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  1. ExSan

    Does anyone Cython !

    The latest release of Cython is 0.27.3 (released 2017-11-03).
  2. ExSan

    Visual Studio Express 2012

    Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop is Here
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    Markowitz Portfolio (n, m)

    Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a theory of investment which attempts to maximize portfolio expected return for a given amount of portfolio risk, or equivalently minimize risk for a given level of expected return, by carefully choosing the proportions of various assets. Exsan Markowitz...
  4. ExSan

    Bank of Curves

    CURVE BANK MENU 1 Normal Distribution 2 Gamma Distribution 3 Rayleigh distribution 4 Step Response 5 Bessel First Kind 6 Bessel Second Kind 7 Black-Scholes - Call 8 Spherical Bessel First Kind 9 Spherical Bessel Second Kind 12 The Fourier Series...
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    From the Attached Zip File extract program FRACTAL to your desktop and execute, It will display the Koch Curve Fractal Actual Code /***********START***************/ // elementary fractal void fractal_Koch_curve(void){ char file_name [60] =...
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    Frame Layout

    Frame Layout Download Link QuantNet EXSAN Thu Jan 29 07:20:26 2009 EXSAN v.0.3.18.U - E X S A N M E N U c Frame Layout In order to run this option, you must extract the...
  7. ExSan

    Image Superposition

    Image Superposition Wed Jan 14 08:15:16 2009 EXSAN v.0.3.18.Q - E X S A N M E N U b Image Superposition In order to run this option, you must extract all ffhxx.jpg files that are included in the...
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    Crop Circles

    From the download-able file extract executable EXSAN to your desktop, The very first time ExSan is executed it will create the default input/output directory c:\exsan In order to access this directory START / RUN and type-in c:\exsan All data files included must be extracted to c:\exsan more...
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    SOLUTIONS ONLY - ComputingChallenge C++/Java - Any Takers?

    MERTON EQUATIONS attached document All values are known, except V and sigma v. -sv- Find the values of V and sigma v? What kind of methods you will suggest? E = V N(d1) - exp(-rT)*F*N(d2) d1 =[ ln(V/F) + (r+0.5(sv)(sv))T ] / [ sv * sqrt(T)] d2 = d1 - sv sqrt(T) sE = (V/E) N(d1) sv N(.) is the...
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    Markowitz Portfolio Automata Handler

    Markowitz Portfolio Handler for n-assets Attached exsan, place it on your desktop and execute Main Menu: 1 ExSan ExSan Menu: 6 Quant Finance Room Quant Menu: p Markowitz Portfolio Data File ---> stock //attached file must be placed in c:\exsan -------------- Regards / ExSan
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    Hedge Funds

    Hi Quants wish to learn as much as possible about HEDGE FUNDS, if it is possible from the basics NYT - Wall Street Winners Get Billion-Dollar Paydays kind regards exsan
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    New Kid in Town

    Good Morning Dear all QuantNet - NYC Community of Quants- I have just became a member of QuantNet and I would like to introduce my self. My name is Robert, I have a Ms. Sc. degree in C.S. from Poly NY :: Polytechnic University :: New York's major educational resource in science and...