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  1. nonoah

    Interview with Dominic Connor

    regarding "FQ", I read this from Satyajit Das I can't help but copy this story here...., and regarding getting more FQ, I say show them the man, men who are smart, diligent, capable, creative, and caring, particularly when it comes to models. ...."Go over, " he commanded. "Talk to her." The...
  2. nonoah

    John C Hull Book --$35 per copy

    I 'll take one. I would like to take one, noah.luk@bankofny.com
  3. nonoah

    Math quant jokes

    can someone provide a smart, geeky and insight math joke. I read the following long ago, can a articale call a joke? I like the piece 's quantitative spirit, but what would you said? what kind of critique would you have? Why I Will Never Have a Girlfriend - nothingisreal.com
  4. nonoah

    The Right Interest Rate Could Save Your Life

    yes, discount rate is important. Somehow the system ask me to post something (Andy, you really did the best job about the web site), so here it is. Once on a interview, I was ask what is a discount factor, given I just finish Kosygina 's stochastic calculus class, I said something like...
  5. nonoah

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    no wonder... Now I know why so many people say "happy birthday" to me. I am noah luk (some times people call me "no luck") no only I found a person with the same birthday here, but also a person with the same name (at least it sounds the same.) cool, huh?
  6. nonoah

    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    so I have the same birthday as Dominic? Any of you remember those birthday problems in probability? for example, in a group of about 23/24 people? p~1/2. (such that 2 person will have the same brithday) but how about the # of people you have to ask to find one that has the same birthday as...
  7. nonoah

    Here is how mathematicians do their math

    well, "the rules of game" here is divine. (as in Beauty is divine). ok ok, forget about that. just take a introductory course in abstract algebra or number system you will get the point, or if you don't time, try to read this: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics by R. W. HAMMING...
  8. nonoah

    New Quantnet members say hi

    say Hi, hi, I am noah, merely another carbon based being, happen to graduated from this progarm, MS in mathematics for finance. (I think I like the old title of the program better.) cheers all, Noah