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  1. Andy Nguyen

    Organising a mock trading session this weekend

    Posted this on LinkedIn to increase exposure to this great opportunity. It looks like this will cost $100 per slot to join this game.
  2. Andy Nguyen

    Multiverse Pricing Models

    You will find a lot of members here whose first language is not English so we all communicate in technical terms. It's great to see active discussion for something more relevant to our members.
  3. Andy Nguyen

    A hard decision

    We have the first review of the Imperial program :) I hope more are coming.
  4. Andy Nguyen

    MFE Application - Letters of Rec

    Generally, I don't think it's a rule where you must have a letter of recommendation from a math prof. If you got all As in all the standard courses, there isn't much value they can provide. The value is when you take a more advanced course and the teacher can talk in length about your...
  5. Andy Nguyen

    Profile Evaluation for Top MFE Programs

    Background/degree does not mention lot of math so I would assume lack of the usual prerequisite courses for the traditional MFE programs. You can take the courses to fill the gap and apply to top programs(look at our QuantNet rankings). If you want to keep your options open, maybe some newer...
  6. Andy Nguyen

    Graduate Programs questions

    2) Why not? If you aim for the top, you need to prepare now. 3) I think programming would be the next area you need to address. Take the C++ course we have here and preferably the Python course right after it. It will prime you nicely for internship interviews, etc. And don't forget about the...
  7. Andy Nguyen

    Guidance with being a quant researcher in Australia

    Lukee is right. PhD is a serious endeavor that takes most people half a decade or more (emphasis on the more) to complete. If you are aiming for a professional/technical job, then find the best degree that provides that skillset. PhD that ends up in quant jobs are by product of the environment...
  8. Andy Nguyen

    Applying without GRE scores

    When programs do not require GRE, not having it will not be a hinderance if other aspects of your profile are strong. It is not a significant factor like it used to be. In short, skipping it wont hurt, having a good GRE may help marginally.
  9. Andy Nguyen

    Advice on undergraduate degree to pursue

    Do a degree where if you change your mind about being a quant in a few years it still allows you flexibility. Maybe a math or CS degree will flexible enough to get into most technical roles.
  10. Andy Nguyen

    Realistically, what do quants do as their day-to-day job?

    We have a series of "A day in the life of" discussions where the authors share their daily job routine. It would provide insight into the roles you are interested in. You can find those by searching for the phrase "a day in the life of" and search title only.
  11. Andy Nguyen

    Spring Programs for MFE

    It has to do with the timing of the banks traditional recruiting cycle. Most incoming classes start in Fall so banks schedule their interviews accordingly. When you start in Spring, you will do off-cycle recruitment and this is where a program's career services make a difference. There are...
  12. Andy Nguyen

    gre maths subject test is a waste of time

    It's good to hear about your experience. Thanks for sharing. Back in the days when I evaluated applications for a certain Math Finance program, GRE Math subject was a way for applicants to stand out when GRE Q 170 was pretty common and every other aspect of the application was very comparable...
  13. Andy Nguyen

    Pre requisites for MFE

    We ought to have a resource for prospective applicants to MFE programs where our QuantNet members can contribute. Links to reading materials, courses to take, which requirements, how to do research on different programs, how to track/compare apps using the Tracker, internship leads, how to...
  14. Andy Nguyen

    Where C++/Python and other programming languages used in MFE programs

    Fordham MQF program has these courses Financial Programming (C++); Computational Finance (Python); and Advanced C++ for Finance.
  15. Andy Nguyen

    Pre-Reading List 2023-24 for Imperial College London MSc in Mathematics and Finance program

    Summer Reading List Congratulations on joining the MSc in Mathematics and Finance at Imperial College London this September. We look forward to welcoming you here and, in the meantime, would like to give you some information about the programme itself and how to best prepare for it. The...
  16. Andy Nguyen

    Imperial College London MSc in Mathematics and Finance program

    Established in 1999, Imperial College London’s mathematics and finance master’s is one of the oldest programmes of its kind. Each intake consists of approximately 50 students, with a significant proportion drawn from mainland China – a factor amplified by the present weakness of the pound. The...
  17. Andy Nguyen

    Laptop Recommendation for Financial engineering grad student

    I did it a couple of times years ago. Most of the time will be spent researching online on which parts to buy (case, motherboard, PSU, graphic card, memory sticks, etc). Putting them together is fun and it could be a weekend project. You could spend a premium to have this one prebuilt and ready...
  18. Andy Nguyen

    Projects idea for students going into quant field

    I'm sure you have some ideas to contribute Paul.
  19. Andy Nguyen

    Is this career path right for me?

    Quant finance is a broad field with numerous job profiles for people with different skill sets and personalities even. There are FO (front office), MO (middle office), BO (back office), each with countless roles that have a decent salary. Take your time to figure out where you will fit in and...
  20. Andy Nguyen

    Laptop Recommendation for Financial engineering grad student

    You mean this monster of a CPU? Are you building your own desktop too?
  21. Andy Nguyen

    Areas of maths needed for central risk book desk?

