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    Is Stochastic Processes still a relevant course to take for a prospective quant?

    is there anyone from the buy side here with a mfe who uses ML daily. Who needed to code a neural net or whatever from scratch in his interview, and is successfully adding value with deep ML knowledge ?
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    Is Stochastic Processes still a relevant course to take for a prospective quant?

    i don’t think he knows what he’s taking about. Most of the jobs that require ML on buy side is overhyped bs nonsense. ML didn’t get invented automatically. It was there many many years ago and many mfes didn’t have ML in curriculum and still got into quant roles in buy side.
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    Is Stochastic Processes still a relevant course to take for a prospective quant?

    Are there any jobs that uses RL and DL on the buy side?
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    Online Quantitative Degrees

    Columbia and Stanford have online programs in statistics and CS. University of Washington mfe is online. They have an applied math masters online as well. Berkeley has online data science. Gtech has online CS.
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    Master's Thesis topics in quantitative finance?

    There are too many papers online. You can just replicate one of them. I’m currently replicating “factor mimicking portfolios” you can ssrn that
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    Partial Differential

    I think the general rule is, the more math you take, the better you will be
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    Book for current equity derivatives models/theory/applications

    Maybe a book on advanced equity derivatives/demans book on vol surface. Maybe the book by Lorenzo bergomi and computational methods in finance should do the trick. IMHO, you are wasting your time learning these concepts if it doesn’t lead to a job in that field. Barely any jobs out there...
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    Why the delta of ATM call option is slightly larger than 0.5?

    And since anytime before maturity, stock price is volatile, we can expect delta to be slightly higher than 0.5 to account for this fact.
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    Why the delta of ATM call option is slightly larger than 0.5?

    Hmm, without a model. Here’s my interpretation. Assume European call, non dividend paying. At maturity, it’s either in the money or out of money. So delta is either 0 or 1. This has the same payoff of a digital call that pays 0 or 1. which as we know can be approximated by 1/2 of call...
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    Book advice on stochastic calculus for finance

    I think He’s covering some conditions for arb to be possible it seems and he might be looking for a complete state space etc. I would suggest mathematical techniques in finance-tools for incomplete markets by ales cerny that covers the topic you were concerned with. Maybe even bjorks book.
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    Reference book for interest rates modeling?

    if you understand those books...ur fine. U should be aiming at implementing the models in these books. Not just reading them.
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    Reference book for interest rates modeling?

    U need to read that book by lixin wu and another by Nicholas privault. Both are excellent for breakin into the Ir world. I don’t understand why this bank is even calling you when you don’t have knowledge in this area.
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    What does financial engineering use from Computer Science?

    Algorithms and data structures
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    Appropriate hairstyle for grad school student and young professional

    I think a Mohawk is the way to go
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    Volatility skew in volatile markets

    Out of money calls are more expensive because if stock price does fall, the gamma of the position becomes riskier. Hence more frequently the market maker has to hedge his otm call opions, hence higher the price. The arguments for why ITM puts are more expensive...follows similar line of logic
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    Which is the best MFE programme that might lead on to a PhD in Finance?

    Not really...Peter carr did his phd in financial math with an accounting masters. If you want to stay in’s a great option. But it’s kinda weird as some jobs require phd. I guess those are for people who decide academia is boring and then make the switch to full time jobs. But...
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    derivative pricing vs algorithmic trading

    You first need to get a job in either or. Before making decision what is right or not for you. Just my 2 cents
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    I am graduating in May and still haven't found a job.

    Lol. Anyways no point getting sex advise from a virgin