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  1. curltron

    2016 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    I like how you show the methodology, but can you see the scores in each category for the programs anywhere? I'm curious to see how these ties keep occurring.
  2. curltron

    UCB MFE UCB MFE Admit Conditions

    Moretodo, what you are saying is just false. 3 or 4 students is the amount of fresh grads in the program... I was able to secure the internship at Goldman Sachs and my GPA was definitely not 4.0, closer to 3.5. The valedictorian I believe you're referring to is an alumni from previous years...
  3. curltron

    COMPARE Columbia MSFE vs Berkeley MFE

    Hi Archimedes. I'm a current UCB student so I can comment on the Berkeley MFE. The career services at UCB are phenomenal. The class size is much smaller which allows them to spend plenty of time placing each student, and as you said, more interaction with professors. For my fulltime offer, I...
  4. curltron

    UCB MFE UCB MFE Admit Conditions

    I'd expect all of the fresh graduates in the program to give feedback similar to mine, but I can't read minds nor will I try. The gist though is that the program wouldn't give an offer to a student they didn't think they could place. They have quite a selection to choose from, and good potential...
  5. curltron

    UCB MFE UCB MFE Admit Conditions

    Hi Pablo. I'm actually a current student in the program, graduating in a few weeks. Not sure how moretodo is getting this information as he is not, to my knowledge, a current student. I came into the program without any experience, and was able to secure an internship at Goldman Sachs, and...
  6. curltron

    UCB MFE Housing for incoming class

    Rent is generally from 1k to 2k, usually much closer to 2k. I-house is great for the first semester since you have a cafeteria, and you'll eat with many of your classmates (assuming they also go to I-house). It is, as far as I know, the absolute closest you can live to Haas. However, it's about...
  7. curltron

    UCB MFE Group for 2014 admitted students

    They (the program office) should be providing a facebook group for you all in time.
  8. curltron

    ito's lemma help

    Hi baozi, It should be that dX ~ N(0,dt) if dX^2 = dt.
  9. curltron

    Do american white people get affirmative action when applying to mfe programs?

    I think being white is correlated with being an English speaking native, which have communication advantages in the US job market. Will being white enhance your chances? I don't think so, but speaking English as your first language certainly will.
  10. curltron

    I got an offer from Berkeley so I decided to turn UCLA down actually.

    I got an offer from Berkeley so I decided to turn UCLA down actually.
  11. curltron

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE Round 2 for 2013-14

    Nono official emails for UCLA, not Berkeley. I don't know about Berkeley.
  12. curltron

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE Round 2 for 2013-14

    Thank you! I'm excited! Francesca told me official emails would be going out soon over the phone today. The deadline is May 15th (tuesday) according to their website so I guess this isn't super secret.
  13. curltron

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE Round 2 for 2013-14

    UCLA. It sounds like emails should be on their way within the next few days.
  14. curltron

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE Round 2 for 2013-14

    I'm just beyond 3 now so I'm hoping we hear soon. I've got an offer from another school already and don't want to miss out.
  15. curltron

    UCB MFE Berkeley MFE Round 2 for 2013-14

    Anyone heard anything past getting the first interview yet?
  16. curltron

    UCLA MFE Anyone receive admission yet for the first round?

    I just found a call from Francesca on my voicemail. I got in! My email is still empty and my application still says under review so she must be calling people first.
  17. curltron

    UCLA MFE Anyone receive admission yet for the first round?

    I keep hearing this year has seen more MFE applicants than ever so I'm thinking they're just more backed up than before.
  18. curltron

    "Calculating The Future"

    My favorite economics professor sent me this article: It mentions much of the AI and sentiment analysis going on to influence trades, IE processing twitter feeds, WSJ articles, etc. My take is that many of...
  19. curltron

    A few noob questions

    I'm actually an Economics Major with a Math minor, but my assumption is that Physics Ph.Ds are targeted because their curriculum stresses heavily on using math to model real life phenomena. As far as what I've read from posters in the last few years, having a Physics Ph.D might not be not as...
  20. curltron

    GaTech QCF Georgia Tech QCF Info

    Their acceptance rate is much lower than I would have guessed seeing the tracker.
  21. curltron


    No finance experience. Worked in Retail. AI and Machine Learning Background.
  22. A

    Baruch MFE

    No finance experience. Machine Learning and AI background. Technical Interview went well or so I thought.
  23. curltron

    C++ interview questions

    I'm currently preparing for a slew of upcoming school interviews, namely Berkeley, UCLA, Baruch. I know there is likely to be technical C++ questions. Has anyone had these before? I know "anything's on the table", but what topics have been asked? STL library? Basic Data Structures? Big O times...
  24. curltron

    Georgia Tech QCF

    No previous finance experience. Machine Learning and AI background. Economics BS, Summa Cum Laude
  25. curltron


    Full time student. No finance experience. Previous full time work in retail. AI and Machine Learning Background. Missed brain teaser in interview, but otherwise went well
  26. curltron

    An Ethical Question !

    I don't. That's why I said "partly". I would say at the point entities quit demanding the new products, spending their own money as they see rationally.
  27. curltron

    An Ethical Question !

    Someone please guide me out of here if this truly the case, but it's always been my impression that Quants' rigorous math background was partly used to identify statistical arbitrage in order to aid educated hedging strategies as opposed to gambling, which I've had the skill set for since I...
  28. curltron

    An Ethical Question !