    @Ken Abbott does post many resources on risk management. Maybe some of the materials are useful for that area.
  22. Andy Nguyen

    Advantages of being US citizen in admission

    If you quote those posts, maybe I can remember the context where I said that. Years ago, employment environment was favorable compared to the job market today. Then everyone got a job offer soon after graduation so the advantage of being a US resident is not that big. Now, it may be the...
  23. Andy Nguyen

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF NYC campus relocation to 88 Pine St

    The CMU MSCF program announced that they will relocate their NYC campus from the current location at 55 Broad Street to 88 Pine St, about 0.3 miles away. The new location will open for business in Jan 2024 pending state approval. Below is the walking map showing the relative locations of the...
  24. Andy Nguyen

    Advantages of being US citizen in admission

    The reasons are both so if you meet all the admission requirements, I strongly recommend you to apply to all the top programs. Don't let those profiles intimidate you. The more diversified a program looks, the more diversified applicant pool they attract so it's a win-win for everyone. Again...
  25. Andy Nguyen

    Quant Programs in Europe & UK from India

    Imperial is a well-known and highly regarded UK program.
  26. Andy Nguyen

    2023 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    The 2024 ranking process has been started and we expect to release it around the same time last year. The list of programs is going through a major change, making the ranking much more selective. We'll update everyone as we have more to say. Stay tuned.
  27. Andy Nguyen

    Master in Risk Analysis and Management/Financial Mathematics at FIU

    Thanks for sharing the info on the program, Prof. Villamor. From a quick glance of your website and brochure, please correct if the following points are wrong. 1) This is a brand new MS program that will admit the first entering cohort for Fall 2024. 2) This is a 36-credit program (12 courses, 3...
  28. Andy Nguyen

    Question with the GRE

    Instead of spending time getting a higher GRE Q which may not be an important factor to programs (they don't require it), you can try to fill up gaps in your profile. Taking the C++ course such as one on QuantNet for example. You are an American so that goes a lot in your favor. You seem to have...
  29. Andy Nguyen

    10/25/23 QuantNet access issue. Now resolved.

    Today, QuantNet was not accessible until 1.30 PM EST. It was caused by several damages to the fiber cables connected to our data center. As a result, our website is one of many thousands affected for most of the day. My apology for the inconvenience caused by this service disruption.
  30. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    How do you see them?
  31. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    If anyone is open to collaborate with me in gathering data, building some comprehensive data for MFE programs, please reach out. We need more help in this front to make QuantNet a huge clearinghouse for everything about graduate quant programs. You can choose to help with one program or more if...
  32. Andy Nguyen

    Looks like you should be helping us with some data. Yes, we haven't had much success getting any...

    Looks like you should be helping us with some data. Yes, we haven't had much success getting any relevant data from the USC MFE program over the years despite many attempts to contact them. It would be great if you can share even the basic info with us so we can furnish the data on their entry...
  33. Andy Nguyen

    Yale University Master in Asset Management

    This innovative STEM-eligible course of study provides early-career students with a deep understanding of the application of data science and quantitative techniques to investment decisions, while emphasizing ethics, fiduciary responsibility, and investment performance.
  34. Andy Nguyen

    UChicago MSFM Programme & General Quant Q&A

    Thanks for doing this. Greatly appreciate it Kaven. This is pay it forward kind of karma so it's a good way to contribute. Wish more people do it. Can you give us some color of what it's been like since you arrived in the Windy City? How is the city, the campus, the people, etc? Anything you...
  35. Andy Nguyen

    Rice applied statistics

    This does not seem like a professional master's program whose focus is on helping with job placement. In other news
  36. Andy Nguyen

    Seeking Advice: Strengthening My Application for Princeton's MFin Program

    I understand if someone from the outside would not be able to see the difference between similar online courses or tell what made ours unique. I have been running this since 2011 and can tell you the programs that have required their admitted students to complete the QuantNet C++ certificate as...
  37. Andy Nguyen

    PhD + Experience Career Switch

    This AMA thread by @Igna is a good start
  38. Andy Nguyen

    Help needed in long term and short term goal for sop

    This is the issue right here. It would help if you do a bit more research and see who does what where in the big picture. This way, you can see which roles would be something you are interested in. This will also help with your short term and long term plan. Here is the reading list that has...
  39. Andy Nguyen

    MFE Profile Evaluation for Fall 24

    Reality check right here. Most people don't realize that getting into MFE degree is just one of the many steps before you get your first job in the finance industry. The struggle is real and you should plan long term and see where you will land 3 years, 5 years from now. That said, many people...
  40. Andy Nguyen

    Profile Evaluation for MSFE US and Europe (Fall '24)

    I say not worth it since GRE is not a good differentiating signal anymore. Having a very low GRE is an automatic rejection but having a high GRE doesn't guarantee anything. Spend your time on things that will get you ready for internship interviews right after your first semester. Things like...
  41. Andy Nguyen

    Profile Evaluation for MSFE US and Europe (Fall '24)

    Any local college that gives you a transcript for these course would be fine. These are basic courses that just check the boxes.
  42. Andy Nguyen

    Which masters program should I apply to?

    Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress. We are here to help. You are not alone in the journey. There are lot of silent members here who are going through the same process so it's good to get feedback.
  43. Andy Nguyen

    Profile Evaluation for MSFE US and Europe (Fall '24)

    You need some C++ programming certificate or course on your profile. Take the QuantNet C++ course. It's the preferred choice for many MFE applicants. Calculus 1 with 6/10 and GRE Q of 167 don't look too good. Even many programs do not require GRE these days, you may want to beef up your math...
  44. Andy Nguyen

    MFE Fall 2024 Profile Evaluation

    The fact that you are an American is already a plus. When incoming MFE cohort in many programs is comprised of 95% students from one country, a desire to have a more diversified student body will play in your favor. This is a shoutout to all members here who are currently undergraduate in the US...
  45. Andy Nguyen


    Years ago, OR was a popular choice among MFE applicants. Columbia MSOR was one such program that attracted lot of applicants. I haven't heard much about them or OR master programs recently. I'm not sure of the reason. In theory, if you have a good grasp of all the relevant training, any STEM...
  46. Andy Nguyen

    Path forward/Planning next steps

    Jane Street and Two Sigma are notorious for being a very tough nut to crack. The fact that you got an interview with either one is a huge plus. Did you get any feedback from the interviewers on what areas they feel you are lacking? If so, you can improve on it. If not, like @MikeLawrence...
  47. Andy Nguyen

    Which masters program should I apply to?

    If you want to work in the US or UK then doing an MFE degree in the respective geography makes sense. Just apply to a few of the top programs that you feel you can get into (much research is needed to make this determination). QuantNet is the place to do this kind of research. You still need to...
  48. Andy Nguyen

    Which masters program should I apply to?

    Another approach to getting into the junior quant positions you target is to address the your weakness. It seems like you can easily take both our C++ courses and possibly Python course which will cost you a few months and less than $5,000. You can then reapply to those jobs again and...
  49. Andy Nguyen

    Applying to MFEs with prerequisites in progress/in the future

    It doesn't hurt to mention this to the programs you are applying. Tell them which courses are in progress and when/what will be done.
  50. Andy Nguyen

    Is CQF needed for MFE

    If you are doing a full-time MFE, you don't need the others. Each of those is designed for a different audience and need.
  51. Andy Nguyen

    Berkely MFE ad

    Zip it and upload is best way.
  52. Andy Nguyen

    Berkely MFE ad

    Is this only for that specific program? Does this happen on a phone or desktop? If any chance for a screen recording? I haven’t noticed any change but thanks for reporting.
  53. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    Coming soon :)
  54. Andy Nguyen

    Where do I submit the gre maths subject test in the application process?

    You should send to the same dept that you use for the general GRE. Few people take the GRE Math these days so it's not mentioned much. Make sure you mention this in your essay, application.
  55. Andy Nguyen

    MS program choices for pursuing a career in quant research, trader or analyst roles

    These quant programs do not lead to IB roles where MBA/undergrad are better fit. Any top program should give you a path to your desired roles. Some programs have better track record than others. They usually publish the placement, broken down by firms, types, etc so take a look at those stats...
  56. Andy Nguyen

    Credit Derivatives Research Papers
  57. Andy Nguyen

    Ms financial engineering

    I guess we need to expand the range of information and cover all programs so people can get what they need. These are very basic info.
  58. Andy Nguyen

    Where C++/Python and other programming languages used in MFE programs

    This is great. Thanks for the info. I have updated the list above to include them.
  59. Andy Nguyen

    I save my employer millions using technique I learned in QuantNet Advanced C++ course. AMA

    Are there other new C++2X features that you are interested in implementing at work?
  60. Andy Nguyen

    I save my employer millions using technique I learned in QuantNet Advanced C++ course. AMA

    Thank you for sharing your story @sonmanutd It's great to learn how you are able to make a real impact in your work from what you learned in our courses. From reading this, it looks like every a small change to make the code more efficient can make a big difference the larger the code base. And...
  61. Andy Nguyen

    My chances of getting into top msqf/mscf programs

    Short list your top target programs. Look at their admitted cohort profiles (either on the website or on QuantNet Tracker). Prepare accordingly. Everything is possible. You just need a plan and realistic expectation.
  62. Andy Nguyen

    How are ODEs/PDEs/Measure theory introduced in MSQF/FE programs

    Judging from how this thread is going, we may have someone applying to graduate math programs in the future. :)
  63. Andy Nguyen

    Taking prereq math courses at NYU

    As far as pre-requirement courses for MFE go, you can take them at any accredited college. Some people take them at community college for cost reason. They all cover the same basic topics for Cal I, II, III, etc. Take them, aim for an A, get a transcript and you are done.
  64. Andy Nguyen

    NYU Tandon MFE An announcement from Finance & Risk Engineering, NYU Tandon

    Thank you for the update and we look forward to the Tandon FRE program under Prof. Nizar's leadership.
  65. Andy Nguyen

    Are MFE programs suitable for people who are already working in a Quant role

    There are always pro and con to each approach. Obviously, the work experience is much more valuable than a lot of things you learn in the classroom setting since you may work on some bleeding edge product or technology at work that are years ahead of whatever you learn in the classroom. On the...
  66. Andy Nguyen

    I'm I eligible for MFE?

