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    Just curious

    What do you call a company that does PE/VC, real estate and is a hedge fund? Alternative asset management firm?
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    Fixed income books

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend books that could introduce me to the subject of fixed income if I had no previous experience with it? I am looking for something that blends causal interest/reading with math only to clarify the concept at hand. I am looking to understand concepts like...
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    Gauging Market sentiment

    I am a not a quant but I wondering about how would a quant possibly quantify market sentiment? I mean first of all what would they even look at in terms of variables? Put/call or VIX, margins, institutional interest, etc. How would one possibly model market sentiment? I'm asking this because I...
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    Any Equity Researchers on QuantNet

    I know the community of quantnet usually focuses on MFE an other quant related topics but I was just curious as to if there were any good of fashion macro to micro equity researchers on the site? I wanted to try and get some insight to how they do their research and to some of the things they...
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    Energy, mainly

    I was wondering if anyone in the community could suggest the best way to learn about the energy market as a whole and the industry. I would like to do some independent analysis for fun on these markets and understand it from a macro-micro prospective however I am not sure where to...
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    I am looking for a new discount broker house and I was just curious about what brokers Quantnet members use to trade stocks and why?
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    Books on Behavioral finance/Investing

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good book on behavioral finance/investing. I would like a book that is considered a good read and could get me thinking about the subject.
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    Are there any open source financial software projects out there

    Does anyone know a good place to start looking for current and active open source software financial projects? I am looking to get involved with a team and gain some experience with professional code and software development and test my knowledge and learn some new things. My current experience...
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    Some advice please

    What can the members of QN recommend for someone who is looking to break into finance world, that comes from a technical background but wants a non-technical role? I don't really care if I go for a position on the bottom of the financial job "pole". I just want to break into a non-technical role...
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    Excel interop The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (charting in excel)

    I am currently trying to chart my S&P, M2, CC data in excel, through C#. However my code keeps crashing at this line below and throwing this kind of error (The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT))) Excel.ChartObject myChart =...
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    Is a MFE program really for me?

    I am about to graduate soon and I'm looking to start planning out my next move. I started thinking about possible trying to get into a MFE programming but I'm not sure how much work I'm willing to prepare for cause I don't know how much work is really required. I will be graduating with a degree...