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    Baruch MFE Finance prerequisite for the Baruch MFE?

    Hi, I'm an engineer who is thinking about applying to the MFE program at Baruch. I noticed that taking a finance class is a prereq for the MFE program. Is that a hard-and-fast prerequisite?
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    Which is more important for admissions? An 800 quant on the GRE or Straight A's in math?

    I'm thinking about applying to the Baruch College MFE Program. But I'm very concerned about what appears to be a focus on scoring a perfect 800 on the quant--maybe this is not something I get from reading information about the program, but it's what I gather from reading forums on...
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    Hi: not a FE but thinking about it.

    Hi, I'm an electrical engineering working in the technology industry looking to become a quant/FE. I have a few questions. Where do you see the FE field going in the next 10 years? What are the biggest problems that current FE's in industry are trying to solve? Why are they big challenges...