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  1. Chicago MSFM Compare: UChicago MSFM vs. UWaterloo MQF

    I would suggest Waterloo MQF if you are too worried about visa issue. You can always move to the US once you work for 4-5 years in Canada and gain Canadian citizenship.
  2. Baruch MFE Baruch MFE - Jobs not involving C++

    Hi, To give you a brief background, I have a bachelors degree in engineering from a top 3 institute in India, passed CFA L1 , would be appearing& hopefully passing CFA L2 before I join a masters program in 2011. I have 3 years work experince as a business analyst on the technology side of a...
  3. Advices on joining ETH MSc QF program

    Are you a EU citizen ? Getting a job in swiss banks from ETHZ maynot be as easy as it seems. Did you apply to Berkeley,CMU, NYU, Baruch.

    I would strongly recommend NYU. Program is much more established than LSE Financial Mathematics which is 1 year old. Also LSE has around 10 master level programs which are in some way related to finance - MSc Finance, MSc Finance & Accounting,MSc Accounting, MSc Finance and Economics, MSc...
  5. COMPARE Opinions on Top Programs: LSE, CMU, Cornell, Princeton, NYU, USC

    Princeton is by far the best, followed by CMU. Rest can be a risky bet or a decent choice depending on your background.BTW why didn't you apply to Berkeley MFE.
  6. COMPARE CMU MSCF and NYU FM (again)

    acturial jobs are not the worst given the unstable nature of the maket.
  7. A new strategy of getting a job

    Sorry but this guy has the guts to tell a lie and support it , a very important skill in business.
  8. mathematical topics to study for finance jobs

    You can try CQF as a way to fill the required gaps.It costs around 18,000$ though.There is a guide at .
  9. Which carreer is better ? actuary or FE ?

    At present and in the next 5 years, actury beats quants.
  10. Princeton MFin is MFin offerred by Princeton good?

    IMO Princeton beats some of the Top 10 MBAs if your aim is ultimately to land a Job in IBD/PE as its cheaper can be finished in a year and has very high conversion in high yield areas of finance.
  11. Rioting at NYU?

    In a bullish market even 2 nd tier programs are able to place the students and in bear market even the best programs fail.So we really need to ask ourselves as are these programs as good as they claim.
  12. Masters in Finance (MFIN), MFE or MBA

    Depends on where you have done your bachelors in finance and what have you learnt there.If your degree in solid its makes more sense to a.)Get a Job in Finance in something closer to your interest and pursue MBA few years later. b.)Get a MFE from Top 5 places right now and graduate when...
  13. Rioting at NYU?

    In wake of this recession the fees should be reduced atleast for the next few years , the logic of the high fees was that these are professional programs with a good ROI. Since the ROI has decreased what is the point of such high fees.Education like hosuing prices should decrease, however you...
  14. COMPARE Rutgers MSMF VS IIT stuart math finance VS Northeastern U industrial and applied math

    Join Rutgers unless you are getting a degree free of cost anywhere else.
  15. Here goes another one!!

  16. "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    I have an engineering degree from India. Your profile is not as bad as you are thinking.Give people with 800 in GRE Q a piece of code written by others and you can see them panicking.What you need to do depends on which program you want to join.For top schools like Berkeley,CMU, Baruch,NYU you...
  17. With Finance Disgraced, Which Career Will Be King?

    Can you say what other mechanism, its not exactly clear.Finance is dependent on the state of economy.We cannot have a situation where finance is stuck in a rat hole and people in IT,Engineering making millions and billions. What I suppose will have happen is eradication of complex products and...
  18. "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    I don't understand the logic behind this. Case A You get first 10 questions incorrect, the next 20 questions as correct. Case B You get first 20 questions correct, the next 10 questions as incorrect. If the starting point is X and you get a -Y for an incorrect answer and +Y for...
  19. With Finance Disgraced, Which Career Will Be King?

    I would again say it would be finance.If finance cannot recover then the economy doesnot recover which means all sectors will be stagnant.
  20. Does anyone knows about UNCC

    Scholarships Any scholarships?
  21. I dont' want to be a quant, but I choose I right?

    I can assure you one thing, only a person having 50-60k in bank balance can think about pursuing a 2 nd tier MFE ( read reasonably good content wise ) in 2009.The competetion on a global scale for MFE programs is expected to have decreased.Thus getting in a MFE is easy however getting out seems...
  22. CMU MSCF advices needed for FE/FM programs

    # About Columbia I can tell you there are several competing programs and you would face stiff competetion.There is a thread named Second Tier or Worse MFE programs where this is discussed in detail. # If money is not a problem for you then go to CMU.The reason is that CMU MSCF is being hosted...
  23. advices needed for FE/FM programs

    # About Columbia I can tell you there are several competing programs and you would face stiff competetion.There is a thread named Second Tier or Worse MFE programs where this is discussed in detail. # If money is not a problem for you then go to CMU.The reason is that CMU MSCF is being hosted...
  24. When all else fails...

