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    Regression Tesing

    Hi Folks, Anyone has regression tesing experience? Can you share? Thanks. Regards, K
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    Fed Allows Goldman, Morgan Stanley to Become Banks

    what quants are going to be>> business analyst??
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    Lehman Merrill Lynch AIG Fannie Freddie WaMu Madoff Citibank saga

    So Quants are helpless and may lose their jobs at Wall St!
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Havard MBA costs $150K. Hey, not everyone has the $$ and balls to invest an Ivy League MBA. It's just too costly compare to MFE so people switch gears.
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    Zero Sum Games but which bank is making profit?

    If Derivatives are zero sum games then which bank/s is/are making profits? It seems most financial institutions are losing steam. Does this mean that quant models are incorrect constructed???:smt024
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    hey, you can invest your own fund and then call yourself trader too.
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Not everyone with MBA or MFE makes a lots. It depends on individual. Similarly not everyone with MFE can be a trader. Being a trader you need to be informative and sociable as well - which is more or less mba materials! Being a trader you need to know technical stuff too - so MFE comes along. I...
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, the He MAN of QN. All the best wishes go to you.
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    C# or C++

    He has to sell his books. You are right. C++ takes time to harness. I even thing any FE program that teaches C++ will not get the karate kids to fight.:sos:
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    Andy, I would like to get your view on C++ and C# apparently related to quant modeling in US. I hope that you can share. You're right, C# is just too easy to convert to
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    Andy, Is there anyone out there using Best, K
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    C# or C++ Please comment on in the QF areas. Thanks.
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    C# or C++

    ... see growing demand in Java.
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    What is going on at Bear Stearns ?

    Sub-prime is not so much an issue now. Please do not forget there are other problems in this areas: 1. Mortgage- backed securities..still unknown 2. Principal loan caught up with sub-prime ...soon will get exposed Market will have to shoot down sharply. No one can help.
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    What is going on at Bear Stearns ?

    Dow will go below 10000 level.
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    Nick Leeson - 2 (a trader looses $7.16 billion)

    SG paid him too little. He hates the bank therefore his plan is to bring SG down to ground zero. Only genius can do that...! I think his trades were small but in mass volume so it was quite difficult to detect. May be...
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    Baruch MFE baruch MFE

    Please do not think to shot-cut in MFE or financial mathematics program. Calc 1 and Calc 2 are essential to form a strong foundation for future study. CFA is no where near MFE introductory level. Be honest to yourself whether you really know the stuff. Alternatively, I suggest you picking up...
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    Using C# in Excel

    In VSTO 2008, it is not difficult at all. All built in and it is easy to use. All we need to do is to create shared assembly in VSTO and then check the add-in. You can easily share from Excel. There are at least two vendors offer C# QF tools. I couldn't remember the names. I will let you know if...
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    Anyone knows MFE at NTU in Singapore?

    In terms of Asia's program, I think only three programs that may find you a job in the related areas after graduation are NTU, HKUST, and NUS. UTS may be good too but location is no good. It is not easy for foreigners to get a job in Sydney. Also, their market status quo for quant is Phd. You...