    Have you check with the MFE programs to see if they explicitly state that 3-year bachelor is not eligible for admission? If so, doing another master may not resolve the issue of not having a 4-year equivalence of a bachelor. This sounds like something you would need to email each MFE program to...
  67. Andy Nguyen

    I found Quantnet's doppelgänger

    You make me click and go look.
  68. Andy Nguyen

    How can I get into a MFE program

    You may want to take the pre-MFE courses at Baruch if you can arrange. It will give you a good flavor of what it's like enrolled in the top MFE program. It may give you a chance to see if quant finance is less stressful or not :)
  69. Andy Nguyen

    Courses To Fulfill Programming Requirement

    Here is an example of how much a role our C++ certificate plays in MFE admission. This is from the latest Tracker.
  70. Andy Nguyen

    List of Big Data programs

    Are you able to start with a list of programs that you researched so far and the community can add on?
  71. Andy Nguyen

    Mental health and low gpa

    Mental health is a serious issue that I think we should discuss instead of sweeping it under the rug like most people in finance usually do. If you ever value your well-being, having a serious look into the downside of finance industry is something I highly recommend...
  72. Andy Nguyen

    Mental Math Struggle

    Here you go A Practical Guide To Quantitative Finance Interviews by Xinfeng Zhou
  73. Andy Nguyen

    YouTube issues

    Connect your phone to the same wifi and try youtube. If it works then it is a local issue with the PC. If it does not then it is the network issue with youtube. Try to ping youtube from you PC and see if there is any loss packets. It could be a browser filtering that block YT.
  74. Andy Nguyen

    C++ Course Ghosts

    It is so much easy now since you can find answer to every single question. Just click on the prefixes and you will see dozens of discuss on a specific question. As long as you are determined and put in the time, there is no reason not to complete it on time.
  75. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford MCF and Yale AM

    Good questions. Placement should be available on their website. All top MFE programs publish it. If not it is a question why. Another place to look for them is the rankings. Currently I don’t know any rankings have them. You can see how different programs prepare you for different roles by...
  76. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford MCF and Yale AM

    What do you like to know about them? They are not your traditional MFE programs so the audience for them here is smaller but growing. There is an increase in interest about them so we can see if we can get more info and data here specifically Yale AM.
  77. Andy Nguyen

    Suggestion for Stochastic Calculus

    There is a Discord study group for members here you can join. @MikeLawrence ?
  78. Andy Nguyen

    Are the course videos when the 16 weeks are over?

    You have indefinite access to the course materials and forums once you enroll. The 16 weeks limit is for the certificate eligibility and TA support only. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any question.
  79. Andy Nguyen

    Possible to get into MFE 2025?

    They can email the program’s director and put in a word for you.
  80. Andy Nguyen

    Possible to get into MFE 2025?

    Getting great personal referral from Baruch MFE alumni will carry great weight so use it to your advantage.
  81. Andy Nguyen

    From PhD in combustion engineering to Finance

    WorldQuant is an option.
  82. Andy Nguyen

    Most flexible quant programs?

    It's new and I don't see any discussion on it. CMU MSCF used to have a dual degree of MSCF/MBA. I guess there is a demand for more development skills in finance with all the growing AI trend.
  83. Andy Nguyen

    Seeking advice on prerequistes for MFE and Ms application prep

    You should be able to send him a private convo. Click on his username and Start Conversation.
  84. Andy Nguyen

    Help me choose Master's major (ML vs Operations Research)

    When I tag him with @, he will get a notification to the post here. You can also click on his username for a dedicated thread AMA (Ask Me Anything) which he started and has plenty of insights and wisdom. The longer you stay here and read, the more you will learn. Welcome to QuantNet and the...
  85. Andy Nguyen

    Help me choose Master's major (ML vs Operations Research)

    Pinging @Igna who can give you insights into QR roles and skillset needed.
  86. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    Certainly possible when we revamp the layout a bit. Right now, it's a lot of data stretching the table width and I think there is better way to represent the data.
  87. Andy Nguyen

    How to fund MFE degree?

    The data on scholarship/aid offered by different programs should be more public. I think it attracts more applicants whose cost is one of the top criteria. Without the data, people will just look at the sticker price and decide not to apply which is a big loss for everyone. I did reach out to...
  88. Andy Nguyen

    C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

    @Johnny Chiang @rshamananow @CestLaVie @miguo @jyotirmaik @mreyrosa @D_KACHHARA @Yildiz Welcome to the course. It would be great if you can add how you came to learn about our C++ courses in your intro. That would help us make our courses better. Thanks so much.
  89. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    I have some idea but need a way to implement them so I can build and scale it quickly. There aren't many great rankings around, are they?
  90. Andy Nguyen

    How to fund MFE degree?

    Unless your family is wealthy, most people take out loan to attend these programs, unfortunately. It's very expensive to do these MFE programs, specially if you go study in NYC, CA or most big cities really. Tuition and cost are a big factor on where many students decide to go. Some pick...
  91. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    I am thinking of a new layout for our popular ranking page to encourage people to explore more and hang around a bit longer.
  92. Andy Nguyen

    Question Regarding Education For Quant/Quant Trader/Quant Research

    Thread 'I'm a senior buy side quant researcher. AMA' I'm a senior buy side quant researcher. AMA
  93. Andy Nguyen

    MFE after 8 years of work experience in financial markets

    From my experience seeing my classmates working FT and taking the PT courses at night, it's tough but it's an individual challenge many overcome. They may learn better than the FT students because they are motivated and they can see how applicable the materials applied to their work. Some...
  94. Andy Nguyen

