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    Guess the new 2011 MFE rankings!!

    this should be an interesting thread.. heres what I think based only on my experience applying last fall 1. NYU 2. Columbia 3. CMU 4. Baruch 5. UCB 6. Cornell 7. Chicago others.. I did not add some such MIT as they are not so quant oriented..
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    Is it this bad?..the economy

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    How many are actually going to BU?

    Hi All, I dont see a single 'Yes' in the final destination column for BU, so wondering.. If you are not goin der....plz do tell them asap..i might get in..waitlisted :) Thx
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    Columbia OR Spring?

    Hi All, I was rejected by COlumbia mfe for fall 2011. and not redirected to OR as my brilliant brain decided to clicl on the 'NO OR' option back during applying :(.. Anyway, i think i have a good enoigh profile to get an admit from OR and I am considering applying for spring 20112 (I just cant...
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    New GRE vs old GRE

    Hi All, I'll be reapplying to most of the quant programs with my current GRE score 800/650(cant get that up any higher so working on my profile) Anyway, with the new GRE coming this August, there might be quite a few applicants who have taken the new test. How would the colleges comapre the...
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    Columbia Financial Economics anyone?

    I know there has aleady been a discussion on this but I am sure exactly what candidates they are looking for.. Its says they want PHD type canditaes and workex in research would be considered. So does this mean that the traditional pool of applicants shouldn't bother applying??