i agree is a great braincell preservation program. although we try to do everything in c++ at baruch, i do take your point on the...
  140. D

    WSJ: Hedge Summer: Who Built Their Dollars

    Hedge Summer: Who Built Their Dollars Many Winners, Losers; Reduced-Risk Appetite Favors Some Like Titan By GREGORY ZUCKERMAN September 4, 2007; Page C1 Summer vacation is over, and hedge-fund investors are getting down to business: In with distressed-debt specialists, hedge funds...
  141. D

    please advise - PC vs. OSX/PC

    guys, i'm considering getting a laptop, and would appreciate your opinion. :-k i'm considering dell's xps m1330, which, surprisingly has a very impressive specs list for a decent price (~$1,600). the other option would be getting apple's ibook, with its great OSX, plus, with the bootcamp...
  142. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

  143. D

    WSJ: Hedge Funds Do About 30% Of Bond Trading, Study Says

    Wall Street Journal By CRAIG KARMIN August 30, 2007; Page C3 There was a time when debt was considered a boring investment, held primarily by institutions seeking predictable returns or a steady stream of interest payments. A recent study by the consulting firm Greenwich Associates shows...
  144. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    yes-yes, all the best.
  145. D

    How I Became a Quant

    his book 'my life as a quant' is a good read as well. let me know if you'd like to borrow it. d
  146. D

    How I Became a Quant

    Emanuel Derman's review of this book in wsj Finance by the Numbers By EMANUEL DERMAN August 22, 2007; Page D10 In 1985, when I left academia and began putting my physics training to work on Wall Street, I talked eagerly about options theory to anyone who would listen. One lunchtime, I...
  147. D

    What courses are you taking this semester ?

    yeah, summer refreshers are the best testament to that :smt120 if that was just a preview... oi vey :D
  148. D

    What courses are you taking this semester ?

    i hope you mean 'graduate' purely academically: baruch mfe is like a nice version of cosa nostra - once you're in, you can never leave. [-X. jk ;] all the best with your studies man. while working ft, i plan on taking 2 classes/semester, hoping to gradually increase it to 3, we'll...
  149. D

    In trouble

    i second Vadim's opinion about being passionate about what you do - switching one career for another just because the former is "not hot anymore" and the other pays well might not be the best approach. what if in a year there's some sort of a breakthrough and biochemistry is hot again? these...
  150. D

    Q/A with Todd Fahey (Quant Headhunter)

    Welcome aboard, Todd, as a new student, i agree with Andy about the strong emphasis on C++ -- there's probably not a single class in the program that doesn't require c++ coding. While it's nice of you to offer your advice, i must warn you - ours is a very dynamic and vibrant community, and...
  151. D

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    HBD, B! :dance: :band: :band::band::band::band::dance:
  152. D

    C++ Video Tutorials

    wow, a wealth of knowledge indeed. i couldn't say it better, Chris, thanks!:tiphat:
  153. D

    What are you listening to now ?

    reading these posts, i was thinking - yet another reason for a quntnet ftp server :-k
  154. D

    Signs that You May Be Addicted to Quantnet

    16. when you use quantnet as a quick check for your Latex spelling. 17. when you are genuinely surprised when some of your friends tell you they've never heard of quantnet. 18. when you realize that if not for the quantnet community, you'd probably have failed some of the classes/assignments.
  155. D

    C++ Video Tutorials

    great idea, Vadim, please put me down for a copy of those tutorials. i also support the ftp idea, there seems to be enough buzz - and need - to start it up.
  156. D

    New Quantnet Features List

    Andy, you da man! THANK YOU.
  157. D

    PHOTO: QuantNet Central Park Summer 07 Picnic

    Chris, you can count on my help with cleaning up
  158. D

    PHOTO: QuantNet Central Park Summer 07 Picnic

    good one Andy \\:D/
  159. D

    Vista vs XP

    one may not have to wait too long for that day to come ;] Windows Vista pre-beta SP1 hitting the web? - Engadget
  160. D

    MFE Orientation 2007

    hi, is this different from the registration process that i heard will take place at 3:30 today? thanks, dmytro
  161. D

    More free publicity for Baruch from the trading contest

    yet another proof that solid things like taking prizes at such trading competitions are the best testament to the value and quality of a program. pr- and other promotional tricks are important, but you'd better wrap them around a really good candy. up to all of us to keep the moment going.
  162. D

    Free book: Careers in Financial Market

    page 16 sounds very promising ;]
  163. D

    Financial Engineering events that might be of interest to our students

    i'm not - although the membership is not that expensive. however, attending many of their events does not require membership - simple registration will suffice. i clicked on the rsvp button and provided my info - sot hat they could print the tag for when i arrive. d
  164. D

    Financial Engineering events that might be of interest to our students

    please take a look at the upcoming events organized by IAFE: International Association of Financial Engineers - Events i think they could be very informative and helpful to many of our students, schedule permitting of course. d
  165. D

    PHOTO: QuantNet Central Park Summer 07 Picnic

    A when i was posting my rsvp - i only saw Bridgett on the list of attendees - hence, "a girl". :smt061 Prof Stefanica asked for help, so i was doing just that - accentuating attention on the fact that only one lady rsvp'ed so far. Ladies please prove me wrong by committing to his event! :welcome:
  166. D

    London vs. New York smackdown

    here's the link to the report that the article refers to (the one that the Mayor and the Senator commissioned) - http://www.senate.gov/~schumer/SchumerWebsite/pressroom/special_reports/2007/NY_REPORT%20_FINAL.pdf i believe the task for the team working on that report was rather a sensitive one...
  167. D

    Six people at a table.

    i guess, this applies not only to you - none of us have heard (of) this question, yet... truly, an ultimate riddle :D ( could it be this one ;? http://www.desiboyzmasala.com/article.asp?id=4867&at=20)
  168. D

    MFE Students Background

    gbg, thanks for the props to our site - we take pride in our growing community. as far as the students' background goes, i think it would be helpful for you to check out our admission stats page. i would imagine that the program requirements to and the background of Baruch MFE students are...
  169. D

    class dinner time

    there should be an option for "none" or "other", for some people might not be able to attend any of those. i'll be feasting on ukrainian delicatessen july 1-14 (not on the lower east side, but in ukraine!) i suspect that a few others might take advantage of the 2 weeks window between...
  170. D

    COMPARE Baruch vs NYU-Poly Financial engineering - which is better

    somebody should go on the quantnet equivalent of polytech (or any other MFE program for that matter) and start a similar thread - i wonder what their students see as the main advantage of their schools. oh-oh, i forgot - they don't have such a thing -- there's only one QuantNet! :)
  171. D

    Global Derivatives Website

    i think when it comes to Fin Eng programs at Ivies vs. non-Ivies, the situation is not as straightforward as it is with MBA and JD programs. first of all, many of them don't even have MFE programs (e.g. Harvard, Yale). secondly, given that the majority, if not all, MFE programs are not more than...
  172. D

    Quantnet positions are now Open

    Andy, i can start organizing material for the Wiki page, incl info about local MFE programs and relevant events. let's talk more about the logistics. d
  173. D

    Mark Joshi's guide: What do quants do?

    among the types of quants listed in the Mark's article, are there any that baruch mfes tend to become more (or less) often than others? what about other mfe programs? i would suspect that a pure science PhD would be more suitable for a research quant position (esp for 'blue-sky research'), but...