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  1. naeron

    Bigger Mess to Haunt US again

    I have attached introduction to the covered bonds...
  2. naeron

    Bigger Mess to Haunt US again

    I am kind of thinking initiating coverage on Financials and see when can I buy them. I will wait for the bottom which is yet to come, and then buy these goddamn investment bank stocks again .. btw the new kid on the block will be "Covered Bonds" lemme know if you guys need introductory...
  3. naeron

    Bigger Mess to Haunt US again

    About 3 million U.S. borrowers have Alt-A mortgages totaling $1 trillion, compared with $855 billion of subprime loans outstanding, according to Inside Mortgage Finance, a trade publication in Bethesda, Maryland. Of the Alt-A borrowers, 70 percent may have exaggerated their income, said David...
  4. naeron

    What do you guys think of this?

    This recession color from Mr Buffet did evoked a lot of emotional response. This time recession is different. This time healing will be slow
  5. naeron

    Is Securitization Coming Back?

    In a nutshell, yes, but not in the way the industry hopes. In a Financial Times article. Gillian Tett files a somewhat dumbfounded report from the European Securitization Forum in Cannes. While the event has gone wildly downscale from last year's bash, the participants were hopeful that the...
  6. naeron

    FT.com : CDO Insurance Blues Monolines and ML Squabble.

    Could this legal squabble between Merrill and SCA have implications for billions of dollars of CDOs? The squabble is a lawsuit filed by monoline SCA against Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch had already filed a lawsuit against SCA in mid-March. So this latest broadside is a retaliatory effort. The...
  7. naeron

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Thanks a lot guys for the wishes.. Well SP was in full swing to give me Bday knocks but I was able to dodge him ... How is everyone doing?
  8. naeron

    Pricing CDO using Gaussian copula model

    This model overestimates the value of the correalation implied from the market spreads. JPM came up with a new model but it is a very good model for the first time use. Thanks a lot for it. I am going to spend my time over next week to tweak the model
  9. naeron

    quick and dirty way to do PnL

    use in the convexity of the underlying bond as well with the duration .
  10. naeron

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Thanks a lot guys for your wishes. Woody I still did not get Mac for myself. I am now dreaming of getting a Mac Air. I wish success for everyone in our program ..
  11. naeron

    Credit Crunch

    No amount of financial engineering or SIVs will turn a bad loan into a good one. Sooner or later banks (or ABS investors) will have to recognize the loss — unless they can get the taxpayer to foot the bill. There are no appeals for a bailout yet, but do not be surprised to see this idea floated...
  12. naeron

    "Lynched Merrily" by Merril Lynch:8.4bn LOSS!!!!

    Yes .. and the worst is that they can come out with more bad news. But I guess the earlier the better. Later on it will be really messy to get out of entanglement.
  13. naeron

    Confusion in FED camp.. finger pointing starts

    Roots of credit crisis laid at Fed's door Regulatory minimalism allowed risky practices to flourish, expert says By Greg Robb, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- In the wake of the financial market turmoil...
  14. naeron

    Monolines : Ambac getting dirty from Structured Products

    Ambac Posts First Loss as Subprime Bond Prices Drop (Update6) By Christine Richard Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Ambac...
  15. naeron

    "Lynched Merrily" by Merril Lynch:8.4bn LOSS!!!!

    Merrill Lynch Reports Loss on $8.4 Billion Writedown (Update6) By Bradley Keoun...
  16. naeron

    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    Hi Amsh, I am aware of the fact that at IIT madras the electrical department is fairly tough so your CGPA is not that bad. My friends who graduated from IIT M still bleed :) from the blows. You have already done the basic courses in Math that is needed in Finance except for Stochastic...
  17. naeron

    Hello All!

    You are all set to get dirty on wall street. I also had my undergrad in EE. Learn VBA and Excel. the most important course will be stochastic analysis for finance. if you do this you are all set.
  18. naeron

    CMU Professor's Last Emotional Lecture!

    Prof Randy's speech was incredible.
  19. naeron

    Yield Curve becomes steeper

    ANNANDALE, Va. (MarketWatch) -- Little noticed in the wake of the Federal Reserve's rate cuts one week ago is how much steeper the yield curve has become. That usually would be taken to mean that the risk of a recession has lessened. I think it is significant that it hasn't received...
  20. naeron

    Are we headed for an Epic bear market?

    Recessions in the economy builds immunity. I am looking forward to see the antigens and antibodies US economy will be seeing it in next few days.