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  1. GusTsahas

    Side business

    I have been self employed for many years and have a couple of different firms active at a time so the newer business feels like a side job until the money gets serious enough to warrant full time attention. The good thing is no one is looking over my back on the recourses allocated between the...
  2. GusTsahas

    canceled IB Collegiate Trading Olympiad ...picking up the slack

    The best part of the IB competition was the fact that the “real” TWS trading platform and market data was used which gave the participants a real-world trading desk feel. By the end of the two month competition I was stressed by my additional part time job but quite happy the prize covered my...
  3. GusTsahas

    Harvard's Bet on Interest Rate Rise Cost $500 Million to Exit

    When the swaps were broken early it becomes just a trade; someone will win and someone will lose and Harvard lost this time. Everyone loses on a percentage of their trades and Harvard is no different in this regard. I remember a few short years ago the alumnis pressing issue was the...
  4. GusTsahas

    2009 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE), Quantitative Finance Programs

    Prof. Maymin's logic is flawed but getting Nicholas Taleb on their faculty was a home run. Too bad Baruch has a few economist walking around at the business school as I am sure Taleb would have liked working with the faculty and students of our FE department.
  5. GusTsahas

    Online courses in quantitative finance?

    Columbia also has an online masters level classes under their "Methods in Finance" degree. Do a search and you will find them but the price is quite high so hopefully you have company sponsorship.
  6. GusTsahas

    Quantnet Picnic RSVP

    Nice to see all of you in the pictures and it is great that the number of kids in the Baruch community is growing every year! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> This was a good weekend for the event as the Jewish holiday closed...
  7. GusTsahas

    certificate programs in C++ in NYC

    A famous ex-Baruch student from a few years ago had taken the NYU C++ sequence and recommended it highly. The lecturer had very good notes and was very organized in his presentation and the students became proficient in C++ with the two course sequence . In terms of the money, there are cheaper...
  8. GusTsahas

    Star trader threatens to leave Citi

    Whether Mr. Hall gets the full package, settles, or leaves and starts up his own fund he has what I call a "happy headache" but based on the governments past history I would be looking for office space for my group if I was in his shoes. I do believe his next call for the long term price...
  9. GusTsahas

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy birthday Adolfo! I know the year that just passed was monumental for you and I hope every year that follows is as memorable. GUS
  10. GusTsahas

    What are the key characteristics of top students in MFE

    Technical skills (math, programming, ...) will get you your first job or entry into the field but your soft skills (personality type, presentation, political acumen...) dictate where in the food chain you will be in 20 years.
  11. GusTsahas

    GS trading source code stolen

    GS is lucky this guy is a high tech Russian who used computer tools to copy the software and leave a trail allowing for his arrest. I know the code is thousands of lines but this low tech Greek would have copied the important algos to a piece of paper a couple of hundred lines at a time and eat...
  12. GusTsahas

    King of Pop Michael Jackson has died

    I appreciate his entertainment talent but I see very little difference between Michael Jackson and any other anonymous child molester. May he rest in peace but I just am not going to forget his pastime activities. I can't believe anyone in their right minds would allow their kids near him but...
  13. GusTsahas

    Interesting article

    To understand how much I trust Hussman, my wife's 401K is invested in his growth fund instead of me! This is the only external money manager I have given money to and I like his thinking over the past six or so years that I have been reading his work.
  14. GusTsahas

    Prof. Salih Neftci (1947-2009)

    I tried to write a farewell to Professor Neftci a couple of times last week but just could not get my feelings to paper. All of us at Baruch have great memories of Dr. Neftci, in and out of the classroom and we are grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to teach at CUNY. Well done...
  15. GusTsahas

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

  16. GusTsahas

    New Mark-to-Market Rules - Clusterstock version

    Nope, you can't sell the meat just yet........... now that the Fed is involved you need to call on the rest of the government for input and advice. Make way for the FDA to test the meat and certify it is edible, then Congress has to vote whether the butchers can earn above the minimum wage...
  17. GusTsahas

    When all else fails...

    Bigbadwolf.... We are kidding, really, Baruch students have a sense of humor and no one is moving to Orlando to work for Mickey just yet. I did see many German tourists when I was in Disney this January so just in case, "haben Sie einen magischen Tag"
  18. GusTsahas

    When all else fails...

    The downside of working at Disney is the you have to repeat "have a magical day" to the customers all day! I'm not kidding, at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner and all other times in between. ...... so for the interview just practice the "have a magical day" in a few languages and along with...
  19. GusTsahas

    2009 Interactive Brokers Collegiate Trading Olympiad

    Congratulations to all that placed and to all the students who participated despite the heavy work load in the MFE program. Now Vlad, quick, email me the system so I can make some more money before the edge evaporates!:D
  20. GusTsahas

    Baruch MFE Baruch goes to Canada

    rough competition, the negative numbers are frightning!