    MFE after 8 years of work experience in financial markets

    There is a reason for this. Many programs are flooded with applicants with high GPA/GRE and short work resume, it's harder for people like you to stand out and make a case. Programs that take both full-time and part-time students are friendlier to applicants like you. I started my MFE at 30...
  95. Andy Nguyen

    Where C++/Python and other programming languages used in MFE programs

    This article will be updated frequently. If you are a student of the programs below, please feel free to contribute to the course name, link to the course as well as the programming used. To apply to MFE programs, you have to demonstrate a programming proficiency. Some programs are very...
  96. Andy Nguyen

    CMU MSCF MSCF is Hiring a New Executive Director! MSCF Names New Executive Director Following Rick Bryant’s June 1 retirement, the MSCF Program at Carnegie Mellon University has named Robert S. Simon as its new Executive Director. Robert graduated from Carnegie Mellon...
  97. Andy Nguyen

    Pacing & Complexity of the Course

    Thread 'Video Tip' Video Tip
  98. Andy Nguyen

    Pacing & Complexity of the Course

    There is an extension for Chrome that change the playback speed. Let me know what your browser and OS and I can check.
  99. Andy Nguyen

    MFE after 8 years of work experience in financial markets

    Your experience is welcome and appreciated in many programs. Dont overthink.
  100. Andy Nguyen

    A hard decision

    Nice. I think @TheCheshireCat is going to Imperial as well according to the Tracker.
  101. Andy Nguyen

    2023 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    In the upcoming 2023 ranking of quant master programs, the top 3 programs (#1 Baruch, #2 Princeton, # Berkeley) are identical to the 2023 QuantNet rankings which was released in Dec 2022. Even when using a different methodology, their top 3 results are the same as our rankings. It would...
  102. Andy Nguyen

    The most selective MFE, quant master programs in the U.S.

    Of course. They will be compiled and published in due time.
  103. Andy Nguyen

    2023 MFE Admissions Roll Call

    Can you please share your timelines at those programs on our Tracker?
  104. Andy Nguyen

    FRTB SA discussion

    Have you seen Risk Management Resources We have @Ken Abbott here who is an expert in this space.
  105. Andy Nguyen

    The most selective MFE, quant master programs in the U.S.

    See how Princeton's admission stats and acceptance rates change over time
  106. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE (Financial Engineering) 2023

    Any other applications elsewhere? What is the latest update?
  107. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    At some point, I would love to implement a Compare function so members can select a few programs and be able to view them side by side. See how programs stack up against each other in employment stats, admission, acceptance rate, student profiles, cost, etc.
  108. Andy Nguyen

    2023 MFE Admissions Roll Call

    Anyone with recent decisions, please update and let us know where you will end up joining if possible.
  109. Andy Nguyen

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF Interview Invites

    Put it up on the Tracker or it doesn't happen :) Congrats. Big relief I guess. Hope more to come for you.
  110. Andy Nguyen

    The most selective MFE, quant master programs in the U.S.

    Many applicants are not aware of it but the yield rate is one of the most crucial factors to admission committees. If you have a reliably high yield rate, you can admit a small fraction of the applicant pool to fill the desired class size. This will result in a lower acceptance rate. On the...
  111. Andy Nguyen

    The most selective MFE, quant master programs in the U.S.

    What are the most selective MFE programs? There is no single metric that will definitely answer this question. Undergraduate GPAs, GRE scores are important indicators. But for many, the following are popular metrics of admission selectivity: acceptance rates, yield rate and applicants per...
  112. Andy Nguyen

    If you were the interviewer...

    If you can shadow them for a day at work it would be very beneficial to observe and learn a great deal. Maybe this will not happen at first but can be something as a result from your reaching out for conversations.
  113. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE (Financial Engineering) 2023

    Very disappointing to hear that. I know they have a lot of applications but it seems better communication would benefit. Applying to a master degree is one of the major decisions in many students life and you want to get a good first impression.
  114. Andy Nguyen

    UCLA MFE 2023 "Ask Me Anything" with the Executive Director of the UCLA Anderson MFE program

    Thank you everyone for your participation in our 2023 AMA with UCLA MFE. We look forward to the next event.
  115. Andy Nguyen

    Master Program

    Look at the QuantNet MFE rankings. Look through the Tracker and see the profiles of everyone who applied to the programs you are interested in. You will get into some programs, the question is whether it's worth joining. Lot of research needs to be done from here on out. Take your time and read...
  116. Andy Nguyen

    Finals solidarity

    This is the period when people already have their admission results (mostly) and are bracing for the new journey. We are always here and working on exciting things for QuantNet.
  117. Andy Nguyen

    NYU Tandon MFE Q&A with NYU Tandon MS FE

    Congrats. Time to update the Tracker guys.
  118. Andy Nguyen

    Oxford, Imperial & LSE MCF 2023 Applications

    @rsf @kir @rambo_bong @JulQuant Can you share your application timelines on the Tracker? This way, we can see when everyone got their results. Thanks
  119. Andy Nguyen

    Is it wrong or overly ambitious to aim for a top job way down my career ?

