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    an FE degree vs an FE certificate

    I personally think FE certificate is useless comparing with an FE degree... But I was wondering how an FE certificate is perceived in the streets, especially among potential employers....
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    the new Wall Street movie.

    I am just wondering how much of the stuff in the new Wall Street movie is the actual reality about everyday life of a Wall Street firm employee?
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    new Masters program at Columbia IEOR Dept?

    Anyone heard of this program before? It's called M.S. in Management Science and Engineering, a degree program in collaboration from both IEOR Dept and Business School. You take required classes from both IEOR and Business school. I think this program is new, as I did not see this on IEOR...
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    Operations Research students and Quant jobs.

    Is it true that only FE students go into Quant job industry (or related job, such as i-banking)? How common is it that OR students get quant job (or related) offers? What is the ratio of FE and OR students in quant or ibanking industry?
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    MS-OR at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

    Has anyone heard of anything about this program? I am under the impression that UNC-Chapel Hill's Operations Research program is a great program in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research which admits very few people. But I have rarely heard anyone talking about it.... anyone has...
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    Some schools have stopped mailing out official acceptance letters.

    Instead, they send official notification to applicants (accepted or rejected) via emails only. I think it's kind of cheap part of the schools to send out notification to accepted applicants via email only because the application fee is expensive (about $70), and they refuse to send first class...
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    help decide.. MS-Operations Research at GA Tech or MS-EMS at Columbia?

    Hi guys. I have received admissions offers from Georgia Tech (MS - Operations Research) and Columbia (MS - Engineering Management Systems, which is similar to OR). I don't know which one to choose. I am still waiting on the decisions from other schools, although I don't think the chances are...