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    Regression Tesing

    Hi Folks, Anyone has regression tesing experience? Can you share? Thanks. Regards, K
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    Zero Sum Games but which bank is making profit?

    If Derivatives are zero sum games then which bank/s is/are making profits? It seems most financial institutions are losing steam. Does this mean that quant models are incorrect constructed???:smt024
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    Christmas and New Year Wishes

    Folks, Thank you for knowledge sharing and so on. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone has a great Christmas and New Year. I wish you guys happy, healthy, best of luck and making money....from the desk during good time and also bad time. Best. K:)
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    Why so many people want to study MFE/ MFM/ MQF nowadays? Reasons: 1. Can make more money? 2. Hoping to be the next Mr. Buffet? He has no financial mathematics? Has he? 3. Can't find a good job, thinking of switching? What is yours?
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    Using C# in Excel

    Folks, Anyone has experience using C# in Excel? I would like to hear from you. Please feel free to discuss. Thanks, K
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    Energy and commodities Trading

    Folks, Anyone can advise on energy and commodities trading? I know that UK Birbeck College does offer commodities program. Please advise if you know any other schools. Many thanks. Best, K
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    How do you classify a good FE program?

    How do you classify a good MFE program? (Note: Please exclude employment factor. I welcome any comment on the quality of the program, such as teaching quality and learning experience) Thank you.
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    Young Billionaire on Forbes

    John Arnold, former Enron energy trader. Worth reading. NY Times Advertisement
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    Cleaning data

    Hi Folks, I am hoping some of the quant gurus can advise their data cleaning process....really want to know whether only using SQL to rearrange the data...or using SAS, SPlus, R or do it directly from the database management system. I am using Splus to clean data. Please...
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    Your view

    Hi Folks, Have you read Associate Prof. Mark Joshi's article for quant wannabe? He mentioned that Phd is a must to be a quant. I have a friend recently graduated from a reputation university, majoring in quantitative finance in Australia. He couldn't find a job. The reason is banks and...
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    Curious to know

    Folks, I am curious to know how many Baruch 2006 graduates were actually secured a position in quantitative finance/financial engieering areas? Thank you. Sincerely, CK:)
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    Simple Quiz

    Is there a number that is exactly 1 more than its cube? Show your proof if your answer is yes or no.:dance:
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    .Net C#

    I like to hear from the floor about other programming language usefulness in the financial markets, likewise C# and SAS? Thanks.=D>
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    GRE Preparation

    Hi Guys, I am going to prepare for my GRE test. Anyone has any idea which preparation guide is the best? Thanks, CK:):thumbsup:
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    Math Background

    It seems that everyone background is so strong. I have a background of stats and accounting. Should I take more math courses before applying to Baruch? Please advise. Thanks.