    His contribution would certainly be more visible, but no, that would make you Bill Clinton.
  29. curltron

    Congress: Trading stock on inside information?

    Nancy's face was priceless.
  30. curltron

    An Ethical Question !

    It wouldn't be hard to argue, and I've seen it argued successfully though I forget where (might have been my Macro professor), that quants more often than not push asset prices closer to their true value, increasing the efficiency of the market. This would generally help anyone dependent upon...
  31. curltron

    Application Rounds Matter?

    Makes some sense.
  32. curltron

    Application Rounds Matter?

    Interesting, is there any reason for that? I mean I keep thinking the people who apply earlier would generally be more organized and hard working, as opposed to someone who waited (perhaps procrastinated more than otherwise) until another round. So maybe it's a situation where there's a stronger...
  33. curltron

    Application Rounds Matter?

    Obviously, I'm sure they matter, but does anyone have any idea on how? More specifically does anyone know if earlier or later rounds yield better chances of acceptance?
  34. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    Listen, I don't want to go back and forth with this and I don't think you do either. I think the government has inadequate incentives to ensure each investment yields appropriate return/wealth creation. I think the private sector does. The private sector will not always invest most efficiently...
  35. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012? "The Weekly Standard reported Tuesday morning that Ryan is indeed “strongly considering a run” and is currently on vacation with his family discussing a prospective bid." Yes please.
  36. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    Nobody is asking to quit repaving roads. You're apparently still not understanding my argument. It's efficiency we're sacrificing. Nobody is arguing against infrastructure investment, just how it ought to be done. I disagree for reasons I have already stated. Perhaps the real world of which...
  37. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    Notice I said " built upon the false premise that government will today invest in education and especially infrastructure more efficiently" . Years and years ago, sure, when our country was still being built from the ground up the government may well have invested in infrastructure more...
  38. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    We're not dealing with one dimensional problems. There are an infinite number of ways to solve them within the bounds of the constitution while protecting freedom. RP is right on many, many things, but he's certainly not the way, truth, and the light-- far from it in my opinion. But to groy, I...
  39. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    Well, in all honesty, I don't think either of us know how much of a cut he actually wants. I also think if you cut enough offense, you potentially add net costs inefficiently rebuilding in the event you need to take serious action or retaliate.
  40. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    I thought the GOP debates tonight were extremely disappointing. I really can't find a candidate I can stand behind. Ron Paul is absolutely spot on on many, many things, but completely off on others in my opinion, gold standard, destroying our defense. As dangerous as the Fed is potentially, I...
  41. curltron

    Is it this bad?..the economy

    Fortunately the issuance of credit comes from an agreement of more than one party, one of them who ought to be experienced knowing whether or not they will get their money back. The problem of credit comes in when this is poorly assessed, such as the subprime mortgage crisis. People can...
  42. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    The argument has never been that infrastructure and education investments are bad, that's ludicrous. The hilarity of that video is that, besides being tailored for elementary kids who have no hope of understanding the message at all much less critically (obvious attempt at brainwashing), it's...
  43. curltron

    Who are you voting for in 2012?

    Paul Ryan isn't running, and I don't see Ron Paul winning a primary. Sad days.
  44. curltron

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF launches Online program

    I'm really skeptical about how on online version of any program, even from a school like CMU, will look to serious employers.
  45. curltron

    Debt ceiling

    Paul Ryan has been noting this "double counting" since way back in early 2010 when the healthcare bill was being passed. The devotion so many on left have in advocating for higher coerced revenues into their beloved operation astounds me. As Ryan would say, hiding costs do not reduce them...
  46. curltron

    GRE Test. Tips?

    I'm in your boat as well, 780/490. I've heard the new GRE has less emphasis on just vocabulary however as Antonyms are being taken out, so we might have luck with that. It would also probably help if we properly studied verbal before going in and testing on it.
  47. curltron

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Honestly, I'm disappointed in the CS (Comp. Sci) program we have here, no C++ as far as I can tell. Everything is taught in C, Java, or Python, so I'll likely be signing up. Thanks again for the help, Andy!
  48. curltron

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Thanks a bunch for the eval, Andy! One more question for you now that you've led me to the upcoming C++ certification course you're offering: Do you expect that course to virtually replace my need to minor in CSE? If so, I would love to be able to virtually double MAJOR in Math rather than...
  49. curltron

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Would appreciate it if I could get feedback on my credentials: Education: University of Texas at Arlington, BS Economics / Double minor in Math and CSE (Graduating in May-Summer) GPA: 3.97 / 4.00 (Only B is in Political Science..) GRE: 780Q 490V (Waiting on Analytical which I expect to be much...
  50. curltron

    Finance BBA or Economics BS?

    thanks for the help guys, I was also leaning towards option 2. I really would prefer not to be as much of a developer though I do enjoy coding. Anyone else know if there is a significant difference between a BBA and BS, or more specifically, if it will matter to graduate program admissions or...
  51. curltron

    Finance BBA or Economics BS?

    Hi guys, soon-to-be junior undergraduate here. I've been previously leaning towards a double major in Finance (BBA) and Mathematics (BS) in order to ultimately pursue an MFE program and enter a Quantitative Finance career. Now that I'm a junior, I'm not longer a "pre-business" major and need...