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    Dodd-Frank, Volcker, the UK and JPMorgan

    Can anybody explain to me the implications of Dodd-Frank and Volcker on UK investment banks? As far as I can tell, JPMorgan's $2bil loss was as a result of trading operatings performed by its Chief Investment Office (which, despite what JPM say, is a hedge-fund in a bank i.e. a large prop...
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    Data analysis tools

    Say I'm doing some data analysis from scratch i.e. downloading the data from a website, and then doing some explorative stats on it. What's the best way to go about this? For instance, do most people just load the dataset into something like mySQL and then do queries to get the numbers they...
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    What do people think? Personally I found it absolutely awful. Very disappointed considering how decent "My Life as a Quant" was.
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    MPI/OpenMP/High Performance Programming

    What's the value of this in quant circles? My PhD involves doing quite a lot of optimisations to code so that it runs faster (as a very simplistic example, arranging loops for optimum memory access) and also some MPI and OpenMP. Is there any value in knowing this stuff for quant work? I assume...
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    Thoughts on Python

    We all know Python is great for scripting, but what are people's thoughts on its use in scientific computing? For instance, I see little use for Matlab now considering the numpy/scipy/matplotlib libraries for Python. Similarly surely R will become obsolete with Python's stats libraries? It's...
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    High Performance Computing in Finance (not GPUs)

    I'm doing a PhD in highly parallel computing (as in - world's largest supercomputers) and I was wondering if anyone knows of any applications of HPC in finance? I'm talking the FOTRAN/MPI/OpenMP kind with 100,000+ processors rather than the CUDA stuff.
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    PhD offer advice

    I have a couple of PhD offers to consider, appreciate any advice you can give me as to which one I should take if I want to work in finance in the future. UCL - fluid dynamics/molecular dynamics - working on simulation codes for non-newtonian fluids using the lattice-boltzman method - the codes...