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    MS stats or applied math with stats

    Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations on an MS program in stats or math with a stats concentration. I am looking for a program with a strong amount of financial econometrics and stat programming. I would appreciate ne if possible, though online or any location is fine. I know many offer...
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    Math Sequence Undergraduate

    I have seen a few threads listing prereqs for mfe subjects. I would like to see people's opinion on math with suggested books and the sequence in which to study them. So starting from Calculus 1 to be able to get graduate mfe stochastic calc say at the level of Steele. Thank you in advance. So...
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    Courses in MFE?

    If someone wanted to do self study, focusing on the formal math courses and not the integrated components of other mfe content. What courses and books would be good. Based on looking at various schools I see these topics most: probability and measure theory stochastic calc and processes...
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    Math prep for a few books?

    What is the background for understanding the content in willmott on quant finance 3 volume book, also if there is a different courses needed for these books what are they. Thanks. Stefanica, Primer for Financial Eng Shreve, Stochastic calc 1 and 2 Joshi, Concepts of Math Finance
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    Best intro to probability book?

    What would be your suggestions for a probability and stats book that would come before someone has had analysis. Basically looking for a suggestion for someone ultimately reading shreve or steele prior to being familiar with proofs, measure ect. So a good general introduction to non rigorous...
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    Marketing a strategy/track record

    Hello, From talking to people and reading articles it seems like the best way to break into true trading, is by demonstrating a viable track record with strong metrics. I would like to hear any suggestions regarding the best way to market such a track record to try and be funded by a bank or...
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    Why isnt an Operations Research degree more valuable/desirable for jobs?

    When looking at quant finance job postings it would seem that or would be an ideal degree. It provides high level math, especially math stats, economics, modeling and computer science. Those are essentially the main skills wanted for most finance roles. So why isnt one of the more requested degrees?
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    Portfolio Operations

    Hello, I would like to know any concepts you think are important or recources I could consult for an operational position. I dont have too much experience in support. Some of the listed responsibilities are reconciliation of portfolio positions Reconciliation of Investor...
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    Job impact beyond quants

    I know there are a few threads related to the job issue already, so I apologize if this has been talked about already. Is it the opinion of the board that the number of quant roles will be impacted/reduced more significantly than other typical investment banking/finance positions. For instance...
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    Quant vs. Pure Trader

    Hello, This is motivated by some of the recent threads on the board, and the Tim Grant interview I finally got around to reading. I have read some interviews and different threads about the trading field. Obviously it is becomming more quatitative by the day. My question is if the same...
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    Balance between MFE and MBA

    I have been going back and fourth in terms of grad options as evidenced by my positing history. I have started to look into actual MBA programs due mostly to contacts in the corp finance side. My problem is that even the most well known dont seem to be even remotely quantitative, even in the...
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    I-Bank interview

    Hello, As I have mentioned before I am most likely going to be heading to graduate school with the intention of becomming a trader. However I havea couple interviews that I figured were worth exploring. Having a math/econ/cs background with out too much pure finance, am looking for a...
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    Phd Economics

    I have seen on the various job boards that a phd in econ (assuming a concentration in econometrics) is acceptable for Stat Arb jobs. How is it regarded in other quant areas? Is it possible to get general quant jobs with a phd in econ, or are you at disadvantage to a math, statistics phd. If...
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    Quant career?

    Is it possible to get a job as a quant with a phd in economics (financial economics)? Also is a regular finance phd acceptable? Thanks.
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    Stevens FE program?

    I havent noticed it listed on any of the grad shcool lists. Has anyone gone to or become familair with this program? If so would you give me a brief evaluation? Thanks.
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    Least Selective Program?

    I wanted to apply to one or two less competitive (saftey) programs. I was wondeirng if anyone could list some financial engineering/ finmath programs which are relatively easy to get into? Thanks.
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    FE question and others.

    I dont know if this is the proper sub section, but I am looking into choices and I was wondering if people could share what made them decide on financial engineering as opposed to some of the closely related fields. For instance what are the major differences between FE and operations...
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    general question

    I am just begining to explore different graduate school options. It seems that there are a lot of financial math fields that are very similar. I am sure this question would require a very long answer, but what are the basic differences between, financial engineering , quantitative finance...