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    [May 11, 2012] R In Finance Conference (Chicago, IL) Anyone else going and interested in meeting up?
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    Historical Power Prices

    GDF Suez has a very nice tool with most of the major hubs and zones in the US, both DAH and RTH prices! Additionally I have found to be a great read. Combined together these two sites could make for some great...
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    Calculating Daily Returns with Quantmod for R

    First, I am still quite the novice when it comes to R in general. I am finding some odd results with quantmod's functions for daily returns. Start with the following code: getSymbols('QQQ',src='yahoo') testRet<-allReturns(QQQ,type='arithmetic') Then I perform the following: > testRet[2]...
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    Ranked Program Stats

    I know things have occasionally gotten petty in the original thread on the rankings. Let's keep that out of this thread. I am simply trying to assemble a list of the publicly available stats for the ranked programs. I already did some initial searching and have the list below. If I couldn't find...
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    Internships and other Summer Activities

    Some of the FE programs have excellent placement records for summer internships, but what about students at 2nd and lower tier schools? I wonder what would be the best strategy for these students. Ought they desperately try to get any sort of internship, even if it is not really finance, but...
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    UCB MFE Review of UC Berkeley MFE program

    I wonder how much to discount the review of someone who attends UCB and has no full time offers. They're placement is usually well above 90%?