    @MRoss probably will say to aim lower :) There are tons of opportunities out there in finance to make a good living. Aiming for those top firms may just make you more miserable. Not getting in there does not anyway make you a lesser being.
  120. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE (Financial Engineering) 2023

    The list of pending applications on the Tracker is looking sad. Hope those waiting get the results soon.
  121. Andy Nguyen

    Advice from Mark Ross about Jobs

    @MRoss is great. Being able to come up with useful contents frequently is not an easy task.
  122. Andy Nguyen

    Princeton MFin Advice for Princeton MFin Applicants

    Just came across this "blast from the past". This is the kind of posts that extremely valuable for people looking to get into a specific program.
  123. Andy Nguyen

    Ways to improve my profile

    A relevant finance job or internship is much more valuable than a bunch of certificates. Lots of people collect Coursera certificates so those have much less weight these days. CFA is a huge investment in time which may not be necessary. Some programs like their applicants to do that but it's...
  124. Andy Nguyen

    What should my MFE targets be?

    You have a good profile for a college junior. Stats and CS are great major to have. As evident by your SWE internship, this sets you up nicely for a career in FAANG or related industry. To get into finance which is highly competitive, make sure your coding skills are really good. I had a CS/Math...
  125. Andy Nguyen

    Imperial RMFE

    I didn't see your Tracker so I want to see where you applied and which programs you got into. Would be great if you can add them there. What concerns you about the Imperial RMFE program? I'm not familiar with that specific program but Imperial has another Math Fin program which seems to get high...
  126. Andy Nguyen

    Imperial RMFE

    What other programs did you apply?
  127. Andy Nguyen

    Ways to improve my profile

    Reading the books will help you express better why you want to do an MFE and how you fit into the picture. They will interview you. Many programs have courses in DeFi, crypto so your experience will help. Again, there are hundreds of applicants for every program so they expect you to at least...
  128. Andy Nguyen

    Mid Career Advice: MOOC (e.g Columbia's Financial Engineering Course on Coursera) or Part-Time MFE?

    Once you got the right amount of C++ skills, say after the Quantnet C++ advanced course, you can contribute to many open source quant libraries through github. That way, you can build a profile that will lead to many opportunities. There is always good paying job for those with excellent coding...
  129. Andy Nguyen

    Ways to improve my profile

    You need a focused plan on how to strengthen and transform your profile. Research on the best programs that will accept you. Dont just apply randomly. Take math courses that these programs require. Take the C++ courses which will satisfy the programming requirement and make you hireable right...
  130. Andy Nguyen

    Mid Career Advice: MOOC (e.g Columbia's Financial Engineering Course on Coursera) or Part-Time MFE?

    Best bang for your bucks would be to take the QuantNet courses (all of them) which will make you really good C++ developer, enough Python skills to be useful on day one, and the options pricing knowledge to be able to pass quant interviews. You can't work with options pricing models without...
  131. Andy Nguyen

    New Quantnet members say hi

    Jan, Feb around that time.
  132. Andy Nguyen

    2023 MFE Admissions Roll Call

    Very impressive. You must share your profile on Tracker so people can see. Congrats and enjoy your time at Princeton.
  133. Andy Nguyen

    Princeton MFin Princeton MFin Math Assessment

    We have a new review for the Princeton MFin program, 10 years after the last one. Thanks @hardrock
  134. Andy Nguyen

    Excel at what you do

    The author has been teaching securities derivatives in the NYU Tandon MFE program since 2008.
  135. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    Congrats. Can we see your results on the Tracker?
  136. Andy Nguyen

    2023 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    And we shall make those data more accessible to everyone.
  137. Andy Nguyen

    How did you know about Quantnet

    Funny enough, I was in my second year Math PhD when I learned about MFE degree by chance. QuantNet did not exist then. The rest is history as they say.
  138. Andy Nguyen

    2023 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    Of course, employment stats are very important and we treat them as such. We have a process with all the programs to ensure we report correctly the numbers they provide. We don't audit their numbers. We stand by the numbers we report in all of our rankings. Hopefully, in the future, this is a...
  139. Andy Nguyen

    Cambridge or lower-tier US college for quant trading/research in the US?

    If you want to work in London, go to Cambridge, otherwise it's advantageous to go to US programs. It's easier for recruiting. Firms will arrange travel, interviews, etc only for exceptional cases so applying for jobs across continents is just adding another geographical barrier. Getting into...
  140. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MSFE Columbia MSFE Financial Economics 2023

    We have the very first review of the program. Excellent review by the way.
  141. Andy Nguyen

    Career in quantitative finance vs data science/technology

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story and journey @ibpkpnu. You have a very unique experience in both finance and DS space, I hope you would consider doing an AMA. Would be interesting to hear more on the data science/ML/AI perspective now that ChatGPT is all the rage.
  142. Andy Nguyen

    Is there any way to get experience in the quant field without being qualified for a position?

    By the time you walk through the book with all the new members, you will know the materials by heart. Great job. @sucker for smiles take this chance. You won't get another offer as generous as Mike's.
  143. Andy Nguyen

    Is there any way to get experience in the quant field without being qualified for a position?

    Here is another one to get you started.
  144. Andy Nguyen

    Is there any way to get experience in the quant field without being qualified for a position?

