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    second resolution stock data?

    A couple years ago, I started getting into quant trading beginning with daily resolution data and eventually moving to minute resolution data. I started my search for data on this forum and eventually found a great vendor for minute resolution data (QuantQuote for those interested). Now that...
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    good historical tick resolution data vendors (us equities)?

    I would like to purchase tick resolution data from 2006 to the present for NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX. Does anybody have any recommendations for a high quality vendor that is also cost effective?
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    Can anyone recommend a good real time data feed?

    My budget is $500-1000/mo. Basically, I need to be able to scan entire NYSE/NASDAQ with around 2 second max latency. The only data I need is most recent bid/ask/trade. Bandwidth should not be an issue on my end (100Mbit connection). Data aggregated from all market centers would be nice (i.e...
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    Free historical intraday stock data?

    Does anybody know where I can get free historical intraday stock data? I'd like to try to get 15 minute interval data for a new model I am working on. Alternative, if somebody has this data available already, I would much appreciate it if you were willing to share.