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    Need Input Please - Weather SEA application

    Hello Everyone, Please provide your thoughts on the following "Weather SEA" application that I plan to implement. My goal with this application is to develop an options-trading rules engine that adapts to the dynamics of weather projections, price movements, and mother nature. It is possible...
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    Simons at Renaissance

    Hi Everyone, There's a lot to learn from this article: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=ayjImYcoCiH8&refer=news 1. Know your mathematics well. 2. It's never too late to start as a quant. 3. A good business model is very important. Enjoy! Shakti
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    Is this real - mzhou 10,000,000.00?

    Hi, Is this real - mzhou 10,000,000.00? If so, does this site record trading history and that could we learn from it? Thanks, Shakti
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    Weather, Energy, and Emissions

    Hello, I'm studying on Weather, Energy, and Emissions markets. Could you please discuss potential career tracks working in all of them together? I'm also studying Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives by Hull. I've thought to prepare myself in a focused way within the next six months to...
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    Guide - Interview Prep: Quant Analysis

    Hello Everyone, I came across this "Interview Preparation: Quantitative Analysis" guide: http://www.math.utah.edu/ugrad/finance/interviewprep1.pdf I guess the focus is on basics and logical thought flow. Thanks, Shakti
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    MSFE, MSQF, MSCF, MSQCF - Please Describe

    Hello Everyone, I read through the excellent (thank you for providing the link) Careers in Financial Markets guide providing details on the various sectors within the industry. I've also read through the many programs listed on the Global Derivatives website. I'm looking for concise...
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    Do-It-Yourself Quant student

    Hello All, Please provide me guidance on how to structure my pursuit as a Do-It-Yourself Quant student for the next one year towards a high chance of finding a job? I've put together a list that I need to study for working in a Quant role: FINANCE 1. Financial markets 2. Financial Instruments...