    Join a group study with some of the members here and get some support. It is hard to do this alone without direction. @MikeLawrence @Quasar Chunawala
  145. Andy Nguyen

    Having a really hard time getting internships

    @QuantCoach @Igna may be able to give some pointer on the timing of internship application. In the meantime, go read on their respective AMAs. There are plenty of valuable tips in there. Would be good to indicate the type of internships you are looking for. We have a massive list of finance...
  146. Andy Nguyen

    Chicago MSFM Chicago MSFM (Need an Honest review)

    I have read many reviews on QuantNet over the years and most of them are superficial. When a member took the time to write a review that describes his experience in the program, his likes and dislikes in vivid details, it's a win for all stakeholders. We all benefit so much from it. The recent...
  147. Andy Nguyen

    Cornell FE Cornell MFE 2023 Decision

    Did anyone get an admit and any kind of scholarship from Cornell?
  148. Andy Nguyen

    I'm a junior buyside quant trader. AMA

    Thanks for giving back to the community and paying it forward. It's rare to see that these days. It says more about one's character than anything. Now that you have finished your MFE journey and started your career as a young finance professional, how can we make QuantNet as useful to you as...
  149. Andy Nguyen

    ChatGPT Bloomberg today released a research paper detailing the development of BloombergGPTTM, a new large-scale generative artificial intelligence (AI) model. This large language model (LLM) has been...
  150. Andy Nguyen

    QuantNet Swags

    Pocket protector has its own interesting history
  151. Andy Nguyen

    I'm a junior buyside quant trader. AMA

    @QuantCoach Thank you for sharing your advice. I appreciate this a lot. What are the classic mistakes/pitfalls that many MFE graduates make during their internship and job search?
  152. Andy Nguyen


    You can now run #GPT locally on your MacBook with GPT4All, a new 7B LLM based on LLaMa. It's completely open source: You can access to demo, data, and code to train an assistant-style large language model with ~800k GPT-3.5-Turbo
  153. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia University Financial Economics (MSFE)

    The Master of Science in Financial Economics is a two-year STEM eligible master’s degree program offered by the Finance Division of Columbia Business School. The MS in Financial Economics is also eligible for the STEM OPT extension. Students complete a minimum of 16 full graduate-level courses...
  154. Andy Nguyen

    2023 MFE Admissions Roll Call

    If you haven't shared your admission results here, please do. Also, please remember to add your data to the Tracker. If you have all the results and made your decision, please update your post. It's very important for many who are in the similar situation.
  155. Andy Nguyen


    @BeckyBian Congrats of getting two admits from Columbia Business School and Sloan. Would be great if you can add your profile and application timelines on the Tracker? This way, it's easier to find and connect with people who going to be your classmates.
  156. Andy Nguyen

    Need Some Advice!!!

    This is from the Admission Director of CMU MSCF program, Gwen Stanczak This is from Akram Khan, UCLA MFE student
  157. Andy Nguyen

    Yale Asset Management

    Congrats. Are you joining the program?
  158. Andy Nguyen

    Need Some Advice!!!

    Hey @Xu Ryan When do you plan to apply to MFE programs? The answer will determine how long you have to strengthen your profile. We have so many resources here to help applicants like you get into the best MFE programs with their profiles. There are many guides and articles here that are always...
  159. C

    Boston MSMFT

    Top 3 uni in the country; S&T and IB internship at Big Five and BB; VC/Startup
  160. Andy Nguyen

    A cool quant website!

    A lot of financial engineering sites have died out over the years.
  161. Andy Nguyen


    OpenAI announced a product extension for ChatGPT allowing the chatbot to interact with external data and services. With plugins, ChatGPT now can search for real-time information on the web, order groceries from DoorDash, and book flights, hotels, or rental cars on Kayak. In short, plugins have...
  162. Andy Nguyen

    List of financial firms in Chicago

    For anyone interested in financial firms in the Chicago area, the list below is helpful. It's maintained by wikipedia so the list can change at any moment but it will give you a starting point when you begin applying for internships and jobs. Banks Alliant Credit Union (Chicago) Amalgamated...
  163. Andy Nguyen

    Download free KDB+ Personal Edition Download to experience how kdb+ is: a high-performance cross-platform time series columnar database. an in-memory compute engine. a real-time streaming processor. an expressive query and programming language called q, optimized for time series...
  164. Andy Nguyen

    QuantNet Swags

    Small items like pens, coffee mugs, mouse pad, etc that you put your company brands on and give away as promotional items.
  165. Andy Nguyen

    NYU Stern MS in Quantitative Finance

    Here is the class of 2023 profile. 73% of the class is with finance and economics degrees.
  166. Andy Nguyen

    QuantNet Swags

    @Ken Abbott suggested a great idea that we provide QuantNet-branded swags to members who help answer questions on our site. This is something we definitely should do given we have many wonderful members here who are now practitioners in finance. It's good to help out fellow members but it's...
  167. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MSFE Columbia MSFE Financial Economics 2023

    For those that applied to the Columbia MSFE (Financial Economics) program, I have added the program so please add your timelines to the Tracker. @mowmow @LouVega @sonny_song @conquerv @shirlch Much appreciated.
  168. Andy Nguyen

    Yale Asset Management

    I had a Zoom with people from Yale Business School yesterday and we hope to be able to provide more insights about the Asset Management program to our audience. Stay tuned.
  169. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    @BenShui @LakeYang Did the results come in for you?
  170. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford Masters mathematical and computation finance or UCLA Masters Financial Engineering

