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    Portfolio Optimization

    Hi all, Can anyone share experience or pointers on portfolio optimization tools/softwares especially for institutional asset management? Appreciate your help
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    2010 H1B stats- QuantNet sample

    (Preface: In the past of couple of months my efforts to break into a quant role in US has constantly hit the H1B wall (a total of 4 interviewed opportunities, plus a couple of tens of no-response initiatives which can not be determined was due to H1B or my credentials). To have a realistic view...
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    Suggestion: dedicate resources for non-MFE quants/quant-enthusiasts

    Hi Andy, all, I have followed QuantNet for some time and enjoyed/learned from many articles and forum posts. When I was reading your last two interviews (with Dominic and Wall Street hiring managers), I wished if a few explicit questions regrading the fate of non-MFE background...
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    Quant opportunities in Canada

    Hi all, I am seeking quant opportunities in Canada, I know it is a much smaller market than US but for personal/professional reasons this is my choice. I have an Engineering PhD background (Telecom), and I am currently a Post-Doc (less than 2 years). I have familiarized myself with IB...
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    RBC Capital Market Graduate Program

    Has anyone received interview offers from RBCCM, Canada graduate program for 2011 intake? I applied back in Sept. but didn't hear back from them so far :-(