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  1. Learn SQL

    Thanks Andy!
  2. Learn SQL

    Where do I learn SQL.. Will a strong know how in C/C++ help or can I start fresh?
  3. 2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    There could be just 2 programs on the ranking...Baruch and Berkeley....The way the discussion is going the other 20 schools dont make any difference..
  4. 2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    Great Ranking from the Quantnet Group...Any reason for restricting the ranking to 22 schools?? I am sure there will be many more universities offering these degrees!
  5. Number of words to learn for GRE?

    I guess the 800 should be a good start...anything above that is great!!!Learning and remembering them all is tough:)!!
  6. The Ultimate Quant?

    Nice one...Probably only a few like these exist..
  7. The Ultimate Quant?

    Is there anything like an ultimate quant??? I guess its a learning process all along...I guess an open mind and confidence are important though!!
  8. [Help] Which GRE score to use?

    I think its mostly best of the 2 scores..So definitely the second one!
  9. New in NYC..

    Does the rule apply to students too. Finding a guarantor in the US also will be difficult!!
  10. New in NYC..

    Ill be studying in brooklyn. However the cost of staying there is a little on the higher side!
  11. New in NYC..

    which part of NYC is good for accommodation. I consider Safety and ease of conveyance a priority..
  12. New in NYC..

    Surprising..NYC is said to be one of the best cities in the world!!! You might be referring to the flip side of this coin:)!
  13. New in NYC..

    Ill be moving to NYC next month from India...Will be great to hear about the city from others.. Specifically Do's and Dont's!!!
  14. NYU POLY review?

    Sounds Great!!! I will be joining poly this fall so its positive info..Thanks
  15. NYU POLY review?

    Well I wanted to know the current perception of Poly in the Finance Industry. The university does not reveal much in terms of placements or internships.
  16. NYU POLY review?

    How has poly turned out be since then? they have certainly not disclosed much..
  17. NYU POLY review?

    SpeedballSix: Wow..are you from the first batch of the MSFE program?
  18. NYU POLY review?

    I created a doc for FE students..but only found a few among the 400 students.
  19. NYU POLY review?

    I am attending the FE program this Fall...The University's 2011 fall graduate group has over 400 members... However in the MSFE doc I created I found only 16 students. I had a similar question about the huge batch size but this left me a bit confused..
  20. Another Laptop thread

    So is there any laptop tailor made for an MFE program or its more about the software you install?
  21. Another Laptop thread

    Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd gen or Dell XPS 15. Will customize if required.
  22. Another Laptop thread

    how about dell laptops?
  23. Baruch MFE Getting Ready for MFE program in the Fall

    Whats a good place to start with basic programming. My programming is very rickety..Guess I should start from the basics:)
  24. How did you know about Quantnet

    Quantnet was the first thing that came up when I googled- Ranking of Financial Engineering programs.
  25. 10 websites I visit every day

    Two websites I was suggested to do research were 1) 2) 3) Might be a bit specific to Indian students!
  26. What phone do you have?

    LG Optimus!:)
  27. NYU POLY review?

    NYU poly MSFE is said to be the largest FE course in terms of no. of students. Then how come no review here on quantnet? Poly seniors???
  28. Early results for quant pay survey, Quant Developers across America

    Also surprising that California is above Chicago!!
  29. Early results for quant pay survey, Quant Developers across America

    Interesting! Great work DominiConnor. I am wondering if these statistics will apply to a fresh MFE grad.Looks like people with a few years work experience might draw such salaries.
  30. A Day in the Life of an Exotic Derivatives Trader

    this guy is thinking of an MFE after such an experience on a daily basis!! Was wondering- How much time will it take a fresh MFE grad to do the kind of work he is doing!!!
  31. CFA Level I

    thanks guys!!
  32. CFA Level I

    I will be starting my MS FE this Fall. Was wondering how a level 1/2 CFA will help me when I graduate. Does it add value to my degree or affect my career placement?
  33. India's educational system

    I think its time to STOP this discussion as rightly suggested by menovive and Anthony! STOP!
  34. India's educational system

    Rishab it would be better to check with Why the hate against all tings Indian?
  35. Some Recruiting Agents Exploit Chinese Students

    I think an Admission Adviser will be better than an agent. Their job is to help students secure admission purely on the basis of their profile. This is unlike agents who guarantee admission to XYZ University, generally with vested interests. Finally I think the student's research will be of...
  36. COMPARE FSRM@Rutgers vs MFE@NYU-Poly

    Is everyone finding it hard to get info on NYU Poly's MSFE?
  37. COMPARE NYU-Poly MFE with scholarship vs Purdue Stat CF's AD

    Same here..anything on NYU Poly will help..
  38. Kent State MFE

  39. NYU Tandon MFE

  40. NYU Poly Ranking??

    He he..Sorry Andy...You visited NYU FRE recently right..Saw the pictures
  41. NYU Poly Ranking??

    Looks like NYU Poly is supported by its location...other details about NYU poly are sketchy.. Also heard that FRE Dept. has a lot of students?
  42. NYU Poly Ranking??

    Anuj, did you decide...I got an admit from NYU poly a few days ago..
  43. C++ online certificate for MFE applicants

    Andy I cannot tell you how much this will help me. With not much programming experience it will be a great value addition. Cheers!!
  44. NYU Poly Ranking??

    not yet...still deciding.
  45. NYU Poly Ranking??

    Even I was finding it difficult to get more info on NYU poly. Anuj can you share placement statistics of NYU Poly.
  46. CGU MSFE

  47. Which MFE program is your "Final Destination"?

    Attending Claremont full time.
  48. Are quant job more and more like developer

    Hi An off question but wanted to ask about quant/finance jobs in California? Do many students end up in NY even after studying in Cali.