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  1. naeron

    Bigger Mess to Haunt US again

    About 3 million U.S. borrowers have Alt-A mortgages totaling $1 trillion, compared with $855 billion of subprime loans outstanding, according to Inside Mortgage Finance, a trade publication in Bethesda, Maryland. Of the Alt-A borrowers, 70 percent may have exaggerated their income, said David...
  2. naeron

    Is Securitization Coming Back?

    In a nutshell, yes, but not in the way the industry hopes. In a Financial Times article. Gillian Tett files a somewhat dumbfounded report from the European Securitization Forum in Cannes. While the event has gone wildly downscale from last year's bash, the participants were hopeful that the...
  3. naeron

    FT.com : CDO Insurance Blues Monolines and ML Squabble.

    Could this legal squabble between Merrill and SCA have implications for billions of dollars of CDOs? The squabble is a lawsuit filed by monoline SCA against Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch had already filed a lawsuit against SCA in mid-March. So this latest broadside is a retaliatory effort. The...
  4. naeron

    Credit Crunch

    No amount of financial engineering or SIVs will turn a bad loan into a good one. Sooner or later banks (or ABS investors) will have to recognize the loss — unless they can get the taxpayer to foot the bill. There are no appeals for a bailout yet, but do not be surprised to see this idea floated...
  5. naeron

    Confusion in FED camp.. finger pointing starts

    Roots of credit crisis laid at Fed's door Regulatory minimalism allowed risky practices to flourish, expert says By Greg Robb, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- In the wake of the financial market turmoil...
  6. naeron

    Monolines : Ambac getting dirty from Structured Products

    Ambac Posts First Loss as Subprime Bond Prices Drop (Update6) By Christine Richard Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Ambac...
  7. naeron

    "Lynched Merrily" by Merril Lynch:8.4bn LOSS!!!!

    Merrill Lynch Reports Loss on $8.4 Billion Writedown (Update6) By Bradley Keoun...
  8. naeron

    Yield Curve becomes steeper

    ANNANDALE, Va. (MarketWatch) -- Little noticed in the wake of the Federal Reserve's rate cuts one week ago is how much steeper the yield curve has become. That usually would be taken to mean that the risk of a recession has lessened. I think it is significant that it hasn't received...
  9. naeron

    Commodities: Gold in Vogue

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- After reaching their highest level since 1980, gold prices may be due for a correction soon, but that could help feed what many expect to be a long-term boom -- to $800 and then inflation-adjusted highs past $2,000 in the years to come. Gold for December...
  10. naeron

    Price Vs Value

    Is price equal to the value? This is a very subtle yet important topic to think about. I am again summarizing from a book "Capital Ideas" for the benefit of the starters of the program. I recommend this book strongly. I am not quoting the book verbatim and will try to put my thoughts in it...
  11. naeron

    Are Stock prices predictable

    Bachelier: Past present and even discounted future events are reflected in the market price, but often show no relevant relation to the price changes. Artificial causes also intervene,the Exchange reacts on itself,and the current fluctuation is a function of not only current and previous...
  12. naeron

    Stocks sell off Fri Sep7

    Stocks sold off again today. Market continues to be very volatile. All major indexes are losing weeks gain and plunging into negative terretory. This time ... it is employment data. "Any news is bad" for the markets at this time of the year. "It's a major shock to the market," said Peter...
  13. naeron

    Fed injecting money against Fed Fund Rate

    My Gosh .. see the daily volatility. This is not a healthy sign for a "DEVELOPED MARKET" like US. All eyes are set up against Fed. Fed is not budging aginst the market pressure of the rate cut making inflation as its base for the decision. Consumer sentiment is really depressing at this moment...
  14. naeron

    John C Hull Book --$35 per copy

    Hi, Please let me know if anyone is interested in buying a paper back with CD latest edition of the book "Options Futures and Derviatives" by Jon C Hull. I have 2 extra copies of the book Aeron
  15. naeron

    Principles Of Financial Engg by Neftci

    Hi, Is there anyone interested in buying the book. I came across one guy who is selling the book at a discounted price. Do let me know in case anyone needs the book so that I can arrange the number of copies. Thanks Nalin
  16. naeron

    Aaahh!!! This volatility is killing me

    Boom ... Swish ... Vrooom .... Aaaaayeeeeeee...Slideeeeeeeee......Booommm If each tick in the stock market index could be associated with some kind of sound the music will be really intestesting to hear. As a spectator with the morining coffee, happy lunch and evening coffee seeing the equity...
  17. naeron

    To be trusted or Not to be : Rating Agencies

    Moody's, S&P Lose Credibility on CPDOs They Rated (Update1) By John Glover and Shannon D. Harrington Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's, the arbiters of creditworthiness, are...
  18. naeron

    Banks not accepting credit portfolios as collateral:

    Banks not accepting credit portfolios as collateral: report By Steve Goldstein LONDON (MarketWatch) -- U.S. banks caught in the credit...
  19. naeron

    Master of Puppets : Consumer Spending

    US Consumer Spending US Consumer Spending: Consuming America By Dr. Kurt Richebacher One has to realize that all the increase in US consumer spending is borrowed. And it is borrowed against rising house prices. In 2001, Greenspan replaced the bursting stock market bubble with the housing...
  20. naeron

    Dance of the Markets!!! Aug 13 . Even Gods Fear to touch the markets

    Stocks Retreat After Banks Add Liquidity Monday August 13, 4:30 pm ET By Lauren Villagran, AP Business Writer-- Wall Street gave up a moderate gain in late trading and closed marginally lower Monday after the Federal Reserve and other central banks added more cash to their banking systems...