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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Data Science and Big Data is all the talk these days. For folks interested in this field, I put together a list of all the major players in the Data Science bootcamp space. They seem to be clustered in San Francisco and New York . This list doesn't include any of the university programs...
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    A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1

    Saw this on HN, good read... A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1
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    Congress: Trading stock on inside information?

    Interesting 60 minutes clip
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    Is it always a good idea to tell recruiters the other companies you're interviewing with? I just interviewed at BofA and the recruiter asked if I have any deadlines they need to be aware of. I told them, no deadlines at this point but I'm also interviewing at Company X and Company Y.
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    mathy shows

    I'm curious what folks are watching these days. I started looking at Numb3rs which I think is interesting. In the episodes I've seen, the protagonist used a combination of facility location algorithms, neural nets and some machine learning to catch the bad guy.:D
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    Thoughts on U of Washington Comp. Finance program

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on U of Washington's Computational Finance program. It is basically a new program housed in the Applied Math dept which is top ranked. The program seems to focus on R and very little C++ (at least this is the impression you get from the website). It...
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    scheduling a cron job in python??

    I was wondering if somewhere here has experience doing cron jobs in python. I have a script that basically scrapes data from a website and writes the data to a file. The script should write about 60K records to file if everything goes smoothly, but this hasn't happened yet. After about 1000...
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    Python GUI development

    Just wondering what folks use for GUI development in python : wx, QT, GTK or traits
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    Ubuntu netbooks

    Anyone have any personal experience with this Ubuntu netbook
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    ScipY 2011

    Any Quantnet members going for this
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    Convert xml file to a database table...any hints

    I'm trying to convert an xml file to a mysql database table, but for some reason I'm running into roadblocks I've poured over online documentations / blogs but haven't been able to figure it. Any hints will be appreciated . I am on an ubuntu box 10.04, with mysql 5.1.41
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    Hacker Dojo offering Machine Learning/ Big Data / Map Reduce course

    For those of you interested, Hacker Dojo is offering a machine learning on Big Data / map reduce course. This is from the course description For more details visit For folks not living close to the Bay Area, there is a teleconference option enjoy
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    Movie Bar Codes

    I thought this was quite interesting.... entire movies compressed into single bar codes
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    For Data mining and Machine Learning Enthusiasts

    I recently discovered , and I'm participating in some of the competitions listed and just wanted to share. If you're interest in building machine learning and data mining algos , this is a good place to test / train that skillset. Be warned, you're competing against...
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    IBM 'Watson' vs Jeopardy Champions

    I thought this was quite interesting. Reminds me of how IBM 'Deep Blue' bested Chess Grandmaster Kasparov a couple years ago Watson cleaned the house
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    $150 /barrel Oil anyone?

    With the recent happenings in North Africa and with some of the middle east in "revolution" mode...does $150 / barrel Oil look feasible in the next few weeks / months. If things get worse in Egypt and the Suez canal is closed...we'd be lucky if it doesn't get close to $200
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    I was wondering if anyone here has participated in any of these courses Course Catalog. I've looked everywhere and just found a few bad reviews from a couple years ago. It seems to be a cheap alternative (about $200 - $400 per course if you are a student) to learn new skills.
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    Wearing glasses can improve job prospects

    I thought this was interesting... Wearing glasses can improve job prospects
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    WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next

    This should be interesting WikiLeaks to target major U.S. bank next: report
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    Hadoop, NoSQL db's in Finance

    I'm just curious as to how prevalent Hadoop and NoSQL db's are in finance in general and in quant circles?