    Congrats @AlteredSkies You are the only two 2023 admits among the dozen we have on the Tracker here. Would be great to have your profile and timeline added on the Tracker so we can see which type of applicants got the offer. Also, you need to be clear of your desired career path out of each...
  171. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    Go Tracker or go home.
  172. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    We still have a few pending results so hopefully they got converted to admit.
  173. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    It's just10AM in California time so they could still come out today.
  174. Andy Nguyen

    CMU MSCF CMU MSCF Interview Invites

    Sorry to hear that. I assume you applied to other programs and still waiting? I didn't see your on the Tracker so just want to confirm it.
  175. Andy Nguyen

    Best Internships to Get to Get Admitted to a Good MFE Program?
  176. Andy Nguyen

    Projects idea for students going into quant field

    Daniel, You can use the Image button to upload a picture or enter the url of the image you found so they can show properly.
  177. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    On a second read, I agree with this. I think most people will approach this as a 100K investment and they want to have a >50% probability to regain that investment right after school. Unfortunately, some programs make it very difficult to make a good decision. Many students went back to China...
  178. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE (Financial Engineering) 2023

    Pretty funny username. Thank you for adding to the Tracker and our prayers are with you for just one offer.
  179. Andy Nguyen

    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE (Financial Engineering) 2023

    Congrats and time to light up the Tracker with your green color of admittance, guys
  180. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    Awesome. Thank you @Rey_De_Leon I'm very curious about the Stanford MCF program as very little is known about them. Please share with us anything you know. Anyone can volunteer to provide some info like application deadline, tuition, admission, employment stats?
  181. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    @Rey_De_Leon Can you add your timeline to the Tracker so we can all track when the decisions are coming in. We need to break at least 10 data points for the 2023 group and we need 2 more.
  182. Andy Nguyen

    A cool quant website!

    They are all gone.
  183. Andy Nguyen

    Advice on going into Quantitative Finance.

    C++ is the acid test for most quant interviews and positions. Everybody can claim they know Python but it's harder to make that claim with C++ with its reputation. I will say that many MFE grads do not use C++ at work at all but knowing C++ will open many more doors for you than with only...
  184. Andy Nguyen

    Advice on going into Quantitative Finance.

    Get solid programming with C++ (at least 2 courses, some coding projects), Python (some real world projects with big datasets). You can get into MFE program right out of undergrad but if you can get at least one internship before, you will have a stronger profile and more importantly, you have a...
  185. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    Most of the data can be found in the QuantNet MFE rankings but the reviews are much harder to obtain. We may have to form Seal teams to hunt down reviews. It's always "what is in it for me" mentality that we have to overcome :)
  186. Andy Nguyen

    Michael, we are still working to get more reviews. It becomes very important as a deciding...

    Michael, we are still working to get more reviews. It becomes very important as a deciding factor for many students.
  187. Andy Nguyen

    Wish list for QuantNet 2023 and beyond

    Question to all the MFE applicants. When you research MFE programs through QuantNet, what are the crucial data that you need to help you decide which program to apply and to join? Obviously, these are data you can't find it elsewhere. Admission: acceptance rate? Employment: average salary, %...
  188. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    Lovely. I will keep an eye on when you let us know the Stanford MCF results come out. Best of luck.
  189. ciciyang


    Finance major at Top 40 US university and one internship at Millennium Management doing valuation
  190. Andy Nguyen

    What should I do if I get a better offer after paying the deposit to one school?

    Then hold on. Wait until you have an official offer.
  191. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    Curious to know which one? Data Science track?
  192. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    This week is going to be crazy for you guys.
  193. Andy Nguyen

    Stanford ICME (MCF) Admission Results ?

    Thank you to @Dr Strangelove @nawakmeister @MrCoolGuy for sharing your timelines on the Tracker. I think we need more representatives for Stanford. It's the school that Elon Musk briefly attended after all :) I'm calling out @DegenTrader @aristegos @LakeYang @test- @bwoods Let's make it to 10...
  194. Andy Nguyen

    What should I do if I get a better offer after paying the deposit to one school?

    How much is the deposit and what is the policy regarding the deposit? I would assume it's nonrefundable but you have nothing to lose by inquiring about it. Worst case they will say no. If you are pretty sure about your choice of taking on the better offer, it's wise to proceed with caution since...
  195. Andy Nguyen

    Chicago MSFM 2023 UChicago MSFM

    I will be inviting a top head hunter who is based in Chicago to be here and do an AMA with QuantNet members. He has been a member here for a long time and is very generous to offer his advice. Are you guys interested in learning about the job market in Chicago, specially around the hedge fund...
  196. Andy Nguyen

    Chicago MSFM Uchicago msfm program review

    This is so great to see you share your experience. I'd ask for a favor that you post your review here This way, it's easier for students to look at reviews over the years and see how the...
  197. Andy Nguyen

    List of Big Data programs

    Interesting. 61K tuition for 32 credits, 2 semesters course. They do offer a 10K scholarship to some admitted students.
  198. Andy Nguyen

    List of Big Data programs

    If anyone knows of any more master programs in big data, fin tech, etc please suggest.
  199. Andy Nguyen

    Webinar: How to get a job at a High Frequency Trading firm

    Take it for what it's worth. Please let me know if it's something you find helpful.