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    Sending in the CFA Results to universities.

    I agree with Andy, besides Passing CFA level 1 is not such a big deal.. I know how you feel..i was in the same position last year..was overjoyed at passing and sent a mail to all the adcoms...Cornell, CMU, UCB, etc.. They will add it to your file..but its really wont make a big diffrence..and...
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    The Best Quant Alive

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    COMPARE Columbia MFE & MSOR Inquiry

    you can apply to multiple programs within COlumbia but not in the same school.. so no, you cant apply to both OR and FE.. I had asked them last year..
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    Ranking list 2011

    lower ranked programs are of lower quality..dont even bother looking at programs after 11. See the problem is MFE schools are either good or horrible..there is no in between..imo that change happens when the rankings go from UCLA to Rutgers..again this is based on my personal experience..I am no...
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    Minimum GRE score for entry into quant programs

    Hi All has anyone taken both the new and the old versions?..How does the new quant section compare to the old one? Thanks
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    Quant Finance is Dead!!

    I think a pertinent question would be whether the MFE programs are adapting in sync with the changes in quant finance. Otherwise what you'll have is a whole lot of mfe grads with obsolete skills, confused and clueless
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    CMU MSCF UCLA Research offset GMAT 49 Q?

    Your GMAT math is doubt about that..but that will not be the deciding factor. I had a long feedback interview with CMU MSCF admissions (I was rejected). and they told me one of the main reasons was that my undergraduate math courses was not upto the mark. They specifically look for...
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    Second Edition - A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering

    Hi Dr Stefanica, what according to you would be the pre-requisites for this book?
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    Future events in your resume

    you have a 2012 admit?..UCLA/UCB?
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    Global derivatives is dead, long live quantnet :p
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    Need some help on selecting MFE

    Dont apply to tier 2, you have a good GMAT score and decent GPA, focus on essays and recomendations(I cannot overemphasize their importance) and apply to the top 10. Give it your best shot!
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    yep BU is 1.5 years..I can confirm..had applied to BU
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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    i doubt it..The Berkeley guys don have time to linger on quantnet rem? ;)
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    Guess the new 2011 MFE rankings!!

    I am joining too :) but since its relatively new and not as established as the other..
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    Guess the new 2011 MFE rankings!!

    this should be an interesting thread.. heres what I think based only on my experience applying last fall 1. NYU 2. Columbia 3. CMU 4. Baruch 5. UCB 6. Cornell 7. Chicago others.. I did not add some such MIT as they are not so quant oriented..
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    Hey Jojo, I would also be joining, btw are you taking up any of the prep courses?..just got another mail from Francesca today..