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    Transferring to another MS program

    Has anyone attempting transferring between MS programs? I'm currently in the MS in Quantitative Methods in Baruch and I'm considering transferring to the Columbia MSOR program. I did pretty well in my first semester 3.8/4.0. My GRE scores are 720Q/600V/5. But I can probably get the Q up to at...
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    Hofstra Masters in Quantitative Finance

    I've never really heard of the MSQF in Hofstra program before and I couldn't find much information on it on the web. Anyone know anything about this program? I'm deciding whether I should go to this program or go to Baruch for the QMM. I know that the MSQF program is essentially the MFE...
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    Columbia MSOR Columbia MSOR pre-reqs?

    I was trying to look for information on Columbia's MSOR program. I called them up and tried to speak with some reps for about 3 days, but I can't seem to get through to them. I was wondering if anyone had any info on pre-reqs or GRE scores, etc that would give me a better assessment of where I...
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    Any CFA holders?

    I was wondering if anyone here has a CFA and how it's helped your career. I'm looking to take the test and what not, but I want to see if it's worth it. I think that this would be a good way to round me out. Any help would be appreciated.
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    What should I do now? (Help with Education/Career Decisions)

    So I recently got accepted into Baruch's Zicklin MS in Quantitative Methods and Modeling. From what I've been reading, this MS is more of a gateway than an actual career changer for most people. Right now I work in a Medical Informations Systems company, doing HelpDesk and Design work. I know...
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    Starting in the Quant Career

    So I decided to take the first step into the Quant field. I signed up for Baruch's Masters in Quantitative Methods and Modeling, but from what I've heard that will not solidfy my way into the Quant field. So I've decided that after the Masters I will attempt to try and get into a MFE program and...
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    Baruch MS, Quantitative Methods and Modeling

    Hey Guys, I'm very new to the forum and stuff, but it seems like everyone here has a general idea of what they're doing and what not. Here's a little bit of background on my situaton: I really want to get into finance and quantitative analysis. However in undergrad I did something completely...