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    Columbia MSOR Columbia OR:FE Undergrad?

    Columbia University's engineering school offers a major in Operations Reseach/Financial Engineering, and I was wondering what kind of reputation the program has? And also what types of opportunities it presents, strengths or weaknesses of the program, etc? Thanks for answering! -Gordo...
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    Life of a quant

    I'm sorry if this information is already posted somewhere, but I'd looked around and couldnt find it. I'm an undergraduate trying to decide what career or at least field I'd like to go into, and I was just wondering about the lifestyle of a quant. I know that people in non-quant finance are...
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    Best Major/minor combo

    Best Undergrad Major/minor combo I am currently halfway done with my freshman year in the engineering school at Columbia. I just recently decided I'd like to pursue a career as a quant, and I was wondering what the best path would be. To me, it seems that major in FE and minor in comp sci...