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    Specific work experience before applying to MFE programs? And other general questions

    You don't need 2-3 years of S&T/IBD experience to get into any of the top MFE programmes. Coming from Oxford econs, all you really need to do is land a summer internship. I don't know which year you are in, but ideally you should do an internship before starting your final year. Either one of...
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    Verbal 430 and Math 800 is enough for NYU and CMU MFE?

    Don't know about NYU or CMU but it sure was enough for cornell and columbia... Anybody can memorize the 5000 word dictionary and get full marks. It doesn't mean he/she can express himself well.
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    PhD or MFE

    I think most PhD students are aware that the world isn't a true meritocracy and that salary is often inversely proportional to knowledge. However a PhD will not close any doors. Wherever you could have worked after your undergrad degree you will be able to work after your Phd. Not only that, you...
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    PhD or MFE

    I was in the same situation about 6 months ago. I knew that I wanted to become some kind of quant but couldn't decide between a PhD (3+ years of study) and an MFE (1 year of study). I applied for both and got several offers, so I had to sit down and think hard. This is the conclusion I came to...
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    So I just took a practice GRE exam

    That's the difference between the paper based test and the computer based test. The latter uses an adaptive algorithm that keeps giving you harder questions if you're answering correctly. It kind of messes with your head but if you see the difficulty level increasing during the test you know...
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    So I just took a practice GRE exam

    I used 4 or 5 practice exams from old GRE exam books at the university library. Do you have access to a library? About the computer based test: you know that the first questions are much more important than the rest, right? In case you didn't, here's how it works: the system pigeon-holes you...
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    MSF or MBA

    I know this is only a small fraction of the entire picture, but an MSF from a good school will definitely be sufficient for most front office roles in the UK. I am studying in London and every year I see pretty much the entire MSF class of the London School of Economics get jobs in the city. The...
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    Just took the Briggs Meyers personality test

    I took the Myers-Briggs type indicator test a couple of months ago at uni. I wouldn't necessarily call it a bunch of balooney, but there was no revelation at the end of it. If you answer the questions honestly and keep in mind that there is no 'right answer', you will get the result you would...
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Doesn't make much sense to me either. My two cents: you will learn more usefull stuff in an MFE for a trading/structuring role. However if you look at the bigger picture, you will find that an MFE will help you only during your career as a trader/structurer, which might not last very long. I...
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    heh that's funny. I only did an internship there. Now I'm doing my phd.
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    yes, I met him last year during my internship at the london office. His catch phrase was "guys, get a job. Make it happen!" exactly as you put it. Are you working at the London or NY office?
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    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Was the 'get a job' guy working on the hedge fund sales desk by any chance?
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    Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

    Hi, could I please get one as well? (I sent you my CV on 8 April 2008) address: attila dot ozelci04 at ic dot ac dot uk many thanks!
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    DRW Traders

    I was wondering if anybody here knew anything about DRW Traders. I hadn't given much attention to trading 'arcades' before but I'm thinking of applying to their trading assistant programme in London. I've heard that their 12 month training was pretty good. How would you compare DRW to the...
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    Interview with Dominic Connor

    Thanks for the interview, it was a very nice read! I have one question for Dominic about the following passage: " Although the strongest demand is for those with PhD level SP, good undergrad experience combined with the right maths can get you there. Typically an EE can't do more than about...
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    Columbia MSOR some truth about the Columbia MSOR

    Thanks for the info. Could you also enlighten us on Mathematical Finance vs OR with specialization in FE? Is the former just a course they created to get some easy cash or is it actually reputable? How is it viewed from within Columbia?
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    Programming language of choice

    Just out of curiosity, why is C++ considered so much above Matlab in finance? Throughout my 4 years of electrical engineering I have come to absolutely hate C++ and love Matlab. I admit that my point of view is quite biased, but the flexibility and ease of use of Matlab are what make of it the...
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    Another PhD vs MFE thread

    I think you are quite right: most PhD's actually take more than 3 years. Having said that, in my department I know nobody who has been a PhD for more than 4 years. As for the graduate lecture course requirements, they are different for every PhD student here. Usually, if you have somewhat...
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    Another PhD vs MFE thread

    Thanks for the replies, I've emailed Dominic and I'm waiting for him to send me the guide. The reson for this is that in the UK we start doing research straight away, unlike in the US where the first year or two is pretty much a master's course. And we do that because after 4 years of...
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    Another PhD vs MFE thread

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I want to hit you with a question that's been mulled over many times before. However, given my specific case and the current economic climate, it would be interesting to hear 'up-to-date' views on the matter. I'm finishing my MEng in Electrical engineering this year...