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  1. The mysterious Dr. Li

    bsm was also inappropriate for its unrealistic assumptions in early 70's. why people in WS fell in love with this model?
  2. The mysterious Dr. Li

    David X. Li is at CICC. The author called Dr. Li "disappeared" simply because he did not do his homework. Julian Shaw mentioned the misunderstanding of "the formula" in how i became a quant if i remember correctly. i think there have already been quite a lot academic work on the topic.
  3. Google stops censoring web for China

    Yes, it is very entertaining. A guy who keeps saying "beauty of free speech" in this thread was so sensitive to my points that he couldn't wait to show me the door. Is that something called "hypocrisy"? And this guy was so confident about his judgment on China's situation NOT because he knew...
  4. Google stops censoring web for China

    I'm giving you "a very interesting" answer: see pics below, taken before Google's HQ in Beijing, China. As the 2nd one shown, those pro-Google students were holding a banner of "Love Google (????". So, I'm pretty sure i can do it in China and it's a basic right protected by Chinese law. Isn't...
  5. Google stops censoring web for China

    That is what I thought, too. Surprisingly I noticed so much biased opinion instead of facts towards China when I came to this country a few years ago. Americans are always proud of their "free speech", which is good. But on many international issues, it is not hard to find Americans are pretty...
  6. Google stops censoring web for China

    Whether I am in China or how long I have been out of China is irrelevant to the topic. Understand? Anyone who has some knowledge of China's legal system, culture environment and internet market is qualified to join the discussion. Unfortunately many of you were so fast to claim things you don't...
  7. Google stops censoring web for China

    OMG, "a well-known blogger", anyone who loudly subscribes to the western media hype (and might know some English so as to share his "view") could be a "well-known blogger", even funnier! there are so many Chinese students in this forum, why don't you ask them if this guy is really "WELL-KNOWN"...
  8. Google stops censoring web for China

    incorrect. i am living in the NYC. frankly, i don't give a damn if Google says it is quitting because it is incompetent in racing against, our local search engine. guess what, Google doesn't understand Chinese, a more elaborate language. Worse, Google, undoubtedly the best internet...
  9. Google stops censoring web for China

    i am a Chinese and happy to see the hypocrite leaving. good thing! btw, I think those who claim "loss of the Chinese" really funny. have you been to China? do you know "Chinese people"? anyway, ignorance is bliss. fine.
  10. Google stops censoring web for China

    you don't know what you were talking about.
  11. how is going, my friend

    how is going, my friend