    The mordern world has not come to anything, it is just ephemeral.
  25. interview with morgan stanley

    One possibility can be that they would be sending you outside USA as onsite team member.I know a girl from CMU who got a Job at Deolitte was sent to India and is getting paid in US Dollars.
  26. Best Undergrad program for MFE

    Study what interest you.By that I don't mean Greek or Latin but something that can give you a Job.For example it could be anything from maths, stats,economics,finance, marketing or C++. Equally well paying Jobs are present in any of the above mentioned area if you are good enough in any of...
  27. Advice Needed

    The question is not whether you will be competetive or not but whether the programs will be competetive to place you or not.Why not work in fund for a couple of years , clear CFA etc and wait for finance to take a new shape.
  28. Lying on your CV

    What if the firm lies about the role ? Does it get blacklisted. Thats the asymmetry of life. Deal with it.
  29. Senate approves restriction on foreign hires by banks receiving bailout

    Not all technology is maintenance but the type of Jobs done by Infosys , Wipro, TCS,Cognizant is 85% maintenance stuff.See who all are the major users of H1 B. India's so called best IT firm Infosys in its 25 years of existence and having 100,000 employees...
  30. Senate approves restriction on foreign hires by banks receiving bailout

    The problem with 5,000 to 10,000 Visa Jobs is that these are maintenance Jobs ( euphemism) which in the long run Americans wouldn't prefer to do. Secondly they act as low cost solutions and they help business earn profits.This system is thoroughly established and you don't want to mess with a...
  31. Senate approves restriction on foreign hires by banks receiving bailout

    The point is not that it is a small % but the point is that there shouldn't be a single job sack to an American at the cost of a foreign national.This is the logic behind the ban.
  32. Requesting help...

    Summer internship is not a deal breaker for a brilliant PhD.It appears that finance people are under the hammer.So if she tries for C++ programming internship that cannot be harmful as quants spend a lot of time coding, debugging.However this should not be the first choice.
  33. Jobs after completing MFE degree.

    Hi Everybody, I have been going through and found your threads to be quite informative without all the unnecessary crap. # I personally don't like programming that much however I am not afraid of it either.Right now I am pursuing CFA and working in an IT Consultancy. # My...
  34. MIT MFin

    Moreover its not MBA that will help you in the long run.
  35. Career Dilemma

    Having both aspects is fine but you would want to leverage the stronger of your skills.You can have social life outside work or even at the work by making friends chatting in tea breaks/lunch breaks. There is one job called structuring that is midway between quants and traders/sales guys that...
  36. Career Dilemma

    Comparing quants with PE/banking guys is not fair , they are two ends of spectrum.You must know which type of person you are...outgoing type,good at keeping faces and marketing yourself are the ones in PE.The second is one who values intelligence, mathematical ability - THE THINKER. The thinker...
  37. Importance of programming

    It is said that quants do 70% programming.I asked a smiliar question to someone with a MFE degree from Oxford who presently works for a big I bank. The reply I got was this "i am a quant developer. i work in a well-respected ib in a large group and most people around me have phds - guess...
  38. PRM versus FRM

    I have read your comments about quants being "rear view mirror" drivers.About acturial exams being pointless actually they mean a lot,just look at the salaries of the actuaries.Not bad I guess.Passing is not that easy, AFAIK.
  39. PRM versus FRM

    Hi everybody, This question is primarily addressed to people who are presently working in wall street. How is PRM comparable to FRM in terms of recognition on wall street.Do managers have a particular preference for either one of them. ASFAIK FRM is recognised more in UK and PRM in UK. I...
  40. DISCUSSION on second rated MFE programs

    Its really surprising that Princeton can still manage 600 applications for 25 seats in such a market.Its down from 750 to 600.
  41. Quants partly responsible for the crisis?

    Its very easy to blame, criticize the existing system,say all quants and their methods are AHs. But if you chose to say so then you must provide a solution mathematical or operational.Nassim Taleb doesn't seem to provide an answer he is just asking questions and blaming the quants. If you...
  42. COMPARE BOSTON MA mathematical finance vs Rutgers MSMF vs USC MAMF

    What matters is what you are (aptitude, PS & programming ability) and not what you have (branded degree etc) ? While somebody can say that any Ivy League MBA gives you a big intial advantage the same cannot be said for a branded MFE.If you know C++ you know it and if you don't know it you...
  43. Rotman MFE , Urgent: Need information.

    Hi.., I was expecting more constructive feedbacks.Waiting to hear from you guys.
  44. "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Hi Hedgie, I really appreciate the hard work you have put in getting the scores and certifications. But I need to ask a few questions.You say that you have improved your maths background.As far as I know Economics is less quantitative than maths/engineering.So for applying to Financial...
  45. Rotman MFE , Urgent: Need information.

    I was considering the Master in Financial Economics program from Toronto university.I need feedback from the quantnet community in this regard. 1.> How quantitative is the program.Basically I am looking for program closer to MS Finance than Financial Engineering. 2.>What are the employment...
  46. MFE or PRM

    Hi.. The answer to your question can be given only by the people working in Hong Kong/China in I Banks/Risk Management domain.If you have your masters degree from a China'S top college a PRM/FRM along with contacts in I Banks that may be sufficient.This is beacause the core quantitative work...
  47. New Quantnet members say hi

    In 4,5 yrs you can get a PhD why go for a second bachelors.
  48. New Quantnet members say hi

    I would say one thing dude "Heroes Rise, Heroes fall,Rise again win it all".Every big guy today has labored and toiled.Just keep up your fight."Success made me a boy,failures made me a man"
  49. New Quantnet members say hi

    Hi Sitar Hi Sitar as I see your educational background.I see you definatively have the aptitude of being a quant that too a highly paid few years into the job.What I can suggest with my limited knowledge is that you should take a 1 year break from your job and pursue a Master in Financial...
  50. Hi, I am an Enginerring Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology and wish to join MFE at...

    Hi, I am an Enginerring Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology and wish to join MFE at Toronto. I came to know from this forum that you have got a seat at MFE at Toronto University.I have a few queries regarding the program and I would be glad if you could provide your opinion regarding...